Inenes said that the old woman recovered, serious anemia was lost, not to spend 150,000 yuan.

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Inenes said that the old woman recovered, serious anemia was lost, not to spend 150,000 yuan.

2021-11-29 00:02:14 17 ℃

On November 28, InenevelThe Intravenous experience with his own personal experience, 53-year-old Yi Nengjing has been cheats to save years, the year is half a hundred maintenance like a young girl, even if it is a color, the skin is tight, the real is the beauty of the girl In fact, it is also a series of problems, and the most serious thing is the hair.

According to Yi Neng Jing, after the meal, the decrease is returned, one degree seriously fell, all over the ground, the hairline moved to the previous head in front of the previous head, Inenenes, Inenenes, take the baby, take the milk, drink millet Inenevel is rare, and the status is not very good.

Friends recommend Ion to the hair of development, according to the scalp detection and hair follicle analysis according to the hospital, saying that the treatment cost is as high as 150,000 yuan, in fact, the price is not high, Yenevelta is too expensive, but it is too expensive. "

Dermatologists suggested that I can quenched blood for blood, and learned that the cause of severe fallen is anemia, and Yi Can abandoned the birth and development.

Inenene reflects the iron to netizens, and the exclusive "six flavors". Finally, I don't forget the greatness of women, my mothers have risen all kinds of risks, and the post-birth recovery is long, and I can calm the words. Learn to understand women.

Inenevel is particularly infectious, and it is necessary to take care of you. Women should take care of themselves. If you have a baby, you will not be easy. After childbirth, you will have a long way to return to the right medicine to restore pretty and nice.

After divorce with Yucheng, Inenevelle meets the 10-year-old Qin Wei. In 2015, the wedding was held. At the time of pregnancy, it was 46 years old. Under the various inspections and cooperation, Inenevel was calm and meticulous. In 2016, the second childned daughter was millet granules, she It is already a 47-year-old mother.

First of all, Qin Yan can feel the happiness of fetal movement for the father, and the millet has brought more happiness to their families;

Secondly, as a senior mother, I can still spend enough time and energy, give birth to a small life, postpartum is incomparable to face various physical recovery problems, serious anemia leads to the hair loss, hairline, seek the help of the doctor, find the help after seeking doctors A good way of blood, finished the daughter for five or six years, frozen years, such as the girl, praised by the netizens, benefiting from the efforts of Inenean.

Yi Nengjing is a great mother, compared to Zhong Lizhen, she is very happy, and the pregnant baby after marriage is harvested, the millet grows slowly, and the brother is getting along with my brother. It is happy.

Ingiangi is a woman behind her husband. In recent years, Qin Yan has borrowed a frying acting circle powder, and the husband and wife took several times.

Even if the difference is ten years old, this sister is not separated, and the road to Yi Nengjing is even more like a word bead. It is also independent. It is a model couple in your eyes, bless them!

Emo's super-high Yi Can static thanks to the family photo, has a pair of good children, and a favorite of her husband, and grateful to her husband's recognition and support, family happiness!