Chen Qiao, who is wearing a couple, holding cats, smiling, sweet, like a very family

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Chen Qiao, who is wearing a couple, holding cats, smiling, sweet, like a very family

2021-12-04 00:02:26 88 ℃

Together they wore a white sweater lovers, sweet smile, people across the screen can feel full of pink hearts.

Joe Chen holding a pet cat, like a family of three. Cat a rounded head quite lovely.

Photo cats also like to know the two men in the show of affection, a look of dislike, Chen and Jon and Alan sweet smile stark contrast, people laughing funny style, so that fans care about their feelings, and if Joe Chen hold the baby is two people instead of a cat, and that nice ah.

Joe Chen was born in 1979 has been 42 years, has entered the stage of advanced maternal age, if it has to be the baby, there may be some difficulties, after all, we all know that when women reach a certain age, height, body of the uterus as well as the function after pregnancy should bear a huge impact.

In recent years, more popular in the entertainment frozen eggs, many well-known actress and generous even to admit that they have frozen eggs and frozen eggs may result in body fat, while Joe Chen from the sun recent photos, there are more obvious fat, so many fans expressed doubts as to whether Joe Chen to freeze eggs.

Yin Ailun appearance is not very outstanding, caused a lot of fans are not optimistic, due to excessive concern Joe Chen's love life, the outside world media repeatedly speculated whether Joe Chen was to marry him, whether already pregnant, and some network Ailunshijia violence, intensified public opinion, led to Joe Chen expressed his dissatisfaction with too much attention to the outside world,

Chen Qiao En often with Allen and dinner Chen Chen Ma Dad, dad Chen from the program in the beginning of Allen's later do not like to bless this love for her daughter, and see Chen dad recognition of Allen. Alan reflect the importance of Jon everywhere in the details, as I remember Jon's favorite flower is the sunflower, will send Jon lunch bag on the private space in the most prominent position, it reflects the love of Jon's.

Currently Allen has seen Jon's parents, also get along very well, but have not yet met Jon and Alan's parents. Other parents on this relationship with Jon Allen is holding what kind of attitude do

Joe Chen can be seen from friends who often share the photo, Allen has been integrated into the life of Jon, and Jon friends can get along very well. After Jon Allen's idol is aware of the letter, Allen will be introduced to the letter, so that they became good friends.

Joe Chen and Allen two feelings almost two years, has entered a stable period, hoping they can soon enter the next stage. Melon friends, do you optimistic about their feelings