Guo Jingjing finally no longer concealed, publicly opened the reason for this year, no wonder will marry Huo Qigang

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Guo Jingjing finally no longer concealed, publicly opened the reason for this year, no wonder will marry Huo Qigang

2021-11-29 06:07:26 44 ℃

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Talking Tian Liang and Guo Jingjing, probably a lot of people do not know they have had a relationship, a relationship that in fact the two men also made it very complicated, then the two outside revealed to be a very ambiguous relationship, and in front of everyone to see they is a couple, but also many exposed material they talked about love. But then he did not disclose publicly, because I do not know is the Olympic team players, two of them still unpublished negotiated, but the two feelings indeed, we all know, but the feelings of two people actually we all know.

Just a pity that their affair, we are not waiting for it! The result is to say the two broke up. Later, Tian Liang married to a super woman Super Girl Ye Qian, when the love of two announced, netizens also did not expect, but the two looks really fit, Love In The City, but Tian Liang and Guo Jingjing why not open affair, turned together with Ye Qian, Tian Liang have to say this original interview. When beginning that Tian Liang in an interview with news interviews, news reporters asked Tian Liang and Guo Jingjing to have anything to do, Tian Liang said they are not lovers, but in private, they just said a word, they are not a lover, but good friends. It is because of this that time to hear two or three sentence so that idea in mind Guo Jingjing, Tian Liang denied because she did not think their relationship, that is, admitted his position in the hearts of Tian Liang.

We all know that it is because of this reason separate the two, so in the end there, when Guo Jingjing after accepting the variety show interview, and the reason for the break up of Tian Liang is also no longer hide, so tell the truth. Guo Jingjing said, in fact, was too young, no experience of emotional, just think go well together, but she did not know he was indeed self-deception, and Guo Jingjing also said that he never met before. In fact, everyone can hear she had to Tian Liang's remarks also feel very sad, because she did not think their practice and Tian Liang will be ambiguous, because she had also eating a bowl of vegetables from the words of Guo Jingjing. But there may be because there was a period of emotional experience, Guo Jingjing Fok met in the case is still very cautious, investigation for three years, three years to catch up Fok, Guo Jingjing allowed together.

And after Guo Jingjing retired, initially to study abroad, returned home and married Fok, so look Guo Jingjing also a flesh and blood woman, she used the time to hone their feelings Fok, so Guo Jingjing also a flesh and blood woman. Imagine a man waiting for his many years may be enough to prove the man's attitude towards work is sincere and kind. No wonder Guo Jingjing to marry him, I think any woman can easily miss such a good man, but I think the most likely target Guo Jingjing is not in her heart to be done, so she influence on her does not really determine her influence on her. But now look at this can be considered a romance created two warm home. So this saying right, blessing blessing to know, know that the blessing.

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