"My first half" high session small three "Ling Ling" is the road

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"My first half" high session small three "Ling Ling" is the road

2021-11-28 18:02:41 20 ℃

My first half is a very good urban drama, starting to attract it by Luo Zunjun's Shanghai, and she puts proudly, spoiled, superior, and the family housewife is exhausted. The first few episodes can't see any problems with Chen Joheng's feelings, and Chen Junsheng insisted on the divorce feels a bit stiff.

It is to say that the problem of their feelings should be a workplace, a living, a carefree life, and there is no common language. Rozun is very leisurely every day, with her words: "Every day, she can have a relaxed skin and her husband and husband." But she stared at the husband of the husband and branches, suspicious ghosts, and never thought of small three. A woman who is actually married, with a baby, and long bites. The housewife is still in the world, it is simple.


Then, such a labor woman who is flat from the clothes to the appearance is how to take away the husband of others?

Stage 1, want to die, to retreat

Ling Ling is Chen Junsheng's colleague. It is often a common thing, and it is always concerned about Chen, talks, and reveals his feelings. They agree to divorce together and then together. In fact, Ling Ling should not completely go with his husband. She looked that Chen Junsheng made more honesty, good to the family, so it was good to grasp Chen this life-saving straw before divorced, give himself a future. Chen Junsheng did not have a common language with his wife. In the company, he was cared for care for a woman, it would be inevitable, but his marriage did not have a divorce, but he was induced. Colleagues have seen that he is not general with Ling Ling, followed by, forced pressure, he still proposed divorce.


During the period of Chen Junsheng hesitated, Ling Ling was very "good explanation", which is this "good understanding" to die, grab Chen Junsheng. 1) She said, "I like you is my own thing, I don't have to do it with you. I am still can't do it. I said that I don't forced you, say not to divorce yourself. Anyway, I will not affect my love you"

2) Deliberately standing on Chen Josheng's roadside, the car, looking at the road, looking at the road.

3) "If she asks you, you will push the responsibility to me, saying that I am dying, you are completely passive." 4) "I changed my mind, I want to put you also give Luo Zijun In fact, you have not prepared for divorce. This matter is quite difficult for a man. I can understand. I saw Rozijun that day. I think she is especially sorry; she can't stand me as a friend to share the third party. Thousands of knives; more people can't stand the leisure language of others. You live a good life, I don't hate you at all, thank you very much, I am very good to me when we are together. In addition to working relationships, we don't contact again. "

Want to die

Wonderful, is this not equal to Chen Jun lived down? This Chen does not give a divorce, it is not a human ~

Stage 2, worker, double business

1) They finally divorced together, Ling Ling was attached to Chen Jun Sheng to the micro, and the family took care of it. I have a good father-in-law, she knows that this is a step and a difficult step. It may be that the workplace is touched and habitually, and the family's mother-in-law is just a matter of time. The old man is nothing more than eating it, it is nothing to do, it doesn't matter, satisfaction. Financial power is in your own hands, what else is it?

Buy shoes for the mates

2) There is also a fair treatment for children and Chen Junsheng's children, regardless of the predecessors. Because there are no one before and after, the child will also be invisible. The things you have to do must say in front of everyone, do well, do not discuss it, this wisdom is still.

3) Finely calculate, hold the financial power of the family, everything is arranged clearly. In other people think of other people's thoughts, including the compensation of Rozijun, force the Luo Jun moving, let Ping 2 and the in-laws move out, do the dripping water and don't be perfect. The in-laws and Ping are also slowly accepted her, and praise she wants to have a week.

Educate son in the face of the woman

Stage 3, challenging in invisible

Rozijun is arranged to Ling Ling's department and be warned by Tang Jing. Her hands under the hand, lingering, bullying Robs. Later, Ling Ling said that Tang Jingcheng letter and Robs and Robs were not general. Although this is a fact, how delicate Tang Jing can't see Ling Ling quality, like to provoke. So after she took office, I opened Ling Ling.


Ling Ling hated in the heart, let Xiao Dong framed Tang Jing, reminding her to resign, and did not expect Xiaowei to sell company secrets, let Tang Jing's reputation sweep, and get a whole company. Ling Ling is scared, she is a smart person, I feel that I can't get it, and Chen Junsheng is showing. Chen Joheng did not expect the mouse to be his own wife, painful, I don't know how to solve it, flowing down the tears of remorse. Finally, he is still a letter, Chen Junsheng also forgived Ling Ling.

The front chest left the tears of regrets

Perhaps this is the case in life, not every small three will get a retribution, maybe it is good.There are many men like Chen Junsheng, and it feels too much in marriage. I look forward to the next emotion, and I will pursue the freedom after divorce.It is often waiting for another constraint, we can't predict future, like stocks, you don't know how to put it, or low.When you jump into another track, it may be more and more smooth, maybe it is not easy.Multiple observations are always correct.Discover better