From the "Entertainment Circle", we should work hard to change this relationship.

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From the "Entertainment Circle", we should work hard to change this relationship.

2021-11-28 18:03:08 18 ℃

Everyone knows that most of the pastles are half-way, basically all the careers that are not related to the performance, and suddenly one day has been discovered by a "star", director or producer what is discovered, called Singing, shooting the video, this is called a night, in reality, these examples are definitely inert, so some stars have lost their lives after their children, and they try to try their best to speck their popularity. Relationships will send their children to "entertainment circles", and these children are very small when they know the interests in the inside, plus parents' interference, they are not selfless.

Of course, today's "entertainment circle" is not like from the past, with his own skills and efforts, it is now a "spell" era, who is good, who is a famous actor, director or Singer, even if he has already quits it, but with the old name, you can have a place in this "circle". How many can you really rely on white? Look at it, I can say: no. Just like some of the right and expensive children, their parents are rich, they will send their children in society in order to cultivate their own children, I hope that the child will temper their will in the big wind of society, these original intentions are really good. of. But you can't stand some people, these people like to listen to the small news, just investigate the children's home world and background, and who is the parents, if the child's home is, what is the group, or the child parents are What leaders, then they are like seeing a life-saving straw, caught in the dead, then the next is a strong Barger, say good words, gift, you will try to do everything until you want to do everything until you Upon receipt, this kind of person is not a few, and it can be said that it is very important. Anyone may become so unbearable.

In summary, today's "entertainment circle" is so social phenomenon. If this society does not change, "entertainment circles" will not change, so, now, the current social phenomenon is also the kind of clean and integrity. There is a distance to go, but also need to hold the weapons and greedy struggles in your hands. One is to improve the people's cognitive level, and we must firmly strengthen this so-called "human relationship". .