The same is from the scene, Zhang Xincheng's resources, why is it not as good as a school? Liu Yuran

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The same is from the scene, Zhang Xincheng's resources, why is it not as good as a school? Liu Yuran

2021-11-29 06:07:13 57 ℃

In fact, Liu Yuran did not have a lot of exposure before the test, and participated in a national defense show of Hunan Taiwan. The program is not fire but the training is really bitter. I am watching the real show, I am brushing, I see real male At the time, it is completely the path of passers-by. It feels that this baby can also feel particularly like. When he began to be familiar with the public, he went back to think of the performance of his participation in the program. I feel that his most lovely is to frankly think that the young calf is not afraid of the gods.

Now I have graduated for two years, but it is still lacking a popular role. Of course, I hope that Zhang Can get such a role as soon as possible, and the younger brother has a good resource behind him, but also conquer the director, gain a visibility, thus opening the road, picking more play. Our old Qin is really a fan harvest. I am sinking in Qin Feng, and he is very planned to his own ace. I have always wanted to play my own acting.

Xiao Ping, who was passed away from the demon cat to the 琊 琊,, 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿 阿You can feel that he is progressing, especially Kyushu, he said that he can ride a crying. This little boy is clear about what you want, and it is also a little bit. They are actors, long-term, but the mirror is important and unhappy, and many passionate actors are also very good, but too handsome people will be limited, Liu Yuran is so much higher than the long phase of ordinary people. Great. .

He can also play the soil rural boy can also speak Meng Sheng Dynasty. His ambition is never doing a flow of fresh meat. It should be an opportunity to play more deeply complicated roles. Looking forward, look at the rock sugar in front. Stewed Sydney fans a few days of new success, almost finished all of the interviews in these two or three years. A smart, aura, thinking, what are the people who can reflect on what areas do nothing. I spent the end or my brain, I believe he will become a good actor.

The male actor's golden period is still in ten years, not anxious, slowly deposit and accumulate. Two I like, the powerful people don't care about the resources of the university, Zhang Xincheng's current work is also good, there is a good reputation, and the younger brother has a few movie men and the TV series, I hope that the two brothers will love feathers. The farther away from the actor's road, Liu Yuran, "Kyushu Qu" shoots nine months, and Liu Yuran is also taken in the achievements of the first grades of the scene! Powerful, but luck is good. I also like Zhang Xinying, a little brother. I think Zhang Xin has developed very well in the young brother.