Why is this stalk in the "Superior Agent Winning Mountain" in the TV series "Guild Wars Jiangnan"?

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Why is this stalk in the "Superior Agent Winning Mountain" in the TV series "Guild Wars Jiangnan"?

2021-12-04 12:05:16 45 ℃

In fact, the real "Wear Mountain" is the captain of Wang Dab, "chicken soup agent" old von is just a new cooker. And Wang Dafu knows that Yan Feng is a spy, and Lao Feng only knows that there is another spialony "Wear Mountain", I don't know who is.

From Xue Member, I found an inner ghost and began to arrange old Feng. I knew it by the leader of the Wang Daxie, and acoustically stewed chicken soup. Lao Feng saw that Wang Dafa said that there was "instance", and I found it is not right. As everyone knows, my party is not very happy, and this dog bites the fun of the dog is also looked at the lively, and it is not hungry. Lao Feng already knows his exposure, but in order to find true "Wuting Mountain" to put the last interactive interaction, the old Feng Wei, there is a trick.

Lao Feng deliberately heard "Happy Affairs" and started to live, as a senior agent, this is not a brand name. He just wants to test the leader of the king, it is really "wearing mountain". His gambling is right, if the leader of the Wang Qi is my party, I can directly arrest the old phon, because he is too abnormal, at this time, it can catch the living port, but also one chicken. However, Wang Dafa did not report old Feng, but told the old von Action Plan through the underaction.

The dark language has three: call for the dinner tonight is one, Xue Mehang is two, to poison the poison in chicken soup is three.

In fact, Lao Feng has already done a lot of vegetables before the end of the chicken soup, why not to poison, because "Wearing the Mountain King Captain", he wants to poison in chicken soup, he must take it. The leader of the Wang Dafu deliberately said a word, "This chicken can't be stewed too much!" What do you mean? " That is to say, the poison can only be in the chicken soup, I have a way to let Xue Meterapers drink.

Lao Feng is a true, thinking that his "same party" will help him complete his last value before exposure. Unfortunately, "Wearing the Mountain King Captain" is just to let the old Feng died, so that my party is relaxing.

Sure enough, to the dinner, the Wang Qi Director directly dismantled the old von, and said that the chicken soup is poisoned. Lao Feng did not listen to it, but for the task of Turtle, he didn't sell the soldiers on the spot. Then, in order not to arrest the trial, choose to drink chicken soup directly. Finally, I came again, there was a cigarette impromptu performance, self-explosion identity, and complete the paving.

In fact, the grenades of the old von, he knows that there is a problem. As a senior agent, weapons must be self-contained, and no one can steal his things. When Lao Feng pulled up, Xue Deco was panicked. He directly "French Military Relie" (the plot took only one hand of one hand, in fact, half of the other half is also raised), but the Wang Dab is not panic. Because he knows, old Feng is impossible to sell or hurt him.

A fake "Wuting Mountain", Yan Feng was launched, and the death of the Captain before he was killed, and he was directly flop. Things, you are dead. So happy, "My mission is completed"