What is the experience of shooting at the port area?

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What is the experience of shooting at the port area?

2021-11-29 00:02:53 30 ℃

"I got off work." I came out from the command room.

Walking on the trail in the port area, I am still going to play to play with the Genuine belt, this time, running out a black guy in the woods in front of me.

I ate a shock, black body, red core and eyes, this is not a dark road base Aier?

I immediately put on the battle rack: "Luke Al? Why is it here?"

Lu Siier came over to me, I immediately summoned [Dark Kzy] warfare from the wrist, and a punch on the road of Luieier, and Lu Siier was directly flying out a few meters.

I am a little doubt: "How do you feel a bit weak?"

Lu Siier is hard to climb up, I ran again. At this time, Lu Siier quickly spread his hands and shouted: "Don't hit, I am not enemies!"

I stood a footsteps: "This sound ..... New Husband? Is you?"

Subgrade El 拉 I pulled the zipper of the back and neck. After I went to the road, this is really a holster.

I opened the zipper, and the new rules were boused: "Call ~ Just is really too dangerous, the commander is not so powerful?"

I have a pair of fork: "It's really, don't wear a leather case to scare, this world wearing a waters, it is very likely to be defeated by the enemy on the spot."

The new band is helpless: "Well, it just made a leather case, I want to come out, but the words come back, the commander is the armor, hey, do you look at it?"

I don't know what she wants: "Ah ..... Yes."

The new bicker grabbed my arm: "How good, the commander is, when we look at the special photo, we can exchange communication, say it back, command the official Jun, do you like a monster?"

My mind is a bit turning, I know that some of the knight's female flour is very like a handsome actor inside the knight, but I have never seen a female powder that loves the monster.

I asked: "Do you like a monster?"

The new bicard of eyes is in light: "Of course like it, come, command the official Jun, come to my room, I invite you to see good."

I think about it: "Good Kang ... is a new leather case?"

The new branch 拽 手: "What new leather case is still stimulated than the new leather case ~"

I was pulled by the new bicker to her room, I saw it left and right: "This .... is not suitable, if it is seen by Saturday, it is not good to explain."

The new boss is going to open the door. At this time, the voice of Liuhua came over: "..... ah, commander, what are you doing?"

I don't know how to say, the new band is open, the scene in front of me is shocked by me and six flowers, in front of the same monster model as the house, look like it is the Gori Disak.

I can't help but amazed: "It's a powerful handmade, and the crew is not asked to panic."


The new band is hands fork: "Something, I have an idea, we are better to shoot in the port area."

Ships sitting under the stage, you see me, I see you, and I don't understand the words of the new.

The same is a special kitchen's dragon standing up: "Too good, the new court is in the temple, but what the subject we have to shoot?"

At this time, Reno raised his hand: "If you have to shoot super-book, I have collected a lot of super-book props."

The new bull shook his head: "Ping, Super Ying has been out of time, we have to shoot now, a monster film."

Rino couldn't help to spit: "The monster is not filled with ....."

The new bicard took the video: "I think of it. You look, this is the Otury stage drama in 2004, we will follow this remail."

Reno put the tape into the watching instrument: "Is there a super-book in this? Isn't it still super?"

The new bicard took out the script: "I don't all say it. In our drama, the Ott warrior was completely destroyed, the monsters destroyed the earth, gratifying congratulations."

I almost didn't have a breath, this is a bit, is it normal?

Although but, the new classes of the special photographed were taken as usual.

And I was asked to play the protagonist inside, that is, the anti-sent BOSS dark zero.

This story tells, the huge meteorite rushes to the earth, and the meteorite wakes up the monsters that sleep on the earth. The Ott warriors fight against, but still can't stop the meteorite, and with the meteorite coming, there is a dark zercery. After defeating all the Ott warriors in the dark scorpion, it was also successfully knocked down Nova in the miracle, and finally hit the earth, and the earth was destroyed.

I looked at the film, how to see how not to twist, this, this is different from the value of me, is different?

I looked at the Wen Moon who was watching the Otte people by the new bickerian. I won't play my head. If this film is still broadcast, I still ban it.

In the end, the film of the new branch is not released in the Hong Kong area, but the new branch is said to be working hard to be the image of the original monster, it seems to be a second part.