Real people show program classification?

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Real people show program classification?

2021-11-29 00:02:27 33 ℃

Speaking of the true people show, it is really a big TV, which is headed by Mango TV, and their lives are really very good.

1. Principling: "Star Treasury" The reason is very simple, fun, sincerity, and three super.

2. Develop a draft: "Create 101" "Idol Practice" "Youchi has you" "The name of the group".

3. Love class: "My family" "" My family is the woman "

4. Burning cerebral system: "Star Treasure"

5. Teruncture Department: "Long Long" "Haha Farm"

3. Music Truth Show Program: "China Good Voice" "I am a singer" "Happy Boys" "Masked Song King" "The Son of Tomorrow" "Star Avenue" "China has a hip song" "cross-border song king" "Tianzhu Voice"

4. Life entertainment class: "Where to Dad", "Strong" "The Strongest Brain" "Sound" The star big detective "" Qi Bing God Dog "" Dancing together "

5. Cultural: "Seventy-two-layer Qi Building" "Chinese Poetry Conference" "National Treasure" "Lang Reader" "see the word".