The shell responds to the housing event, the other person harasss her wife, is he as a fierce?

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The shell responds to the housing event, the other person harasss her wife, is he as a fierce?

2021-12-04 00:02:12 54 ℃

Some netizens have shown a video on the social platform, and then cause the outside world's hot discussion. As seen from the video, the picture is very fierce, the singer's shell hits a man. The man lying on the ground with both hands to block his face, and it is bloody, thereby visible that the injury is not light.

Then, the shell threw a stack of banknotes to the man: This is this, you have to come back, let you know. Then Yang Long, look very arrogant.

Netizens saw this behind the scene showed: Is it playing people to give money; a few money, what is awesome.

The housing is hidden, and it is so boring, and it quickly boarded the hot search. Keeping back with the bomb shell studio: The drunken man has harass the wife of the shell, and the shell is conflict to protect the person.

Born on November 4, 1992, was born in Shantou City, Guangdong Province, graduated from Xi'an Conservatory of Music. The original name of the shell, Liu Jiayu, who once explained that the name is said: I left a short shock because of the time, others called his eggshell, so he simply named "Blade".

In the eyes of the public, the overall skin shell feels very sunshine, very handsome, and short inch have become his sign. He said this: The ancients have shaved to be wise. I have to re-letter, or this image is more suitable for me. In 2019, she shell left a wedding photo, who did not know, after the shell was taken after the wedding photo, turned and shaved her hair. There is no doubt that he not only likes shortness, but it is difficult to change the inherent image.

The shell participated in the two variety show, the first gear is a tutor in the "Singing Month" of Mango TV. The second gear is a "Tucao Conference", as a performance guest, although the contents of the shell are controversial, but with excellent speeches, the highest score. The shell can be described as making a sufficient eye and attention, and he has to admire his ability.

The image of the shell is always tied with a fierce bundle, bringing a feeling of arrogant and exciting. He is not arrested, and he will not deliberately change yourself to cater to others, but carefully care about his heart.

In an interview: I am absolutely not a bad person, I don't bully others, and the top is more counterattack. I have a bad eye, but I have not paid actions. Of course, he also has a kind side. It is understood that the shell will wear long-sleeved clothes when they are volunteers, and they are afraid that their tattoos are scared.

The shell and the wife of the western love in 2016; in 2019, the wedding was held; the little princess was born in February 2020. During the moon, the shell is almost accompanied by the whole process. I am willing to try to learn to change the diaper. I learned to take a shower to my daughter, with my daughter to take a needle, and a full-time dad.

The shell says: After having a daughter, more thinking is the family, give her enough freedom after growing, don't interfere with it too much. Speaking, when a father's skin shell is not vague, gentle and delicate, inclusive, understanding, sincere and ground. With the birth of the daughter, there is more responsibility, not only is willing to pay for her daughter, but the character has become more and more soft, and the official in July is in the second child.

There is a rumor that the skin shell is a rich second generation, so he also responded: My father is doing car trade, then the first batch of outbreaks in Chaoshan. It is very clear that the shell is not climbed from the bottom, but there is a powerful family background, let him have no worries, more, adding a bottom gas and confidence. The brain is awake, the shell, can do what they want, and play their talents to the extreme.

The starting point of the skin shell is high, and it is very focused on his own career. It is very good to say that the singing is mixed. The shell is really a matter, knowing the arck, sometimes alone hosts the entire song, and is good at R & B. His representative works have "Illusion Humanity", "HHH Forever", "No.2", "All by My Self", "Bombshell", etc. At the same time, the red flower will be created on November 5, 2011. To this end, he also harvested very popular, it is very dazzling on the stage, and the shell is properly granted.