Zhou Yunfa, Zheng Yijian is now out of the mountain, Huazai Guzi's strong return, 2022 Hong Kong film rely on them

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Zhou Yunfa, Zheng Yijian is now out of the mountain, Huazai Guzi's strong return, 2022 Hong Kong film rely on them

2021-11-30 00:07:01 28 ℃

In 2021, Chen Musheng director died, Nicholas Tse talked about this teacher and her friend, said:

"He (Chen Mu Sheng) went before, or returned to me, and returned to me."

Have you hope? Indeed, the director's laborer is more than 1.3 billion, surpasses "sweeping 2", refreshed the Hong Kong production movie inside the box office record, Chen Mu Sheng, whispered, "Director, we did it."

Coupled with the "Bandemun Expert 2" in the Bai Dehua Mainland Box Office.

This is a double arrogance of 2021 port-production police, a blasting, a boxing to meat, hard is for Hong Kong film in 2021, playing a day.

It seems that the port film "dead" is still coming out from time to time, telling the world, there is still a breath.

But then?

Hong Kong film is dead, I don't believe, every visitors who go into the theater will not be believed. But how long is the Hong Kong film? This is a problem.

In essence, the above two movies are actually 2020 inventory, the whole 2021, can hear the sound of Hong Kong products, but Wu Zhenyu Li Lizhen, a "turbid water drifting",

Lin Jiadong zero festival was played to play the "hand cigarette", Wu Junru reproduced the "mother's magical kid", "Mom's Magic Kid", etc.

It is still released "Mei Yanfang", the mainland reputation box office is flat, and the Hong Kong people sell 40 million Hong Kong dollars in the two weeks of Hong Kong. It is expected that the total box office is not less than 50 million. It is absolutely created. City miracle.

But, all this, of course, is not enough, too is too bad.

Is there a while, is it so struggling? This old Oriental Hollywood, can you notice if there is no new moment of the new film started by YQ?

Behind the cold, but also see some subtle trouns. There is a shadow of the Emperor, and there is a three large piece in the light market. There is a king, with his own classic representative character to rehab the rivers and lakes.

How to break through Hong Kong? As the main force, they did not sit.

Not always, self-searching.

So, today, I have summarized the current 2022 worthwhile Hong Kong products.

Not only simple inventory, this single file determines the possibility of the Hong Kong product for 1-2 years.

Don't forget, Andy Lau 60 years this year, Guo Fucheng 56, Gu Tianle is also 51 years old. The day of the king is still on the day, for a film, one year, ten years.

Can you get out of the day in 2022? Come, unveil the answer.

10 "Crisis route"

Starring: Liu Dehua Zhang Zifeng Liu Tao

Type: Action

Looking forward to the reason: Hong Kong version of the divel? Liu Dehua Zhang Zifeng's father is stable

An international security expert to hijack the hijacking mob on a large luxury passenger plane.

The most stable part of the film, actor. Liu Dehua's aerial heroic hero, Zhang Zifeng's blind-eyed daughter, and even Liu Tao played his wife, basically won't go wrong.

The most uncomfortable part, this film screenwriter.

The most suspected, director Peng Shun.

Once upon a time, the Peng's brothers have a combination of a combination of thrillers.

But it is also the two people, and each of them has handed over the unlatable type of type.

Peng Shun's director's work is already a "escape day" in 2013. Fortunately, Peng Shun returned to his relatively good type of type, as long as the script and grid, the overall quality was controllable.

However, the plot of the aerial life, Hollywood has played the ultimate, the only variation card in Peng Shun's hand, probably Zhang Zi Feng and Liu Dehua's father-in-law line + smart line, it is really released, " The test of water and selevment dissatisfaction.

The word of mouth is difficult to guess.

But there is a point to determine.

Zhang Zifeng is undoubtedly the movie between Liu Dehua's recent years, most likely to stimulate the heroine of Hua Tuo.

I hope this is true for "father and daughter".

9 "Washwashing Town"

Starring: Zheng Yijian Ren Xianqi

Type: comedy

Looking forward to the reason: Hong Kong products are fascinated, long-awaited

Investment 10 million.

Two former days. In the film, hippie smiley faces the middle-aged crisis.

A pair of friends joint venture entrepreneurship has opened the stories of dishwashes.

It can be expected that this is a comprehensive return of Hong Kong style comedy.

Is the return?

On the one hand, I will make you laugh. But let you hear the bitterness behind the laughter.

Finally, with a laughter to help the male protagonist beyond this world.

From the film material, it should be a song of a small person in a song.

The Haoan brother of the year is gradually going old. But when his old brothers created a new Dawan Toy Tie in the Mainland, the olderist star, but also continued to make a small cost of dishwashing in the screen.

I am willing to remember that he gave us a laughter. Also replenish our applause.

8 "Kowloon City"

Director: Zheng Baorui Producer: Du Qifeng

Starring: Gu Tianle Renxia Qilin Feng Zhang Jin

Type: Action History

Looking forward to the reason: Hong Kong-producing hard-moving action film, long-lost

This lineup, how to row is annual expectation.

At present, the Douban plot is a sentence: Jiulongzhai City (or Kowloon Zhai City, commonly known as Kowloon City), is a surrounding city in the Towel City, in 1993, was disassembled in 1993.

However, since the director is Zheng Baorui, the big probability, this is a few different people, because a story in the intersection of a city village.

Destinity, with breaking fate. Director Zheng Baorui has left the "Journey to the West" series in recent years, but it is also a stunning performance such as "wisdom tooth", such a stylized director seems to have only returned to this familiar field in Hong Kong, in order to play talents. To the dripping.

With the Kowloon City Village, with Du's monitoring, there is also a set of large-playing lineups in the middle of the Hong Kong film, I have already felt sharp boxing in front of the film.

As a Hong Kong film, I hope this piece can succeed, after all, today's market environment, shoot the history of Kowloon City, this matter, no one dares.

7 "Wind again"

Starring: Liang Chaowei Ao Fucheng Du Fu

Type: Drama

Looking forward to the reason: Hong Kong producers, still for a long time, I heard that Du Fu

"Pigeon" has been a long film, finally in the 2021 National Office Domestic Video Promotion Conference, although not dominated, but finally exposed a line of dawn.

The story, nothing more than Wang Jing took a few four major probes and the story of the ICAC, "the wind is again", "chasing the tiger dragon" again.

The film is still worth looking forward to the director of Weng Guang, and the lineup of Liang Chaowei, Guo Fu City, Spring and Summer and Du Fu. Even the charm of the old skull like Xu Guanwen and Tan Yaowen.

The previous word of mouth is not necessarily praised.

It seems that the advantage is that there is some of the taste of Martin Skise. The taste of the seminated history, tones and art combined with the "Irish" of the Wengzuo version, as well, Du Fuchun summer is beautiful.

The disadvantage is that because the lack of the old horse can let the narrative Juan Juan will also make the narrative of Wanchuan return to the sea, the film is likely to stay in the vicissitudes, the people in the big era, the fate of the fate, but lack shock A person who is more likely to have a narrative of narrative.

How many viewers can accept a literary version of "chasing", I will wait for the answer to the answer.

6 "Sweep 3: Tianda"

Starring: Liu Qingyun Gu Tianle Guo Fucheng

Type: Action Crime

Looking forward to the reason: there is an ancient Tianle Liu Qingyun's Hong Kong production movie, to cherish

Chen Musheng has no way to return, and Zhang Jiahui, the best manifestation, has not returned.

The third part is still Qiu Li Tao directed, the ancient sky music of the iron, and the Gangfu City of the water, and Liu Qingyun, who returned to the reputation.

From the story, it seems to return to the first story style of Hong Kong, telling the anti-drug action led by the ancient Tianle role, and the undercover played by Guo Fu City is seriously injured in the gun battle. He is rescued by Liu Qingyun. Story of identity.

There are undercover, with drug dealers, with Hong Kong-style brothers.

The film first encountered YQ, the original Thai spotted cancellation, when the "Small Thai" scene built in Lufu, the speed guided by the props car once the critical life, and there were 3 martial arts to be injured and sent to the hospital. Stepping is difficult.

The more this, the more people can't help but expect, what will be there?

Regardless of the final resultail, the "sweep" series has kept the original taste of the Hong Kong-owned police flakes in the era of the joint film.

For the new gameplay of the port production type, explore the wadna.

This road is hard, it is worth going.

5 "Looking for Qin Ji"

Starring: Gu Tianle Lin Feng Xuan Guang Guo Yuni

Type: Suspense

Looking forward to the reason: the original class is replayed, so sincerely, it is not worth it?

The pigeons have been for a long time, and the film finally gave a clear: Intraced 2022 summer file.

Frankly said that "seeking Qin Ji" can be achieved - it is not just the original, even more than an ancient Tianle.

In all aspects, the chance is coincidental, just wirelessly develop the mainland to look at the scenery, just like a suitable actor, just in the last drama before the ancient Tianle leaves Tvb.

But after 21 years? Gu Tianle's feelings and sincerity, no need to doubt, the light is trying to make up the original class, it is very difficult.

However, the new director and film story still can't help but knead the sweat - "Many modernities were extracted to the Qin Dynasty, and the life of the pumping was even more likely to smoke. Save the action is imminent, Xiang Shaolong leads everyone is alone."

Compared with the comedy + power of TV dramas, this main thing is obviously science fiction + suspense, Xiang Shaolong and Qin Wang's apprenticeship, it is estimated that it will become the main line.

It is necessary to make a new story, but also the original plot logic.

It's a good job, of course it is a new classic, it's not a category.

Everyone wants ancient principal to win. However, "the highest life", we are so moving.

4 "New Yitian Dragon Slayer"

Starring: Lin Feng Gu Tianle Wan

Type: martial art

Looking forward to reason: Tucao, Hong Kong producing martial arts is also worthy of opportunities

A large piece that lives from birth in the group.

Corners are released, netizens: Let Lin Feng play a noble you seriously?

Poster is released: Netizen: It's a destiny, what ghost?

Qiu Yijing version Zhou Ruo released, netizen: 啥?

The success or failure is based on Wang Jing.

A series of "Macau Fengyun" series, let the Wang Jing, who are almost kicked out, win the eligibility of returning to the table. A "chasing dragon", let the audience have seen the potential of the rubbing smell.

However, after "Chasing Long", how many new bad films were taken again?

Honor Port, the "Eternal Tulong Ji", in a sense, is the product of Wang Jinghuo -

Hong Kong film creation has no taboos, Wang Jing grabbed the part of the secret of the secrets of the secret, plus the beauty of Zhang Min Li, unexpectedly created classics. However, the things changed, the beauty hero of the year is old, a generation of newcomers replace the old person - how can I shoot?

The game conversion, the market change situation. The Mainland Market has become a large piece of the most cost of this money in recent years.

Scene, can be expected.

The protagonist is old, it is not necessarily a problem, because the story tells, the book is a story of the adult. Lin Feng is already in the Hong Kong star male actor, the least bad choice.

The supporting role is additional entry: Jin Dao Wang Xu Jinjiang, Guangming Left Make Yang Xiaoxin, Youth Wing Bat, Wang Hua Haoran, white eyebrow, Wang Luo Ying, bitter Heart, Guo Zhenghong, 太 琤 琤, Huashan Elder Tian Tian, ​​Lin Zong, Cheng Kun release Extend.

The biggest key is whether Wang Jing can also retrieve the sharpness and talents of the year.

And whether you can find the ambition of the martial arts that year - standing in a martial arts that is difficult to score, the hero male is faster.

This will be a strong fried rice, or another Wang Jing reproduces the new "chase" of Hong Kong Wenmun Martial Arts?

Wang Jing, waiting for you to make the final card.

3 "Don't call me" gambling ""

Starring: Zhou Yunfa Yuan Yuyi

Type: Family Movement

Looking forward to the reason: "Gamble" reappears the rivers and lakes, Liao Qizhi, don't gamble, I see

I like the original name of the film - "Sun Yue Yue".

Later, the tablet name was changed to "I am not a gambling", and it turns into "Don't call me" gambling "." Plus the tenth day of the trailer, the first second, the next second, the scenery is no longer, the whole He was also lost, and he was also driven out of the casino. At this time, the exigmation tells "You think I am still like this year, is there a scenery in Hong Kong?"

It is easy to let people think, Zhou Yunfa and "gambling god" representatives of the Hong Kong film peak years.

But watching the type of movie, the truth is big white: sports + family.

Compared with the gambling, the real main line of the film is actually placed on the father and son of Zhou Runfa and his son, as well as the long-distance story.

Compared to "gambling", it is actually more like Zhou Run, another classic - "Alang's story".

Look at the lineup, the heroine Yuan Yuyi, the man is equipped with a letter, white, Anzhijie, Liao Qizhi, a proper gold video lineup.

Why don't you tell the audience? Probably because in the eyes of the film, the "gambling" of the "gambling" is memorable, far more than the literary feelings, selling.

But feelings. It is also a double-edged sword.

Can the "post-gambling god" actor career can rise again? The answer is: To make your feelings, this love is a meat.

2 "Golden Finger"

Starring: Liang Chaowei Liu Dehua

Type: plot

Looking forward to the reason: "Undema" combination reunion +35 billion investment, Hong Kong film is going to play big

It may be the highest quality maneules in 2022.

Reasons There is only one - "no triad" lineup.

Not only is Liu Dehua Liang Chaowei to reunite, but also because the screenwriter is still 18 years ago, "there is no trip" script and Zhuang Wenqiang.

The story mainly tells the last seventy-eighties, and a listed company in Hong Kong, China has evaporated from the rise in just a few years, and the Chairman has turned from the vocal idol, and the Group is more transnational tracing by the ICAC. 15 years, the prosecution fee is up to 200 million stories.

There are hundreds of billions of assets of the wave, there are numerous murderers, and there is a clean government.

The elements are sufficient to take advantage of the Empress invested 330 million Hong Kong coins.

Huge investment, two big superstars, as well as Cai Zhuoyu, Ren Dahua, Fang Zhongxin, Zhou Jiayi, Jiang Weiwen, gold like a moving episode.

The ambition is big enough, and the pressure is not small.

To recover costs, at least 1 billion box office to be taken in the Mainland, plus Hong Kong box office sales.

Can you become? The key is to see if Zhuang Wenqiang can reproduce the "unparalleled" screenwriter and independent ability, "there is no truth" brilliant, but it is no longer again, as long as you can get a good reputation + back, it is already a wonderful for today's Hong Kong film. A business.

Zhuang Wenqiang is good at, within the scale, with a unique criminal subject, full of drama conflicts, telling the story about human nature.

Without Liu Weiqiang, McAgu Helps, the film is less than one point.

However, it can be seen that the fire of Zhuang Wenqiang is still there. This fire is in Hong Kong, and there is also a light worthy of expectation.

1 "Wind Forest Volcan"

Starring: Liang Jiahui, Jin Chengwu, Liu Qingyun, Gu Tianle, Gao Yuanyuan

Type: Crime

Looking forward to reason: three years for three years, you don't come, I have been waiting

After the "zombie" was well received, October 2019, Mai Dilong announced in the social platform: "Wind Forest Volcano" enters the final dubbing phase.

Three years have passed, the film is still still half-faced. The story is only known that this is a criminal movie associated with sweeping drugs.

However, a day of film is not worth a day.

Even just watching materials, you can see this is a unusual port yet, black and white image, Liang Jiahui, Liu Qingyun, Gu Tianle, Jin Chengwu's full-acting lineup, built a very cold Hong Kong who has never seen it.

Not only the shadow of the emperor gathered, but also Lu Haipeng, Bao Qijing, Li Yuanba, Cheng Dong, a batch of Hong Kong-garde augmentation.

The script wrote four years, and the actor found a year and a half.

In order to restore the real scene of Hong Kong Causeway Bay 1: 1, spend 3 months in Huizhou Iron and Steel Plant to purchase copyrights in Hong Kong real stores in accordance with Hong Kong real stores. I am afraid it is also difficult to have a director, can be folded for a Hong Kong film story, create such a magical light.

I would rather believe that the second-generation director who once made the zombies returned to the light back to the light will once again hold the Hong Kong-owned police flakes, which decelerates the direction of the train.

It has become, and the maneu film will be more energetic to come out of the mainland market.

Losing, is also the most brilliant failure. But it will never be mediocre.

The key now is: how to make the blade out of the sheath.

The next half of the Hong Kong-producer flask, it will look at this.

Write in the last: Hong Kong film, keep it on them

In addition to these heavy movies, there are many movies worth looking forward to, for example, it is likely that 2021 will not come out - Gu Tianle Company invested a "tomorrow war mark" to huge investment.

In 2015, the "Sweeping" three giants set, 2017 opened and filmed in the same year, but unfortunately released, said Hong Kong to produce science magic, you have laughed?

Laugh. Some people still have to worry about this type. Ancient day music.

In the six years, it is a gamble: Of course hope, Gu Zi can win.

For example, Zhong Han Liang, Wu Zhenyu, Hu Xinger starred in the "Enemy", and Qiu Li Tao's criminal film, only to say, this year, there is no Hong Kong production movie of Ancient Tianle Liu Qingyun, to cherish.

Of course, there is also the new film "Mermaid 2" for several years. It is really unfair, you will never know what medicine is sold.

After the 2019 New Comedy King ", the Stars let the audience wait for a long time, 2022 summer files, can you wait until this Alan + Lin Yun's new" mermaid "?

There are also some legendary movies, such as Weijiahui's "Probing Wars", remaining "equator 2" on the Douban entry.

Why, so long, is there anyone who is bitter?

Probably because of many viewers, always hung in the city of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong film is dead, saying too many times, why is there a breath now?

Say the end, everything can be unified in one word:


Some people obey to reproduce "no truth", some people obey the "Wind Forest Volcano" that has never seen before, and some people want to make "Kowloon City Village".

Perhaps it is heavy, but it is a steady and stable.

But have there been a time in Hong Kong? The exclusion of the "anger" and continuing to the food trip, the youngest superstar Gu Tianle is 51 years old. If he can be played like Liu Dehua, Hong Kong, this wave of stars, and the most battle ten years.

Ten years, it is the last time in Hong Kong, a little longer, and the wave of viewers who love Hong Kong film will be old.

Wang Jing said that everyone is remembering "Hong Kong Movie", in fact, there is no "Hong Kong movie", only Chinese movies.

This is right, and there is always someone to say that Hong Kong film is going to keep pace with the times, and learn to hug changes.

However, if it is overcrowd, when the Hong Kong film lost his Hong Kong flavor, it became a variety of people who needed to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong film is going to live, talent reserves, industrialization system, creating soil, sample key, all scarce.

But when the Hong Kong film is mostly needed, it is still the same simplest thing -

In this way, Chen Musheng said to Nicholas Tse: "Keeping Find".

Yes, the summer of Hong Kong film is over.

But the development of Chinese movies. Hong Kong film, should not be absent.

How to support it? Rely, reliable

Ren Dahua said by "Years of Thief": Make people, always believe.

The audience also believes in Hong Kong movies and hopes that the Hong Kong film in 2022 is still worthy of belief.