Yu Zheng is really "marketing ghosts", open microblogging for the kitten, "When the mother mother" has skyrocketed

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Yu Zheng is really "marketing ghosts", open microblogging for the kitten, "When the mother mother" has skyrocketed

2021-11-30 12:02:57 39 ℃

Preface: Recently, there is a "kitten being poisoned" in the TV series "Kitten being poisoned" lens triggered, everyone suspected that the drama was really dead, so they would be so real. Subsequently, the crew frequently explained in Weibo, and the specific shooting technique and the evidence video are announced.

Netizens explained the explanation of the crew, and continued to shell the "home mother". So Jiang Qinqin, who is "master mother", will respond, indicating that although she is not shooting at the scene, but asked other people, I believe that the crew did not "abuse cat", but netizens still do not believe. So, the crew went to the Hengdian to find the owner of the cat, so that the owner was brushing for the crew.

When the crew went for the first time, the kitten was not at home; when I went, the kitten came back. The crew filmed the video of the kitten and proved that it was still in. However, netizens still don't believe that the crew found a very similar cat to deal with netizens. So, the crew opened Weibo to the kitten, and also opened an account in a short video platform.

This shows that "the master" drama group is very confident, willing to accept the public's supervision, this kitten is the kitten that shoots the drama. If this cat is a fake cat, the crew certainly does not dare to open an account brightly, otherwise it will stuffed. Is this all planned hype?

"When a mother" is the TV series of Zheng Company, and the broadcast of Jiang Qinqin, Zhang Huiwen, Yang Rong, Xu Haqiao, Huiyinghong and other stresses, and it has not been warm after the broadcast. So what is this coup? I opened my netizens, let the netizens smashed myself, then slowly scrubbed my grievance, and the crew did not "abuse cat".

Yu Zheng and the crew did not be awkward, but "as a mother" is also smooth, and the playback volume of these days has skyrocketed, so that the drama has to add more to the needs of netizens. "When home mother" is hot in many social platforms, this is not spent, it has to admire the positive, it is a "marketing ghost".

"When the mother" is 5.1 points in Douban, there is no way, indicating that the show does not take the "boutique" route, so I started to take the "dog blood" route. As of the paper, the Douban score of "the mother" has fallen to 2.8 points, basically all the positive black powder or the low score of competitors.

Non-famous entertainment people Wu Qingmeng pointed out that many movies with a high box office, TV series with high playback, is not high. Therefore, it is actually not odd by bean flap, as long as the play is high, it will make money. As long as the Douban score of "master mother" is not less than 2.2 points, do not grab the "pure soul - a dream" of the head.

Discussion: Do you think "" When the mother of the mother "Theater is suspected of being able to intentionally planned the hype?