Yuan Yuyi and girlfriends, gathering, girlfriends, two people, expose the views of luxury people and enjoy dishes

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Yuan Yuyi and girlfriends, gathering, girlfriends, two people, expose the views of luxury people and enjoy dishes

2021-11-29 00:02:24 15 ℃

On November 28, Yuan Yuyi's girlfriend came out of the photo of her family, she wrote in her text: I haven't seen the sister for a long time, I haven't eaten my sister's dishes.

She also revealed the party, everyone did not make makeup, and called "Sister" (Yuan Yuyi) really thinned. I don't know much about it for a long time, I don't know yourself (there are many pet cats in Yuan Yu ".

From this girlfriend's information, she is a female host. It can be seen in the description. She should know for a long time with Yuan Yuyi, but also cordially called her "sister."

The two people are sessions, but this photo is clearly opened, 50-year-old Yuan Yuyi smiles, in general, the state is still very good.

The girlfriend also dried the meals in Yuan Yuyi, with red burnt meat, corn stew, fried eggs, and two vegetarian dishes, these dishes appeared very simple, very grounding.

And basically a relatively light dish, it seems to be more delicious.

In addition to the meals in Yuan Yuyi, the girlfriend also took the interior of Yuan Yu's home in the middle of the people's homes. At present, Yuan Yuyi lives in Shanghai, which should be their luxury house in Shanghai.

The overall decoration looks more classic, and a gray cat should be "a lot" in the girlfriend.

The sofa in Yuan Yuyi is placed on the "Hermes' s pillow", and the style of the sofa is also simple in the air. Yuan Yuyi and Zhang Zhilin share a small number of people in home, which is also rare exposure.

As early as morning, Yuan Yuyi took photos with Zhang Zhilin, took photos of them in the semi-mountain mansion, and the visual can be said that it is quite domineering. It can see the most beautiful rainbow with vast sea.

I don't know where they are located in the luxury house in Shanghai, I believe it should be a very bustling location.

Just afternoon, Yuan Yuyi took a selfie. The clothes wearing are different from this girlfriend, but the hairstyle is the same, maybe the girlfriend is the recent gathering, not today.

Yuan Yuyi is now accompanied by his husband Zhang Zhilin in the Mainland, participating in the variety show "Brother", let Zhang Zhilin have risen, and the couple have also harvested a lot of fans.

Yuan Yu's son's magic boy also followed them to live in the Mainland. On November 12, Yuan Yuyi took the childhood photo for his son, and a three-port life is quite happy.

The magic boy took the photo of Shanghai Disney today, it seems that it is very good to have a life of the mainland.

I don't know if the girlfriend will go to Yuan Yuyi's home, is he is present?