In the last month of 2021, which movie can accompany you to the year?

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In the last month of 2021, which movie can accompany you to the year?

2021-11-29 06:07:15 46 ℃

28 November 2021 Journal of 2489 total

2021, ushered in a dull film market in the explosion early "Hello, Lihuan Ying" Let the downturn due to the epidemic film market with new vitality recently, the film "Chosin" broke "Wolf 2" to maintain more than four years of record to become the film's first Chinese film market at the box office of over 5.7 billion yuan, Chinese film topped the box office crown.

Fast forward, in 2021 only last month, perhaps more need to release emotions turn of the year, the theme of this year's Lunar New Year stalls movie types, whether you want to feel the heartbeat of brain stimulation by intense burning thriller, or want from a period sweet romantic love story harvest warm and moving, or relieve pressure from the happy laughter, December movies can satisfy you.

"Antique Bureau Bureau"

- Antiques industry insider Secret

Director: Derek Kwok

Starring: Ray good news, Lee now, Xinzhi Lei, Ge, Guo Tao, Yongmei

Type: suspense, adventure

Release date: December 2

Recommended reason: the film is based on the popular novel of the same name adapted from writer Marber Yong, industry insider Secret antique Buddha by a headband audience priceless. Backstage lineup is still quite strong, the director filmed "as the light goes out," "Wu Kong," the actor uses all ages "man of God" with a combination of Ge uncle + + Li Lei good news now, hoping to crash out wonderful It sparks.

"Endless Climb"

- "hard-core uncle" Everest

Director: YE Jun policy

Starring: Xia Bo Yu

Genre: Documentary, Adventure, Sports

Release date: December 3

Recommended reason: this documentary can definitely make your blood boil to see tears, lamenting optimism and tenacity of life. Starring role Mingjiaoxiabo Chongqing, was the first successful ascent of Everest by prosthetic Chinese "hard core uncle"! He joined in 1975, China climbers, climbing Mount Everest in the sleeping bag to give his teammates, led to his leg being amputated frostbite, but he did not give up the dream of Everest. Experiencing double amputee, cancer infestation, 43 years of pain and suffering, he shocks the top of Mount Everest five times, and finally succeeded. Read this a few brief, this documentary you will know there will be more powerful, and more inspirational, the fact is true.

"If your world without me."

- based on a true story "double crush"

Director: Liu Weiheng

Starring: Zhang Yu Hao, Xue Hao Jing

Type: Pure Love

Release date: December 3

Recommended reason: The film is adapted from Sichuan Hailuogou Abu true story, it tells the story had grown up in a small town at the foot of snow-capped mountains Abu youth, and the city grew up after the girl Luo Yao love at first sight, set each other about the romance of the stars of the huts love story.

"We are the first secretary" -

Reproduction tackling poverty behind and moving stories

Director: Ren Jie

Genre: Documentary

Release date: December 3

Recommended reason: "We are the first secretary" is the first attempt to journalism news footage as the basis, the fusion creation of big screen work, creating a model of cooperation for the first time news and film people. Shooting the film took three years, the team behind the shooting in poor areas in depth, true representation of the first secretary of tackling poverty behind their moving deeds.

"Assassination storm" -

Julian Cheung Francis Ng, Louis Koo three gods together to solve the case

Director: Herman Yau

Starring: Julian Cheung, Louis Koo Francis Ng

Type: suspense crime

Release date: December 10

Recommended reason: the film high marks based on Zhouhao Hui novel "Death Notice: Diablo's" adaptation, tells the story of the whole town spate of serial killings, those who receive a "death notice" of the people, all the date will notice, is mysteriously killer brutally killed. Video Gallery bewildering comic mystery with Hong Kong-style gangster crime films in one, it is a Hong Kong film fans love.

"Fourth wall"

- time and space to open multiple life

Director: Zhang Chong, Zhang Bo

Starring: Liu Lu, Wang Ziyi

Genre: Romance, fantasy

Release date: December 10

Recommended reason: The film tells the story of a silent introverted deer breeder, there is another accident that own parallel world, another possibility thirst for life that, at the scars opened twenty years ago, but lost in the final the story of the actual situation of the border.

"Lions Youth"

- Teenage Dream interpretation counterattack life

Director: Sun Haipeng

Genre: Animation

Release date: December 17

Recommended reason: The film tells the story of being laughed at, not to be optimistic about the staying young Juan, at the next chance, and later encouraged him to get the girl of the same name, and friends determined to Mao, Agou composition Lions squad, all the way stumbled, and ultimately create the growth of blood inspirational story of the miracle of dreams. As in recent years, one of the few realistic themes animated movie by analyzing the underlying real little people, causing the audience high-frequency resonance, passing out "Brave Dream, will be able to create a miracle," the universal emotional core.

"We used to love."

- adults love is bound to be a luxury

Director: Zhang Xiaolei

Starring: Chen Bo Lin, Amber Kuo

Genre: Romance

Release date: December 17

Recommended reason: The film tells the story of young men and women represented by Alan and Mengjie, struggling in the big city, love the story. Among them, Alan and Mengjie were defeated by the reality, endure, and unfortunately, the two were still thinking close to each other, but the suspicion and misunderstanding were still erected between the two. The city wall, how do two people who have loved each other love? The film puts the lens to struggle to work in this desireful city because of the common dreams, so that every young man who is still struggling can also find its own sense of belonging. "Misuse 2"

- combined with suspense and affection

Director: Dai ink

Starring: Xiao Cheng Ren Dahua Wan

Type: Drama

Release Date: December 17

Recommended reason: There is a hot topic a few days ago, do you remember who you have to watch "misunderstanding" together? It is sufficient to see the heat of this movie two years ago. At that time, "misunderstanding" with a wonderful stimulus, a 130 million yuan box office, became the largest black horse in the year. This year, the news of "Misuse 2" is coming out, and the fans are naturally excited. This new work has retained the original class of the original class of Chen Sicheng, starring Xiao Central, and enabling new people to Dai Mo. The actor has joined Ren Dahua, Wen Yishan, Li Zhen and others.

"Flame on the plain"

- another "white flamework"

Director: Zhang Wei

Starring: Zhou Dongyu, Liu Yuran, Mei Ting, Wang Xuebing, Yuan Hong, Lu Wei, Chen Mingxi

Type: love, crime

Release Date: December 24th

Recommended reason: The film adapts the Shuangxue Tao's novel "Moses on the plain", combining suspense and love, and the strength of the "Sunday Fireworks" and "Participation of the South Station" is supervised, telling When the Criminal Police Tree traits a taxi, the criminal police tree, accidentally discovered that the old friend of the past, the friend, Li Fei, also involved the story.

"Love myth"

Xu Wei teamed up with the new people after 90

Director: Shao Yihui

Starring: Xu Wei, Ma Yi, Wu Yue, Ni Hongjie, Zhou Yeng

Type: Love story

Release Date: December 24th

Recommended reason: movie focused adult love proposition, showing warm people between adults and happiness with friends. "Love myth" is a working product of women's new people who teamed up with Women after 90, and plays a work of Shao Yihui. The film has taken two huge prizes in the investment film program in the 2020 First Youth Film Exhibition. Xu Wei joins many Haisai actors to create a colorful urban life picture, narrative story with the perspective of life, and use wisdom and humorous to resolve the relationship between relations.

"Hot Soup"

- Female theme movie

Director: Zhang Ming

Starring: Chen Erling, Li Meng, Bai Yuxuan, Zhao Yan Guo

Type: plot, love, suspense

Release Date: December 24th

Recommended reason: The film tells the story of the four paragraphs of the big data era and parallel. The director uses four women as the entry point. Through the trails such as hot soup, the four sets of seemingly irrelevant people will be intertwined together, showing many possibilities for women emotions and life for the audience. Compared with the same period, this movie is a niece in the niche, but after all, it is a new work of Zhang Ming, or is worthy of attention.

"You guess I am not a hero"

- Secret room escape version marriage big battle

Director: Zhang Kai

Starring: Yu Yang, Cheng Rui, Jia Bing, Huang Yunong, Wei Xiang

Type: comedy

Release Date: December 24th

Recommended reason: This film tells Dick and wife Roman marriage for ten years, but it is difficult to escape the marriage 'ten years of curse' fate, intend to divorce. He created the good show of parallel time and space through the "secret room escap", with another time and space to shape the perfect scene, and experienced a series of laughs, thrilling stories.


- After five years of pure hand-painted creation


Type: Hero, Inspirational, Adventure

Release Date: December 24th

Recommended reason: The film mainly tells the antelope Haddi after the death of the father, in order to fight the crowd of the ethnic group, stepped on the journey of cultivating self, and finally, Hardi took the help of his own efforts and finally became a qualified. Leader, frustrated conspiracy, screwing threat, becoming a story of a real juvenile hero.

"战 英 英"

- Focus on civilian doctor group

Director: Deng Aidong

Starring: Ren Zhong, Jiang Mengyu, Huang Xiaolei, Li Chengru

Type: Inspiration

Release Date: December 24th

Recommended reason: Telling the Director of the People's Hospital Zhao Anna and Nurses Yangliu in the face of ruthless pneumonia, leading the medical staff of the whole hospital, the heroic spirit that is displayed, is this spirit to overcome terrible pneumonia virus.

"Anti-Corruption Storm 5: Final Chapter"

Classic Hong Kong IP Total

Director: Lin Dulu

Starring: Gu Tianle Zhang Zhilin Zheng Jiaying

Type: Criminal Action

Release Date: December 31

Recommended reason: "Anti-Corruption Storm" series will launch a new work every two years. And during the seven years, this series has also been released, and the total box office has exceeded 1.5 billion yuan. Anti-corruption, plus a strong production of Hong Kong actors and Hong Kong police films, although each series has no big burst, but there is a solid box office basics, becoming a typical "sullen big fortune". This year's fifth part of the ancient Tianle, Zhang Zhilin, Zheng Jiaying, Xuan Xuan, Huang Zongze, Xie Tianhua, etc., will have a complex and dangerous corruption. "Hug in the cold winter"

- Warm story under the epidemic

Director: Xue Xiao Road

Starring: Huang Wei, Jia Ling, Zhu Yilong, Xu Fan, Gao Yulin, Wu Yanqi, Xu Shaoxiong

Type: plot, love

Release Date: December 31

Recommended reason: The film told the epidemic as a background, telling a few pairs of ordinary Wuhan people, facing the sudden epidemic, and they are actively optimistic and supported by each other. The film real recorded the small people in all walks of life, supported each other in the winter, and worked hard, and the temperature and strength of their hearts were.

"Love in the year"

- Love is not easy, stay and difficult

Director: Li Zhi

Starring: Mao Xiaotong, Yang Wei, Sun Qian, Zhang Haiyu

Type: Love

Release Date: December 31

Recommended reason: Telling the hotel manager in a unicorn, Lu'an, Luoyu, Luo Yu, who is fighting in an universeral land, gains the story of love in love due to a promotion. Two people have a pity, and the feelings are rapidly warming in the fireworks in the New Year. Like countless ordinary couples, they have no words, such as glue, and the paint is nothing to say, and it is difficult to escape a "itch" in just one year.


- touching story about pets

Director: Xu

Starring: Feng Xiaogang Chen Chong

Type: plot

Release Date: December 31

Recommended reason: Although it is a remail, it should have done a lot of localization adaptation from the trailer. Feng Xiaogang and Chen Chong two starring lineups have more new ideas. From the exposure of materials, Feng Xiaogang's performance is simple, don't have a charm, maybe it is also another performance representative after the "old artillery". This movie should be very suitable for petists or family watching, although I can think about it in the cinema, it is particularly warmly moving.

"Li Mao changed the Prince"

- Ma Li, Allen first played father

Director: High

Starring: Ma Li, Changyuan, Allen, Wei Xiang, Wang Chengsi, Du Xiaoyu, Chen Bing, etc.

Type: comedy

Release Date: December 31

Recommended reason: This film tells the rich family Yang Jiazhen and Xiao Li Mao Yue, although husband and wife love, but always not recognize the parents of Jiazhen. Li Laoyi found that he was the same as the prince of the Prince, a promotion of the palace, one who came out of the palace to gain free, two people exchanged identity, but I didn't know the story in the conspiracy of Shangshu.

6 new film setup Christmas, foreign large lack

With the end of 2021, only the last month left, the film market in December showed a lively scene, and some of the long-awaited movies have also announced the file in December. For example, "Antiques Bureau", although the drama is in front, the audience is still looking forward, I originally planned to be released in May, and then announced that the evacuation of the May 1st. In addition to the "Antiques Bureau", "assassination storm" "Misuse 2" is also a long-awaited film. The former belongs to a Hong Kong police film that is high in the cinema, brought together Hong Kong popular actors, and the latter has a certain IP audience. When the group, "misunderstanding 1" broadcast, the word of mouth is not bad, the 1.3 billion box office is the ceiling of this theme. These films have enabled the movie market in early December.

With Christmas's approach, the film released during Christmas has become the focus of attention. At this time, this time is a foreign large film and the domestic film. Different is that this year's Christmas file has no foreign film to join the battle. It is fully scheduled to support the entire stage. As of now, there are already 6 movie officers to announce the peace. Night, Zhou Dongyu, Liu Yuran's "Flame on the Plain", Xu Wei, Ma Yizhen's "Love Myth", Chen Cui Ling, Li Den's "Hot Soup", Yu Yang, Cheng Rui "You guess I am a hero" , Hand-painted animation "The king's return", Ren Zhong, Jiang Mengyu's "war hero".

Among them, the expectations of the two movies on the "Flames on Plains" and "Love Myth" are relatively high. "The flame on the plain" was prepared for 5 years, not only the well-known director is also a male to serve the supervision and director Zhang Weiqiang combined with the overall style of the film, and "Moses on the plain" The original author Shuangxue Tao as art director, the film passed two The emotional embarrassment of the agent reflects the change of the whole era, no matter whether it is still attractive in the background of the plot. "Love myth" is a work of Xu Wei to support the 40s of female director. The movie script has taken two awards in the First Young Film Exhibition Entrepreneurship Investment Film. From "I am not a drug god", I have a series of Xu Wei, who supported film feedback, the winning "love myth" is still very tall.

"Warm" with "Happy", the New Year

Warm cured movies always gather to cross-year files, especially with the warmth of the winter, there is a feeling that eliminates a year of exhaustion. The movie "Improving you through the cold winter" will pass "warm" directly from the name. The film focuses on the life of the people of ordinary Wuhan, and they are filled with the true feelings of the true feelings in the epidemic. Use the hug to resist "the wind", with true feelings, "snow in the heart" The most temperature is true. There is also a movie "loyal dog eight", which is starred by Feng Xiaogang, Chen Chong, which is a touching story that is unrepening to the master of the owner. Unlike the Japanese version, the American version of the loyal dog is different, the Chinese version of the movie is not an autumn dog, but the Chinese venue dog, the story is also closer to life. In addition to warming, how can the New Year have less "joy", "Li Maozhi, the prince" starring the singer, the actor, has also become a movie that is the most concerned by the New Year. The film tells the rich family, Yang Jiazhen (Mary) and the small catch, Li Mao (Changyuan Decoration), although couples love, but always do not recognize the parents of Jiazhen. Li Laoyi found that he was the same as the prince of the Prince, a promotion of the palace, one who came to see the palace, did not know the status of the monk, and I didn't know the story in the conspiracy of Shangshu. The comedy movie has always been the favorite of the audience. The happy comedy comedy is more popular. It is always waiting for a large number of fun numbers, and the movie, which is a large number of movies, and the movie that is always on the seat. guarantee.

"Anti-Corruption Storm 5: The final chapter" is added to the end of the year. As the last part of the anti-corruption series, the movie "Anti-Corruption Storm 5: Final Chapter" can be said that the star gathering, in addition to leading the ancient Tianle, Zhang Zhilin, Zheng Jiaying, Xuan Xi, Huang Zongze, Xie Tianhua and other Hong Kong famous actors will participate in the film . From the previously exposed preview, it can be seen that this production group has a great effort on the drama, "Dadan District Brother" is played more full of characters, and the wonderful game of the opposite part is The level of view is soaring.

There is warm, joy, and thrilling, the end of the year, will you choose to walk into the theater to watch?