One breath of 13 episodes, Yang Zi's drama, it is worth staying up late, watch you will be very happy

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One breath of 13 episodes, Yang Zi's drama, it is worth staying up late, watch you will be very happy

2021-11-29 00:02:36 25 ℃

Many times, we will worry, will hurt, will not consciously suspect life, what should we do?

Look at Yang Zi's latest "female psychologist", we can find the answer from it, and she tells us that the facts have been handled, how to deal with such a thing.

This drama is very realistic.

She is the subject matter, after processing, moistening, and then zoom in to us.

There are parents who have been divorced, they have broken because of feelings, quarrel, arguing, and finally choose to divorce, but they think that they have achieved the greatest protection, but they don't know that children have already instructed the first machine, and they found their parents. I have repeatedly made some things, and I finally led to psychological problems, even if I want to commit suicide, stay away from this sad world.

Nowadays, divorce is a trend after the college entrance examination. The divorce rate is very high at this time.

The first unit of this drama wrote Ena jumped, and the parents regretted. Through this matter, they also gave those parents who were going to divorce, perhaps their seemingly inadvertent behavior has hurt their children, then they need Pay attention to your child's abnormal behavior, rather than immersing in two people's quarrels, and finally leads to the consequences of unreasonable.

There is a mother who has cancer you want to hit the child.

A mother, she loves her children, very loved her husband, but she is going to die, she doesn't want her child to know her death, so she found a psychiatrist, let her give a suggestion, and finally she chose to divorce her husband, give the child husband.

He Ton as a psychologist, she understands this maternal love, is willing to keep the final dignity for this poor mother, but the child does not understand, the two children have repeatedly find Herton, let her return my mother to them.

Then this is a good problem, in this case, what do you want to do?

Life has unexpected life, life has always changed, once encountered, telling the children, or holding children, let them blame others?

Every story is an independent individual. Everyone has a story. It is really important to pay attention to the truth behind the story. This two difficult choices are the biggest reality.

Fan is troubled.

The fans of Qian Jianzhi did not return information, think he became the heart, and thought that He Ton was the "third party", so come to the broadcast room to find He Ton desperate.

Later, under Heton's opening, finally understood that the money opened, she is almost almost.

There are also many fans to make troubles, it seems an ordinary thing, but some people are too serious, regarding the stars as private items, once people don't respond, they will start trouble.

In fact, however, however, how can people pay attention to you, but they are willing to be, they are not as good as life, like a star, can't be too circled, be a normal fan, put your star as an example, a good life is justified.

Psychological problems caused by conflict of father and son.

总 和 人 人 人 人 人 人 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 总 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 子 给 给 给 给 病 子 病 给 病 给 子 子 3 3 病 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 It is very uncomfortable in my heart.

He found Heton, telling Heumon's various inspections, but he always feels sick and repeatedly check.

He Tumin learned, only knowing that this is all caused by misunderstanding. It is a communication problem between Zhen and his son. The general disease is just fine.

Just as the first markes, the psychological rescue center promotes the slogan:

The World Health Organization issued more than seventy thousand people died in suicide in the official website, and there was one person committed suicide every forty seconds, and suicide is still one of the main causes of death.

The cause of suicide is related to family relationships, marriage disputes, interpersonal failure, and mental disorders.

This also tells us that psychological problems are a big problem, which will lead to many problems, we need to pay attention to this matter. Yang Zi's "Female Psychologist" used a lot of facts, verified the psychological problems dominated us, and if they did not attach importance to find the root cause, it is easy to cause irreparable consequences.

I saw the "Female Psychologist" can learn experience and lessons from these large number of cases, and they can learn some useful methods, some solutions.

In the "Female Psychologist", in addition to those consultants about psychological problems, the role of other protagonists inside have their own stories, but these people will not be immersed in sorrow, and they are considered everywhere. I think of my life, even if life is not satisfactory, I still want to have a good time to live every day.

He Ton is a very famous psychiatrist. She is very strong in front of her outsiders. I can give professional help for all visitors, let them get out of the predicament, but she is a sad person.

At very small, the younger brother fell into the water and died. The mother had never been able to let go, always called Hedun Junjun, let He Ton have repeatedly cruelly face the bloody reality, the mother's sorrow, He Ton's helplessness, her sadness can understand Mother has her help, but she can say it.

But she never showed a sad look in front of the person, whether it is a girlfriend, or in front of the customer, she is very powerful, as if she can't solve the problem.

Everyone is unhappy, why bother to use his sadness to others? This is He Ton, a person who is distressed but wants to give her. Tang Lili is a president secretary, because a president's derailed secretary is actually because of the president and the president, she has to be in the pool, she has to leave the job.

She left, the mother called and did not care about her, just asked the matter, she was sad sad, but she didn't want to find the only girlfriend to complain, because she knew that He Ton was not happy.

He Tub is not happy, she will try their own digestion, and Lily is also almost, they are all good girlfriends thinking about each other, such friends are the best.

Negative emotions will affect people around, it is better to have a good time every day, of course, there is a right opportunity, or you can chat with friends, it is best not to happen, because the emotions are most excited at that time. There will be a wrong judgment.

And Qian Jian is a very good person. He has been looking for a partner of a voice. It doesn't need to be more beautiful. You don't need her more money. I only need her voice to let him fit.

His life is for a wonderful voice.

But the people are in the sea, so hard to let him find a He Ton, He Ton has repeatedly rejected him.

Although he is rejected, he still insisted on not giving up, this may be a dream, everything can be released.

Everyone's life is not smooth, the appearance of the appearance of the scenery, maybe the sad story you don't know, but there is no need to be deep, live yourself, don't need to envy those scenery, because everyone is unique of.

I would like to see "Female Psychologist" you will find that it is actually very good than those who have the scenery, because they don't worry.