How to open the "Hua Lana Attribute" in the way?

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How to open the "Hua Lana Attribute" in the way?

2021-12-04 06:05:11 58 ℃

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Netflix 's penetration in the Asian market is also accelerating, compared with "squid game" in front of the fire, recently, more eyeballs, "Hua Lan, start".

It is understood that the drama investment has reached 250 million coins, and it is currently the highest investment in Taiwan. The lineup of the heavy gold, "Hua Lan" is also luxurious. In addition to Lin Xinru, Yang Jinhua, Yang Youning, Feng Xiaoyue and other starring, Huo Jianhua, Zheng Yuanchang, Xiu Jie, Ren Yiqi, etc., there is also a list of special players, it can be described as a Taiwan Performing Arts "Half-Way Jiangshan".

Judging from the current broadcast performance, "Hua Lana is beginning to" is not disappointing. Not only on the line, it be overrides the "Hell Embassy", the first place in the Japanese area, and its suspense color and content texture has triggered a hot discussion in the mainland market. At present, the Douban rating is 8 points. However, despite the market thermalness and reputation continuous fermentation, the play with Netflix is ​​a three-season contract. The first season of updated is only "the first season of China".

Non-typical suspense narrative

"Hua Lan is beginning to start", several middle school students go into the jungle photography, the mountain road is slippery, behind them, a street sign shakes, the above red words are written: prohibit pass. Then, a female corpse appears in the lens, the suspense atmosphere is full.

However, the narrative approach of "Hua Lange" is different from the past suspense drama, and the drama jumped out of the clues of the police to promote the route, and turned the story in the direction of the audience. For example, when the police found a business card written by the "light" next to the body, the lens did not continue to present the police investigation, but in the reversed manner three months ago, the narrative entity became "light" bar.

"Light" is a relatively mature bar in the local area. The two mother sorrow is Luo Yuzhen (Lin Xinshi) and Suqing Yi (Yang Jinhua), the former is smart, but the tongue is strong, the latter is gentle, and the left and so sides. In addition to the two, there are four people in the store, they may be the deceased or criminal suspect.

As the main line surrounded by these six women, their respective personality accompanied by the character experienced a little bit of full, "full staff" setting and complex emotional, continuously launched new questions, and then "Who is" Who is The suspicion of the deceased and "who is the murderer" is constantly enlarged, continuously mobilizing the curiosity and participation of the audience, let people gover. Many netizens also talked: "Unconsciously lost 8 episodes", "I saw 3 am in the morning, I want to know who the murderer is."

However, the beauty is inadequate, only from the story currently broadcast, several women have a few "love brain", Luo Yuzhen grows up with Su Qingyi, together with the good girlfriends, for the same man to be regenerated; The high-cooled virgin woman, even knowing is a trap, but also becoming a "toolley" of boyfriend drug trafficking ... Similar plots seem to have some dog blood, this is also the "Hua Lana first" is currently being sick. Place.

In addition, after the character relationship is clear, most of the audience have guessed who the deceased is, the suspense is also weakened. However, in the details of the "Hua Lan, the actor's acting" is also online, the rhythm is bright, and there is no large reputation. But if you continue to develop along the direction of the current emotional line, you will really make the "Hua Lana initial" that is so configured.

Typical NetfliX creation

"Hua Lana first" focuses on Chinese Taiwan in 1988. At that time, Japan's economic crisis has not arrived, and Taiwan, which is close to Japan, is also a prosperous scene. In the context of such a special era, Linsen North, Taipei, became the Japanese aggregation area, and thus derived unique "bargain culture".

"Batong" is intertwined in Japanese, in accordance with the Japanese consumer demand. At that time, there were a lot of Japanese bars in Linsen North Road, and the mother's mother sang and accompanied by the bar. Consolation, but they sell alcohol, all the year round, "Hua Lan, the first" presenting such a special female group.

At least from the current, such subjects and dimensions have a little opportunity in the domestic market. However, in Taiwan, the content creation environment is relatively loose, and Netflix enters the game, the platform covers the issuance channels of more than 190 countries, and can guarantee greater freedom of creative partners.

Moreover, from Netflix has always seen the colorful creation mode, with the help of the latter large data to capture core consumer group preferences, and thus provide reference for the content screening, it is an important reason for the high probability of Netflix explosion.

In particular, in the "Hua Laun, the female group, the slag men, the suspense short drama, is the current episode creation label. After the "Hua Launter" broadcast, the Douban soon appeared a hot topic: "These three slag men who are more slag?" The episode is controlled to the market preferences.

On this basis, it is more worthy of concern that Netflix has gradually formed "freedom and responsibility" corporate culture during the process of origin. The founder of Netflix has said: "In management, the fewer decisions do, the more I am,"

Willing to let the creator, it is an important difference between Netflix and other streaming media platforms. Today, Netflix is ​​accelerating the footsteps of globalization. It is necessary to enter new markets faster, and most of them need to work with local excellent creation teams and give creators the greatest freedom in cooperation. The "squid game" of the ancestral fire is the product in this cooperative mode. Today, "Hua La's initial" also reflects this feature. On the one hand, Netflix invests 250 million units, and directly signed a three-season contract. It can be said that it has given a big trust in partners with absolute sincerity. On the other hand, the main team of "Hua Lana" and the actor is configured in Taiwan. The opera master is Lin Xinru, director Lian Qi has directed the "Cape No. 7" "Forgetting" "Forgetting", "Rolling Stone Love Story" and other high-mouth film and television works, the main series Du Zhengzhe is also in the industry.

From this perspective, "Hua Lana" continues typical Netflix mode. The platform will not intervene throughout the creation, which is undoubtedly the most pleasing place to see. And both sides have sincere cooperation, but also more beneficial to produce quality content, and eventually present today's "Hua La's initial".

How to continue freedom?

However, freedom has always been relative.

Many people know that "paper house" is a milestone that makes Netflix's famous noisy in the industry. But maybe few people know that "paper house" is actually the first project for Netflix accepting creation. At that time, the trading volume involved in "paper house" was a lot, and the TD of one of the management believes this is a gamble. The work, Reed quickly agreed to his thoughts, the reason is: "Not I am studying the script, nor I meet with Kevin History."

However, when "Plate House" came to the fifth season, the creator Bauer Willommond was kicked out of the drama creation team because of the anti-Netflix's high-level deletion. Darn Brutti, a "paper house", also said: "Netflix has a congenital advantage in digital streaming media, and gives artists more freedom, but now become other traditional cable TV. Nets or film plants have no difference. "

Perhaps, for Netflix, just original content, the platform does need to use the creator's strength to ensure high quality content output. But now, Netflix's market value has exceeded $ 270 billion, and Netflix's cash flow is negative according to financial report data. In the face of increasing capital markets, the responsibility of the platform shoulders is heavier, and the creators will also encounter more resistance.

Previously, after Netflix received the "black mirror" creative power, there was a continuous reputation decline. When the fifth quarter was broadcast, the Douban score has dropped from the original 9.4 points to 6.9 points, and the freshness of the rotten tomato also appeared. A large decline. One of the important reasons lies in Netflix's dependence on big data, and binds the expression of "black mirror" itself. This year, similar problems also appeared in the second quarter of "Love, Death and Robot", the Douban score is only 6.7 points, while the first quarter rushed into a 9.2 high score.

Although Netflix continues to create high degree of creative model in global exploration, this is more about the platform that the platform has to make in the new market, once the new market develops mature, creation openness It will also gradually decrease as Europe and America market.

According to Goldman Sachs, 2022, Netflix's investment in content will reach $ 22.5 billion. However, from the current development situation, in the process of laying a bigger chess, Netflix may be more thinking, how can I continue to freedom?

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