"Where Dad is going", the fifth season of Menghua reunited, and the daughter of Wang Yulun is very poor.

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"Where Dad is going", the fifth season of Menghua reunited, and the daughter of Wang Yulun is very poor.

2021-11-30 18:02:32 65 ℃

Preface: On November 30, 2021, Wu Zun took photos of "Dad to" in Weibo, "Dad Go" fifth season Member Meng Dai reunion. Wu Zun's text: "Four years have lived so fast, everyone is very much missing" Dad, ", Neinei and Max have exceeded this gathering in Wen Rui, which is really wonderful."

Wu Zun also said: "When you get together. I feel still stayed 4 years ago, this special feelings are really unique to children! This trip will be colorful, have family people, , I can stay for a long time, I am so excited, I can take care of it seriously. "

It seems that Wu Zun is going to shoot in the mainland. He hasn't been filmed for a long time. The last time has a work and everyone, or the TV series "Wudong Qiankun" and movie "Mystery" broadcast in 2018. From the photos, you can see: Wu Zun family, Chen Xiaochun family, Liu Genghong family is all - 6 adults, 6 children.

Wu Zun took a total of 9 photos, in addition to the chamber (it should be in Liu Genghong's new home), there is also a shopping zoo, playing basketball together, playing rock climbing games, grabs the "Dad, where to go" photo, It seems that the three families are seriously preparations for this party and arrange so many links.

"Dad where Dad is going", the resident guest of the fifth season is Chen Xiaochun father and son, Du Jiangfang, Liu Genghong, Wu Zun and his children, internship, Dunlong, and people Meng Wa Mangang. It is unfortunate that Dujiang family has not come, perhaps because they live in Beijing, and the other three families live in Shanghai, it is inconvenient to meet.

Liu Genghong has 3 children, Wu Zun has 2 children, Chen Xiaochun also has 2 children. But Chen Xiaochun's little son is too small, so there is no mirror. The picture above is "where Dad is going", 6 cutea is: Chen Xiaochun's son Jasper, Wu Zun's daughter Nei Nei and son Max, Dujiang son, 哼, Liu Genghong's daughter small puff, 人 娃 小山bamboo.

Every season, "Dad is going," will arrange a "mother-probing class" program, you can see the photos of Wu Zun, and the programs they collectively review are the "mother probe". Wu Zun, Chen Xiaochun, Liu Genghong, Dujiang's wife is coming, and the program group gave Dunlu to Li Wei.

Non-famous entertainment people Wu Qingmeng pointed out: Wu Zun sun "Dad to go", "Dad," in the fifth season of "Dad," in November 30, more likely Li Xiang and Wang Yulun's daughter's poetry, because Wang Yuelun official Xuan and Li Xiang divorced Wang Shi Ling became a child of divorced family, Wang Yuelun and Wang Shi Aid participated in the first season of "Dad to go".

Discussion: Do you think Wang Shi is poor?