Because it is beautiful and red, it is seriously injured for the play, and now leaves sequelae!

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Because it is beautiful and red, it is seriously injured for the play, and now leaves sequelae!

2021-12-03 18:02:51 59 ℃

The high-quality value is a must-have condition that enters the entertainment industry. The color of the entertainment industry is very high, but it is important to have better development in the entertainment industry, talented, resources, and background are also important, in the entertainment circle Have your own characteristics, you have an identification, you can let the audience to remember you, is the most important thing, many female stars have received the attention of netizens through their own identity, today we have to say The actress is because the value is high.

The actress is a Taiwanese actress Jiang Zugou. She has brought everyone a lot of excellent works for many years. Many netizens should have seen "Fengyun", "impressive", these are all in Jiang Zuping, she also high value It is a popularity in the entertainment circle.

However, in the peak of her career, she encountered a setback. At that time, she starred in a play. There is a picture is a female master's father hits her. The director wants to look better, so I decided to fight, However, the actress did not control the strength, and Jiang Zuping was directly smashed. Jiang Zugou also left the sequelae.

Jiang Zuping's ear has problems. In the ear is imbalance, it is necessary to make turtle, and there is no vomiting. It doesn't take it. The actress is just acknowledges. I didn't see what timely manifestation, this harm It is a lifetime for Jiang Zugou. Jiang Zhiping has begun to return to the play again, but there is no name, so I have to choose to exit the entertainment circle.

Nowadays, Jiang Zuping can't act, but she likes the current life. I have passed so many years. Her value is still so high, and the years have not left any traces on her face. Do you remember Jiang Zugou? Welcome everyone to leave a message, like Xiaobian, you are welcome to click on!