"Name Detective 5" producers will use the photo of the people to apologize, the party's atmospheric response display

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"Name Detective 5" producers will use the photo of the people to apologize, the party's atmospheric response display

2021-12-04 06:04:56 66 ℃

On December 3, there were the video content of the netizen screenshot variety show "Detective College", indicating a photo in itself, not the staff in the village, and the launch is a lot, not bald, I suggest you don't feel unwell, He felt that the program group used his photos without his consent, and was also evil, it was affected, and it hoped that the other party would give an explanation.

The apology of the program group is late.

On the evening of the same day, the producer responded and explained the reason: Since the program props group searched, synthesis, using the online photo, it is neglects that the netizen has been plagued after the broadcast, which has adversely affects its image and reputation.

The program group acknowledges that there is an unneashed responsibility, so I am solemn to the netizen, and the content of the program will be made cautious in the future.

Subsequently, the people responded in the comment area, indicating that the program group has been in contact with him, and sincerely apologizes, I don't want to have too much attention, myself is a reading person who only wants to prove his own hair still.

Netizen is very praise: the pattern is available!

But there are also many users to continue to attack the program group, and the producers are in the pan, translation is "unrelated to me", and apologizes that there is no official Bo, but a private account, lack of sincerity.

There is also an eating melon group asked the key: Who is another photo?

Things are the case, the latest issue of "Detective College", the program group said this village is not off-haired, but Yang Di in the folder has turned into a group of people's photos, all bald styles, and all the late P of.

Yang Di said that these are people who have a napped person, so there are netizens who have ridicule that these staff are really selfless and actually contribute their own photos.

More small partners pointed out that the second image is like a network of Tsinghua Tsinghua University.

However, these are denied by this victim.

I don't know if other few people are also uninformed ordinary people.

Many netizens spit in the barrage said that the photos can be scared, and people feel physiologically discomfort.

Therefore, the talent will clarify a lot, and everyone should not feel unwell, can see his helplessness.

The netizen also released his original photo and is a very handsome young man.

After contrast, we see the same clothes, and even the throat is the same.

The identity of the people is doctoral, can see the extraordinary talk from his copy, self-contained humor.

He said that he was told by his classmates, and the people of the country thought he was bald.

In still, "Star Detective", they gave Saimina to the Pecai of the bed for P became Sabinin because of Saibin, who had been sick and accepting a kidney.

This kind of love is entertaining by the program group, which is the disrespect of everyone.

At that time, Sabinin himself looked at the eyes, satirical "I dare P, you are awesome, I want to tell him", it is a "talk about today", I know that this is not appropriate.

I have to say that Mango Taiwan is really talking about it, I hope to recruit three views, and do things rigorous staff in the future.