Chen Ya male belt three days sales is amazing, her mother dances, Zhu Xiaowei only likes to play games

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Chen Ya male belt three days sales is amazing, her mother dances, Zhu Xiaowei only likes to play games

2021-12-03 18:03:03 51 ℃

I didn't expect Chen Yaan to make people look at it. When the bastard with Xiaowei's breaks, the stress can still be able to create a new high.

I have to admire, Chen Ya is really good! strong ability! Good psychological quality! She left Zhu family. It is also right. Zhu is also right. It is also a strong person, Zhu Xiaowei can't fall.

Everyone is happy, Chen Ya Mother dances, celebrates daughter's fan up, 3 million fans, now 4 million fans, live goods are not worried, fan flow teve bar droplets, January 10 million. Daughter's ability is really strong, can say that there will be beautiful. Don't rely on father-in-law, live broadcast belongs yourself. Do not lose the star without losing people. It's so proud of your mother. Dancing a song.

The coat brother responded to Chen Ya's apology, and the following points were attributed: If you really want to return to our Zhu family, please log out of the multimedia account! Fish and bear's pauses are not part, you are the son of my coat, or choose to continue the live goods, both can only choose one, you look at it!

My coat brother is not lacking in the two broken silver, if you really love Xiaowei, give up live broadcast, come back and Xiao Wei to have a good day, learn the husband, respect the old and love the young, diligently hold our home, so we can get us Zhu family's respect and understanding!

Zhu Xiaowei only likes to play games. After the name of the coat brother, there is a businesspening, the income is more, the first idea can make up your own deficiar, no matter whether it is substance, learning, but because of your own cognitive issues, the environment Sudden changes, not only don't be prepared, but also make Xiaowei have a growing trouble.

The change in the family status of the coat brother, he uses his own way to change, Xiao Wei just wants to have its own free world, and then discovers in the network, it is suitable for you in the game, almost all in the game is almost all in the game, only In the game, you can control it yourself, don't be restarted, no restriction, watch Xiaowei and Yaman live broadcast, your own words are basically, even if you live, you are also playing games, language communication is basically, this is to avoid the real social relationship outside.