"Chasing 2", a public election, four classics are ridicied, but unfortunately Zhang Weijian Wu Zhenyu!

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"Chasing 2", a public election, four classics are ridicied, but unfortunately Zhang Weijian Wu Zhenyu!

2021-12-04 00:02:00 43 ℃

Recently, the music competition "Chasing Bourn", which is created by the tomato station and cool, is in the second season of the first season, not only inviting Song Yuqi, but also the red flower, the world championship, but also invited the world championship. Deng Yaping took the town, coupled with Zhang Weijian, Wu Zhenyu, Wu Jianhao, Zhou Xiao, Sha Baoliang and other 21 strength actors, guest lineups were very luxurious.

They all said that "Zhu Yu is in front of the jade," " But the big fell is, even if there is a "failure" lesson and "Picking" ready-made answer, "Chasing Bar 2" program plan is still a mess, from the dance beauty to the clip, people are hard .

As we all know, "chasing light" The first season of the first quarter is quite worse, the Douban ratings are as low as 4.6, and the "chasing light 2" is only online, and it has set the new low of 4.5, and the follow-up will not be optimistic.

On December 3rd, "Chasing Bar 2" first round of performance, the big exposure, a total of 4 election songs No one gets the audience recognition, the program team can avoid the preferences of the audience, instantly suffering from a large number of netizens. What is even more calling "chasing light" director, question, what is the courage of the connotation? "Puthening"? Isn't this self-discipline?

You know, "Those" as the most popular variety of variety this year, not only successfully helped a large number of brothers to achieve red, but also let the audience have shocking for the "stage aesthetics" of Mangoai, and dance beauty is exhibiting. It is really necessary to say its slot, and only some of the elections are doubt by the audience and the two points of the two gods.

According to the truth, "Pursuing light 2" I want to press "Thinking", it is easy to achieve it. However, with the four choice of "one public", it is basically 0 for the possibility of "Picking"

According to the rules of the program, 21 brothers were divided into four teams after the stage of the stage, and they were captured by Wu Zhenyu, Zhang Weijian, Wu Jianhao and Zhou Xiao. There is a total of 4 selected songs that match the 1982, the "No Fear In My Heart" issued in 1982, "No Fear In My Heart" issued in 2017, "Moving" and 1977 issued in 2001 " We will rock you.

Objectively, these four songs have been extremely red, and every capital is classic, which is familiar. But I have to say that these songs are really too long, and it is inevitable to give people a very "soil" feel. The most bad thing is that the program group did not combine any adaptation and creation of the song, and directly moved the countertop.

When the news came out, the super audience had questioned the "one public" election, and the aesthetic ability of the director of the coincidence is not good, and the light is not interested in the program. There are also netizens who represent the program group to choose the main melody, engage the so-called positive energy, but directly to the "military training" directly, and it is a pity that Wu Zhenyu, Zhang Weijian and other strength brothers.

Obviously, the strength of my brothers is online, and the legs are the program group. After the "dance beauty", "clip scaining", the elevation has been laminated, and the fire is not expected, and even tired brothers. Not to mention the programs before the broadcast, the program directors also publicly open the connotation "Picking" selection people, now it seems to be the "clown is actually my own", turned into a joke. How do you feel "chasing light"?