The love convention in the "Queen of the Underwear" is awkward

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The love convention in the "Queen of the Underwear" is awkward

2021-11-30 12:04:04 52 ℃

Dare to love hate love,

Too much open no one is willing.

Not married, no life,

Sorghum is only pleasant.

Because it is too beautiful,

There is already a boy in love.

In the real development period,

The surrounding width is proud.

Seeking development and walking,

Underwear model dares to try.

Gossip News Packballs,

I'm not exhausted.

Letter 拈 come to play a role,

Missing the script is sad.

Percussion and bustle,

Emotionally interpretation of the fairy.

The most happy together,

Wedding paper restriction

Replace your boyfriend doesn't care,

One year, four hundred beds?

Mother support female avant-garde,

The big shook is addicted.

Near the year, the flowers are not old,

Still attracting your eyes?


Note: Li Fangwen, born in Taiwan, underwear model, actress in October 1964, photographed "Italian" "意 难" "花 劫" and other more than 30 TV series. Li Fangwen said, "When the country is in the country, his best friend is shy because of unmarried pregnant, and actually swallowed 53 sleeping pills, from that, she didn't believe in love." Later, she said to the entertainment circle: "I Choosing a boyfriend has 4 standards: there is no need to be responsible for me, there is no need to have a unique clock, don't worry about me, I am not married, I don't have a baby. "Li Fangwen's longest boyfriend is Li Luo, two people Interests, the beds have been in the bob of more than 400 times in the year. It was originally Li Luo intended to marry her for his wife, because the two cooperation is too good, but Li Fangwen is a badmaster, and I don't want to have a child. Which man is willing? What about the sun? Therefore, breaking up is inevitable.