She is the most beautiful Zhao Min, now today's children, family, happy and happy!

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She is the most beautiful Zhao Min, now today's children, family, happy and happy!

2021-11-29 12:08:35 33 ℃

The entertainment circle is full of numerous gossip. My mission is to bring more interesting articles to you every day, and give you a little fulfilled every leisure time.

In the entertainment circle everywhere in the handsome man, talking about beauty, people tend to think of those old Hong Kong actresses, they are either classical, either a cold and noble, either style, is a beautiful symbol of an era. Baiyue light, countless people's heart, Gigi is such an unforgettable beauty. Li Zi said that the daughter of the return school is very excited, saying that I will see the teacher and classmates earlier.

In the photo, the 48-year-old Gigi brought the daughter from behind. Li Zi supported with umbrella filled with maternal love. The angle of umbrella is inclined to the daughter, and a small detail reveals maternal love. In the lens, the daughter of Gigi wearing low-key, the little girl tightly, the mother and daughter held hands tightly, and the picture was very warm. After fading out the entertainment circle, focus on the grace of life in the family, often share your life on social media. Although there is no new work, she is still a special existence in the entertainment circle.

From a small time, Gi Zi, when he was 14 years old, he was found to enter the entertainment circle because he visited his father by the singer. Her first work is "Happy Ghost Removement". With her outstanding acting, she won the favor of Huang Baiming. After the shooting, Huang Baiming signed a contract with Giji. In 1993, Li Zi starred in the film "The Master of the Dragon Slayer Magic Education". In the movie, she played Zhou Yilu wore a white dress, which made people move against her eyes. Although she is a multi-faceted counter, the audience can't hate.

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