Brilliance, the concert, the words, Lu Yiqiu, was saved "contemporary Lu Xun", what do you think?

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Brilliance, the concert, the words, Lu Yiqiu, was saved "contemporary Lu Xun", what do you think?

2021-11-30 12:03:07 48 ℃

Unveiled 2021 Huachen Yu concert Mars, so his fans rejoiced in recent days on social media relish, mutual transmission of carnival feeling.

Small speakers observed, flower fans on the Internet in addition to praise their love beans, but also Mengkua another person, he is the lyricist Lu Yi autumn.

"From pole to pole Ya vulgar, inclusive from Tucao to write some new weather, I wish successful." According to Lu Yi Bowen released autumn display, Huachen Yu concert in the three new songs are from his hand. In his comments on this post area, they are invariably kind words.

Boast to rise, there are users write directly, "Lu Yi Lu Xun contemporary autumn!"

To put on such a high "hat", is estimated to see Lu teacher after all panic and did not know what to do.

Huachen Yu fans are so highly praised Lu Yi autumn, in the end what is the origin of it?

Related presentations show, Lu Yi autumn is semi-Road monk's lyricist, and his formal entry into the career to date, almost all groups or helping idol idol solo singer wrote the lyrics. Even more interesting, he also served as music director Leroy entertainment. This will be the identity of his "Idol Queen's lyricist" of pushed to a peak stage.

Because in the first quarter "Tomorrow's child" in it and Huachen Yu had common ground, so Lu Yi autumn while helping idol group wrote those lyrics plain Sentimental, but also to cooperate with the flower, to help him beat out like a "madhouse", "Seventh personality "as a higher level of Ci. Now flower in concert debut song "flight mode", "town of flowers" and "black and white artist", is another new cooperation between them.

As already mentioned, Lu Yi autumn this three word for flower fans already boast became a three flowers, of which the "town of flowers" is the most frequently mentioned one works. Some fans say, watching this song, I could not help crying.

Perhaps he is in love, empathy may be produced, in short, flower fans appreciate lyricist Lu Yi autumn, may make an "outsider" feel a bit weird. So online, some users still expressed different views.

How about you? Lu Yi Autumn "town of flowers" as a complete word are placed in here, you give, said said chant. (Text / trumpet; Figure / all pictures, including shots, including all from the network)