Is there been forced to downgrade, AB is really angry?

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Is there been forced to downgrade, AB is really angry?

2021-11-29 00:03:05 25 ℃

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We have written AB before "striped" in your photo.

Last week, I finally saw a photo of the Naslifranis Station C. On the 16th, Sanya's "GQ Annual Festival", AB's pink flower skirt, beautiful hot search.

In fact, AB has arrived in Sanya one day in advance, and I will play with my girlfriend. The photo is made by this "@ 娇 娇" PO.

(Wearing the AB of the Mint Green Sunscreen Dreaming Mirror with girlfriends sitting on the sea, in addition to eating a big meal, drinking wine, also released on the spot)

A total of women, AB can always have a C-position. This is a small sister of Weibo, the avatar is a shape of white Lei Feng cap, and Weibo's daily is a variety of colorful fur.

The identity "Brand Saller" mentioned in Weibo Introduction, searching is a Taobao shop.

The fur of the first (monthly sales 5000+) was sold, and the price was 690 yuan after full reduction, and the price was responsibaby.

Luxury Ambassador × Net Red Owner, this match is very subtle. The social circle of AB, the naked eye can be downgraded. In the variety show, AB has exploded, and he is soaring to Liu Jialing, and found that it has been deleted.

Laojiang Lake, Liu Jialing, is a famous man, and the network is. She can cooperate with Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Ze Tianhe, together, cooperated together "Di Renjie's God Dragon", I have seen the show AB, but it is not eligible to appear in a friend list. Star, ladies circle, the traffic fault of unstext is: Who are you playing, why is you.

Taking the famous "Striped" photo as an example, the girls who came to the mirror were not small. The same is: the child's daughter-in-law, Wenzhou Niki Group, the second generation of MANITO, the Canadian silk pajamas brand ...

Although in this circle, AB has no C bit; although the main functions of the big star AB are: order.

Even in addition to "striped", it may be directly cut off.

But for AB, this is the last high social circle in addition to "running men". 2018, AB Xiji's spokesperson of women's shoes.

Behind this endorsement, the secret relationship chain is hidden in this photo. Many people think that the red dragonfly "soil", but people have been rated as large taxes in the industry for six consecutive years, and the annual industry income is nearly 3 billion. In January to December 2019, the operating income was 297 billion yuan. In 2020, it suffered from the epidemic, but the thin camel was large, and the revenue of the year was over 1 billion in the first half of the year.

"Red 蜻蜓" founded by Qian Jinbo himself, personal wealth has hundreds of millions.

(2017 "Hu Runfeng List", 43 Wenzhou Rich placed on the list, Qian Jinbo Baifu has reached 3 billion)

Qian Jinbo's daughter-in-law with ab, is a girlfriend who plays in the same circle, just in this photo. According to AB's statement, this is "Friends who know Walk". In the cause of the prosperity, it is absolutely meaningful to give her a endorsement that is still not enough to fall.

In 2018, it is the development of the watershed, AB, is the two ends of the parabolic. For the last year, the frontier home [Thai Chiangchuan He] completed the angel wheel investment, got the investment of Ab Capital, the true finger fund and the light source. The founding partner of the venture capital fund Abcapital is Yang Ying himself. Zhou Dongyu, Chen He, Li Yifeng and "China's first red" PAPI sauce are her colleague. But on the coffee position, AB must be "a sister".

At that time, it was a bubble period. There was a popular language called "Standing in the air, the pig can fly", and the other is "All the industry is worth using Internet thinking again." Super big investment × Super spicy eye acting, the birth of the 2017 drama "I am not self-reward". What is the acting skill, seeing the benevolence, but definitely not the "图 大 法" that is not expected. How many people are running with acting? unimportant. Hold her name and sell a good price.

With this mature industrial chain, she dares to give her own paid 80 million. On the Forbes list in 2017, AB has two lists, one is "Forbes China Celebrity List", ranking # 8; second is "Youth League List under 30 years old, belongs to the same echelon with the top flow. This is unsuccessful with her more than 40 bad words.

The fire has been burning until 2018, and the Winner AB will give 38 inverse words. AB Unlock Dior, Adidas, Viktor & Rolf, Snow Show and other resources, have been continued until today.

In this year, Fan Bing's fall, just like a butterfly effect, swept the entertainment circle. The first rush is that the flow of the bubble is poked. In 2019, the location of AB in the Forbes list has plunged to 14th, 2020, 16th.

From this time, Forbes no longer announced the specific income of the star. The entire age of AB has also begun to get the head. By 2020, some people dare to use AB to play, it is not afraid of death. Before the "Skyscraper" broadcast, there will be a large number of netizens to talk: there is ab, see!

The director has to appease the audience: she is not heavy, I will die, I am going to play a dead ... 80 million daughter, shoot "skyscraper" has been prostled, self-descent. Once upon a time, it is necessary to rely on eye drops, the situation is forced, and finally I will really tear. But a "skyscraper", not enough to save AB's decline, "Skyscraper", there is no more coming. The original this year's "dust" "Fox demon" is not broadcast, next year's "wind, west" is a man play, the actress did not have a bonus. The release date of "Taiji 3" "desire life" is even nearly 10 years.

("Desire Life" is also very magical, the male protagonist likes to study the Buddhist scriptures, send people a uncle, the heroine is a small flower in the picture.

Another performance of the business decline is: a male actor with her, also reducing the configuration. The male is from the old Tiangu Liang Chaowei, and Liu Dehua converted to Zhao Youting, Yan Jingtian ... all the things in the past. The male owner of the new drama is already Wang Anyu, Lai Guanlin, these love beans, and the lively fresh meat.

Feeding in the old man, when the capital is holding money, when she is looking for her, she didn't hurry, and the acting skills; now it is ignorant of all the dust, becomes a "senior" of cheap and not picking home ... Who is it?

(Also speaking with the work, I didn't do it)

AB is the most proud of it, "resource", and resources are also flowing. In 2017, Dior's brand ambassador Liu Yifei was taken by AB, and after Liu Yifei, he endored Dior nectar series. Catch up with luxury goods, crazy wholesale all kinds of this ambassador, the entire circle is in the flow.

Four years have passed, Liu Yifei is already the global spokesperson of LV, and Armani's large Chinese and Asia-Pacific spokesperson. Participate in the event, there is basically no so many way out, the trailer, and the finest picture of the nine-pace can't drop. The coffee level is not blowing by himself, and the works & reputation will automatically add points.

The AB is not relying. After the film resources, fashion resources, the communication is full of FLOP, AB opens the horsepower and opens a full-weeks of workmanship. Last week, on the 13th, "Bazai Charity Night" is in Shenzhen, there is her. The AB shot is Zhang Da Qian's "Qiulin 觅 图", the transaction price of 2 million.

On the 16th, Sanya's "GQ Annual Festival", AB came to work again. On the 18th, Shanghai's ELLE "unbounded · Oriental" continues to use the US service. Shooting from posters, to interview interviews, the beautiful skirt is hot, and it is full.

"Shenzhen → Sanya → Shanghai" has been taken down for a week, and there is "Figaro" cover out of the street weekend. On the same day, the new drama "Hongjun" horizontal shop is turned on, and the AB will take off the half permanent princess dresses, and there will be seamlessly, and the group is played.

But everyone's interest in AB has long been on the work, nor is it in the fairy, and a very expensive flower dress, but: marital status. The whole week lived in hot, 13th is Huang Xiaoming's birthday, AB has not spent a birthday at home, did not send a word in Weibo.

Huang Xiaoming & Yang Ying did not take a child in October, visited Beijing Global Studios, and was taken by passers-by, and it was said to wear a couple.

But more, both of them are their respective actions, and there is no status as they are "bicycanding". Comments on January 6 this year, Baby sent a simple and rude text: I am not a small three, I don't want to help others pick this pot. This "others" is her husband. Both are divided into this, is her marriage ok?

32-year-old Yang Ying, unprecedented screws: the super spelling of the business is fast, but the color is not big; the fame and fortune, even if you don't have C, you have to rush; with your husband Relationship, no sound, pressing a big trick. The "85 flowers" of her with her, and they have reached the rise of the back, metabolism. Previously, there were "four Yang Shuangli" said that now it is now "Shuangyang Shuanghao" (Yang Mi Yang Zhao Zhao Ying Zhao Lui), 85 spent only half.

You are beautiful, some people are more beautiful than you; you are young, some are younger than you; you fight, some people fight more than you. Moreover, people are more affected by market. This is the cruel reality of "85 flowers". This generation of small flowers, Yang Mi Zhao Liying is a wave, still insisting on brush performance, avoiding "falling team"; one month, Liu Shishi, a day, a beautiful beauty, Ni Ni is another wave, and it is not keen to open business.

They have neither awarded a lot of hardships, and they have never had a classic work, and they can stay for more than 10 years. Without such as Sun Hao, cherish the feathers, shoot one is a one, play a role, take a prize. More sad than the beauty is, the little flower is a big flower, but no one is picking.

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