Han Hong: Exposing the players to sing, and Dong Dong Qing is a line, and the adoption of more than 200 orphan is a show?

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Han Hong: Exposing the players to sing, and Dong Dong Qing is a line, and the adoption of more than 200 orphan is a show?

2021-11-29 00:02:38 52 ℃

She is, she is still persistent.

In the first stage of the "Voice of China Dream", one of the performance singers called Yang Chengrui. He came to the stage to bring a self-fees.

The four judges Li Wei, Han Hong, Huang Xiaoming and Wang Weizhong, obviously be interested in this album.

Singer Yang Chengrui

After Yang Chengrui sang his own single song "Love at the time", I originally thought that he would bring beautiful and beautiful songs to everyone. After he didn't expect him to open, the four judges had gradually become somewhat subtle.

Han Hong also looked at the album in his hand, some unbelievable out of mouth: "Let's make trouble."

Han Honggong holds album

One song, Li Wei asked him to come to this program. Yang Chengrui immediately replied. He wanted to let more people know himself, and said that their fans also came to the scene to cheer him.

Then, it is proud to say that he is a very red star in Thai, and the streets will play his song.

Yang Chengrui consciously is a star

Han Hong wondered from the heart, she said directly: "Singing into this way, I dare to sing to the old Korea, you really point out that his song I am afraid that there is no one to sing, and he called, In fact, it is "still sound".

This is a professional term, which is generally false.

Han Hong straightforward

At that time, Yang Chengrui admitted that his live Live relied on his own voice. This sentence instantly touched Han Hong's reverse scale.

She said that this kind of person who dares to claim that the singer is very speechless. I think that he dares her fans to live, and it is even more angry, so I am angry to let him go.

Han Hong see the essence

At this time, many people express their strengths and Korean red. She was originally a person who was very straightforward, and she was not brought to Yang Chengrui.

And Han Hong's feat is more than this time, in "I want to go to the Spring Festival Evening", she has passed with the host Dong Qing "mutual", but this time is not so many people standing on the side.

Judge Han Hong

In that period, the singer's peace and partner brought the "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau", and the difficulty of this song can be known.

After the two singers sang, Dong Qing stood in his own perspective, and the treble really sang very high!

Dong Qing speaking

But immediately after Han Hong's refutation, said that it is not that he sang high, just a false voice, and can only be confused.

Han Hong Shari Review

This is a bit embarrassing, but she has made a lot of people's chairpers, so they have made rebuts immediately: "I believe that most of us feel very good."

Dong Qing gives response

Seeing Dong Qing's words, Han Hong's blunt, two people sing it before, but I also made an evaluation for the lack of singing!

"The line is watching the doorway, and the outgoing walk is lively, so don't think of the lively is a doorway. I have been a doorway. Only the last sound is a lively." I finally added it, saying that I will say I will not say it. lie.

Han Hong once again tangible

Dong Qing said that he was not annoyed, and it was cleverly and said: "This is also very good, they will have the doorway and lively."

Subsequently, in Dong Qing's strong demand, peacefully sang the "lively", but finally by Han Hong pointed out, and personally demonstrated, attracting the on-site applause.

Han Hong strength sang

Many people in the event of Korean red, I think she is too real, don't give the host Dong Qing, it is not.

For Han Hong, the vocal singing is a very pure thing. It doesn't need any gorgeous words to embellish, it is good, the difference is the difference.

Dong Qing as a host, it needs to be active at an appropriate time, so there is only the kind of embarrassing thing.

Singer Han Hong

Han Hong is just too professional, there is no mistake.

Throughout her life, not only in music cause, in charity, almost contribute to the wealth accumulated in their lives.

She waded in the mountain, handed on her own warmth.

In July this year, Henan suddenly flooded, so that countless compatriots were worried. There are a lot of rescue teams to donate materials with people from all walks of life, and in danger.

Han Hong did not only donate materials, but also to disaster relief in many volunteers.

Han Hongchi aided Henan

But she has been challenged by many netizens, saying that the team belongs is not professional, and I am helping at the scene. What is even thinking that Han Hong and his team are actually just a show.

Although Han Hong explained the professionalism of his team, he did not believe in people, she could only show himself innocent, innocent, uniform, was wearing the military uniform.

Han Hong condolences scene

It is undeniable that after this flood is happened, there will be a glimpse of the ghost zombie, but Han Hong needs to continue with them? the answer is negative.

As we all know, Han Hong has been in 1995 with the original song "Himalayan", and it created many excellent songs such as "Tiandao" "Qinghai Plateau".

It is precisely because of the perfect understanding of music, she is far from famous, and she has not long been quite rich.

Han Hong is young

But she did not squander, perhaps because of the barren of childhood, let her have money to be drunk in charity. Han Hong has held a lot of charity concerts, and the money has been donated to people in need.

After the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008, Han Hong called on social development of donations, and he donated 200,000. Subsequently, she went back to the disaster area, condolences to the masses and rescue troops, giving them materials and cash.

Han Hong went to Wenchuan

In 2012, she also built Han Hong Love Charity Foundation, and in the Earthquake in the next year, more than 3 million materials received by the Foundation went to the disaster area.

And it is not only donated money, and Han Hong is dedicated to the implementation of the implementation to help, every time you can see her figure every in the orphanage, the elderly, and the Rehabilitation Education Center.

Han Hong Ya'an fundraising

It is worth mentioning that despite Han Hong single for many years, she has already become a mother.

With the surviving little boy who survived the launcher in 2000, she also funded more than two hundred children and became the most soft mother of these children.

Han Hong adopted the child grew up

Because of this, the original value of the owner of Han Hong once in the interview show, and he has been bankrupt.

But even this, she still did not give up charity, she still strive to participate in work to earn money, and people who have worked hard for her work.

Han Hong blush lack of money

She dedicated the clear heart to the people who needed, so many people worked their respect when seeing the face of the unpized powder, slightly tired.

But so beautiful and kind heart, has not found your own home.

Korean red

Love will, but not necessarily

In 2016, in Hunan Satellite TV, "I want to sing with you" programs, Han Hong first tried his emotional life.

She gave you a special person. The other party is the first love encountered in the age of 16 and the guitar hand is Yan Yan.

Han Hong talks about the first love

Han Hong called "the owner of the story", but also tells the heart, it is the age of love, the most innocent feelings.

But maybe because of the age of being too small, maybe this old emotional ending is often missed, so they don't have a happy eNGDing.

Han Hong and Li Yanliang

And her "shoulder" is also to commemorate this endless feelings.

But today, the two are still the pride of each other.

After this, Han Hong met the keyboard of the Black Leopard band.


At that time, he liked the Dou Wei of the same band, I liked the beautiful and moving Faye. In the end of this triangle love, the eucalyptus failed, Dou Wei was willing to hold the beauty.

This thing has made eucalyptus from a small blow, and Han Hong's appearance, just make up for him. Maybe it is for the gap, but maybe I want to borrow her forget Fay Fei. I didn't have to fall in love with Han Hong.

Korean red

Han Hong likes this talented music talented music, and then puts it very much on this feeling.

But such feelings are destined to have long, after the eucalyptus is awake, he will resolutely make a breakup to Han Hong. This makes her unacceptable, and I am shattered.

Korean red

Later, Although Han Hong also encountered one or two good men, he blew it because she could not accept her nourish Han Qixiang. She is not annoyed, the single does not affect what.

It is just that Han Hong didn't expect that after this, she was actually questioned by many people. Many people say she is so neutral, and certainly don't like boys, and then there will be, and then the gossip of her with many women.

One of the most outrageous things is that in 2017, some people broke the news that Han Hong and CCTV host married in the United States.

This news, the public, at the same time, the officer Huang Xi also sent a blessing, which makes everyone feel a trustworthy.

But soon, the tone of a low-key is coming out, and it is said that this will be held through the legal way. However, how long, after the Huangxi understands the real situation, I also deleted Weibo and sorry to Han Hong and Tuyi.

This wave of operation, let everyone all the clouds in the clouds, it is not true and false.

In fact, think about it, knowing that this is purely, do not say that Han Hong will respond to his sexual orientation, and then, people are already married early, and the son is almost a few years old.

So this is just a way of marketing.

Han Hong frank

Although Han Hong has never been married, she still lives very much. She worried, the charity, also became better year by year, and the singing cause is more chasing the goal. These two of her favorite things are moving towards a beautiful future.

Nowadays, Han Hong has been 50 years old, but it is still enthusiastic, this is worthy of our people admire.