Well-known male star Jin Xiuxian sun!Muscle lines are obvious, the first challenge does not wear clothes

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Well-known male star Jin Xiuxian sun!Muscle lines are obvious, the first challenge does not wear clothes

2021-11-29 00:02:12 39 ℃

Recently, the famous actor's famous actor Jin Xiuxian is very bold in his first new drama, and the picture is ashamed. Jin Xiuxian and the actress of the drama faced face in the play, and took off all clothes, the two were very addicted to the drama.

In the picture in the play, although Jin Xiuxian played the role is a honest male student, but through the development of the plot, Jin Xiuxian and an actress of the drama have a tangled drama. Because the movements of the two interactive contacts are very close, some picture scales are large to the rating.

Even in the drama, when Jin Xiuxian was asked by the police to take off all clothing, they all made it, and they did not wear clothes in front of the lens. Jin Xiuxian in the picture showed a good body full of muscle lines. Jin Xiuxian's actor is very high.

Before earlier, Jin Xiuxian once starred with well-known actresses, "from you" in China, China is popular in China, once a hot topic of "all professors". Jin Xiuxian won countless awards at home and abroad, and popular all over the world.

In this new drama, Jin Xiuxian broke the image, and the acting was very pickless. Although Jin Xiuxian is more young but can fully grasp the character. Therefore, the film and television works so far, but also the parties, they have left a deep screen image to the audience.

However, this is not Jin Xiuxian to show this large-scale film for the first time. In 2017, he has been focused and discussion on the first time in large-scale movies. Because Jin Xiuxian at that time broke through the image of the previous bouton.

In 2007, he started playing with him from the Korean Central University Drama Movie Department. Whether it is behind the entry or after retreat. It can be said that Jin Xiuxian has obtained a number of honors.

Although the star seems to be shine in the eyes of the public, it is bright, but they also need to pay ten times more effort in the work. Because there is enough strength, you can take a good work will be respectful. Looking forward to Jin Xiuxian brings more performance to everyone in the play.