Douban 9.1 points, "Deep Night Canteen" in the Reward Country?

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Douban 9.1 points, "Deep Night Canteen" in the Reward Country?

2021-11-30 06:03:55 69 ℃

The movie belongs to a large IP, the cast is also good, or on behalf of the public mind starring Tony Leung acting school.

But in the end the film was quietly rushed to the street, not only did not splash, also got a bunch of negative feedback.

The film is the "late-night dining."

"Late-night dining room" is a high profile Japanese popular TV series, due to good word of mouth, in a few years time for the introduction of three. At the same time countries remake version after another, uneven.

"Nothing is a delicious meal can not be resolved, it is not, then two meals."

This is the majority of food goods and the movie "late-night dining room" has always been to uphold the purpose.

2014, "late-night dining room" for the first time introduced the film version, upon release will be popular in 2016, this classic again adapted for the big screen, or the original recipe, or the original taste.

17 domestic remake of the "middle of the night canteen," the drama version, watercress score 2.8.

19 years remake of the film version, watercress score 5.3.

Why continue to praise the original, but all of our own shot is bad review?

Jun books think the key lies not true.

As a senior social animals, books monarch usually do after get off work every day, not to savor a pub octopus sausage, but at home Shaxian snacks downstairs, quietly point on a pig meal.

China's late-night dining has never been exquisite Japanese-style pub, more of a smoky grill, what can be added fried rice stalls, there are one hundred Barilla's noodle shop.

Why was the original well received it? Let us take a closer look "night canteen" original cartoon version in the end what he was saying.

"Night canteen" comic series, watercress score 9.1

In the words of one of the back alleys of the streets of Shinjuku, there is a small canteen run by the owner alone.

This small canteen is very special, business time is around 7:00 in the morning to 0:00 at night, so it has also been called regular customers as "late-night dining."

Although the menu is only butajiru packages, beer, Japanese sake, shochu, three glasses of wine per guest limit point. But the boss said that in addition to these, as long as you dare, I will be able to do.

So in this magical little cafeteria, warmth marketplace every night moving story staged.

There are books for the choosing of the book three dishes to share with you now.


Ochazuke in the hearts of the Japanese occupy a very important position, that is ready to drink, can be refreshing to eat in the shortest possible time.

Approach is very simple, and pour hot tea on the cooked rice, add some ingredients to eat.

There are three good relationship with girls, every night came late at night canteen point this dish is.

Miki ochazuke will add prunes, tea soup in America will add cod roe, Chennai tea soup will add salmon.

The boss gave three of them to take a name, called "ochazuke Three Sisters."

However, no good relationship and a time to be broken.

We get together once insisted the dream of three people in America because of their hometowns and leads to contradictions.

America's family think she concedes, it is time to get married and have children to live a stable life, then, was shaken America began dating in the home, the other two are very disappointed in her.

And here too, fighting to stay in the city of two sisters is not at peace, even Kana US ex-boyfriend about the love of discipline, Miki surprised to see the heart, after all, his ex-boyfriend what only they know best.

So she went to stop the kind of relationship between the two, but the results Ganay mistaken for jealousy and mischief.

Sad Miki alone late at night went to the cafeteria to eat prunes ochazuke, he began to tell stories to the boss himself.

She wondered why they are so stubborn, always stick to their ideas, and I hope you also do what her thoughts.

The boss suggested that you do not want to try the taste of other ochazuke it?

The boss also said to her: "This is like soup, like Delicious is delicious, why should I think so much of it."

At this point, America came.

They exchanged enjoy each other's ochazuke and found that is the same delicious, so two friends reconciled.

Shortly after, America also failed blind date return, ochazuke three sisters has resurfaced.

Red sausage

The small sausage start from the middle of the cross cut knife, then put Qicheng hot frying pan, fry the time constantly flip so that the "octopus tentacles" are fully open -

In the underworld were removed many years the leader of Aaron, most like to eat vegetables, student lunch box actually is a common octopus red sausage.

Aaron's side always follow a vain Rhythmical Prose little brother, big night with a pair of sunglasses, each appearance, will put guests in the middle of the night canteen scared atmosphere is not out.

But it is interesting, outside the vicious Aaron, actually accidentally cafeteria and other regulars gay bar owners, small Ting Ting became friends.

After all, the only food eaten points will be more delicious thing -

Become gay small Ting Ting's favorite food is 48 years Tamagoyaki, fate let the two of them began to exchange food with each other, begin to exchange each other's lives.

As a result, two people living in the margins of society have a common topic.

When others shunned them, they throw cold for the time when the whole world forget them, they, they comfort each other through simple food.

People are lonely, and sometimes strangers might be your greatest spiritual pillar.

It turned out that the black boss didn't cost a gentle side, and Aron loved the red sauce and came from a unknown allusion. There was a book of books to sell someone here. You can go to the comics to find. Cat rice

The rice just cooked is very attractive, the snow is loose, and the grain is fluffy, as if the entrance is instant.

Put the 鲣 section on the hot rice, then pour the soy sauce or give it to eat, don't mention more fragrance.

The cat will also eat the taste, so this dish is also called a cat.

I am very love to sing, and her voice is as good as Scorpio, but has not been famous.

Fortunately, I will often come to the night canteen, and then taste it like a cat.

The boss took her CD to listen to the diners, and they conquered everyone in the late night canteen, even the most pick-up of several kinds of daughters, and the beauty was here to get everyone's appreciation.

How long does it take? She is really famous!

Unfortunately, Tianzhao's talents, she has just been famous, but she has died soon.

After she passed away, there was a cat over the night's cafeteria. Every time I eat the cat, I will rush through the boss.

"China on the tip of the tongue", Chen Xiaoti once evaluated the "late night canteen": the most ordinary food, always taste the most extraordinary life.

In the view of the book, these warm-moving city well stories not only distributed the aroma, but also the most elegant humanity, let people look at the tears.