Huashan Yu Xinge sharp back to black powder, the mouth is cool, but it is more black.

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Huashan Yu Xinge sharp back to black powder, the mouth is cool, but it is more black.

2021-12-04 06:05:45 53 ℃

Recently, Hua Chenyu is hot because of a new song of "paying tribute to" black powder "black and white artist".

At first glance, I respect the black powder as "artist", this degree is really not general. But from the content, this time, Huachen is finally refreshed, he is sharp back, use "the ants in the soil, how can you understand the seagulls in the sky" to describe each other, use "no time to accompany you or Wu "" I am too lazy to 得 对 "to contempt to see each other ...

Huachen Yu also told the fans. If you encounter the black powder, you will send this song. Add a "old lady asked you to listen to the new song".

The whole fan heard this is also ignorant, including the fans under Huashayu Weibo, presented a state of collective excitement. Over the years, I have worked hard for the anti-Black, this time the flower hand created a anti-Heilly sword for everyone, nature is more angry.

As a result, this should be the first anti-black song in Huasai Yu.

Huashan said that he wrote a "heterogeneous", "I manage you". Those who can only have an attitude, and if they count, they don't have an aggressive, this time is the true knife, the black powder is hard.

Why does Huashan wrote such a song? Is it can't bear it no longer As a prostitute, guide the fans so high-profile anti-black, is it really wise?

Just because of this "black and white artist", Huachen Yu has caused extensive attention and intense discussion in the whole network, especially to know, tiger and other platforms, which have caused strong rebound.

For example, "How to evaluate the new song" Black and White Artist "?" Black and White Artists "?"

Huachenyu belongs to the "professional black powder" on the Internet, in fact, I have never very understood the word "professional black powder", do you really have such a group? Is there a wage in the special black?

Occupational black powder may be present, but it will never be mainstream. And the "black powder" of Brilliance is quite huge, except for fans and other fans such as Weibo, like, Tiger, Douban, Headline and other places, almost all year round, "Black" Huashan, I have already become Mainstream remarks, are they all "female blacks"?

Therefore, I think that Huachen Yu can't return all the people like black powder to the coun, and the female black is only one of the small parts. More only, there is not much good sense of hell, occasionally with the wind and the right to be entertaining "passerby black ".

After all, it is a "entertainment industry". This phenomenon is very common, such as TfBoys, Cai Xun, Luhan, which top-flow artist is not so black? I didn't see them publicly returned to black powder, and I didn't teach fans to provoke black powder with "old mother". In fact, as long as you have to live, you will have a good time.

Of course, Huachen Yu is indeed more powerful than the general traffic star, although there is no fans who are boasting, but the talents of singing and creative cannot be negated, but the style is indeed alternative, it is difficult to get a lot of people in short time. .

Before, everyone black, morning, but it is difficult to listen, the stage is exaggerated, and there is a dress "mother". This is not a big problem. If you have time, you will have more and more people, and finally. His full range of black.

But when the time to today, why is Brorteen still the focus of black? Because in critical moments, Hua Chenyu himself has made a new black point.

Yes, that is the "we have a child". I saw that most black powder on the online online have put this one of the reasons of the black Huayu. If there is no such thing, everyone always takes the same reason black, it is not too long.

For this kind of artist's private life, according to the reason, it should not take a big articles, but others must take this black you, you have no way to respond. About music on music can also play Tai Chi, decorate high, but how to make too extremes in the illegitimate child?

Perhaps this is the original intention of this song of Brilliance, "Black and White Artist", because you have to be black in this matter, I can't be like "I manage you", I can only open it directly, and It is required that the fans will not be reversed, and only songs should be used.

So, after the anti-black songs of Huashanyu, what effect did it brought to him?

I have browsed the speech from many netizens and found some questions:

1, the old black powder is basically black and more difficult; this is very understanding, especially "dutiful", you have more embarrassment, definitely rebounded more fierce;

2, I used to just didn't like his passers-by, and many of them turned forward; although they were not a "female black", they also felt targeted, so the sorry is not as black;

3, I used to pay attention to his passerby powder, may have a signs of black; at least a good fortune, I feel that the flower is not enough, the amount of gas is limited; so many people are black, and there is also your own reason, can't do it. It can be more intense to deficiency;

4, the fans from the previous removal, some people have begun to step back; this year, because of the child's things, there should be many decentralized. For example, the "front dead powder" is just a gently stepped back.

Only did not find a netizen who added a good feeling of Brilliance because he heard this song. That is to say, this song is limited to letting flowers and fans have a burst; for the outside world, they will only attract the opposition between the group, deepen between the black powder, and further damage this will not be Road people.

Many people in this song have been analyzed, and it is not good, it belongs to the middle level.However, at least from the context of function, I think that Huasai Yu is a disturbance, since ancient times, it is expensive, but it is not necessary to sing such a song in order to have this mouthful.As an artist, do you only want to stay in the high wall, don't want to go out?