Hong Kong VIUTV wants to engage in idol women?The market environment is not allowed, the stamping plan must fail

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Hong Kong VIUTV wants to engage in idol women?The market environment is not allowed, the stamping plan must fail

2021-12-04 12:05:04 46 ℃

As everyone knows, Hong Kong is now the most popular entertainment star, the VIUTV draft "The Union of the National Stone", the idol combination of Mirror, one year of light is a few hundred, popular, and the compensation compensation does not lose the four kings of the year. Nowadays, VIUTV is prepared to renovate brilliance, and set up a group of "female version of Mirror" through "National Stone 4". Can this plan succeed?

As my personal judgment, this is inevitable, because there is no market idol combination, how can it succeed?

First of all, there are 7 million local markets in the Hong Kong entertainment circle, but there are hundreds of people who can be called singer, and the inner roller is very serious, while Mirror is on the way, because of the special reasons, the local market is eaten. Pressing the living space of other singer, is the new women's team standing stable? Highly doubt.

Secondly, in addition to TWINS, Hong Kong has not been successful in addition to TWINS. In other words, in other words, it is not suitable for the women's group, and the quality of the "National Stone 4" is not high, and when In addition to VIUTV, it is afraid that there is no competitiveness.

Third, after the epidemic, the Korean gadget will definitely return to the port, VIUTV, the body, the body, the professional level is far from the female group, can you still keep how many fans? Of course, some so-called fans may still have some so-called fans to support the keyboard, but it is difficult to do it.

As for the market outside Hong Kong, don't expect, because even Mirror can't do it, although Hong Kong media has declared its red all over the world. To be honest, compared with the idol women in other places, VIUTV is about to be established, in addition to the except of Guangdong, there is no longer.

In addition, VIUTV's support for the idol Women's team will not be very large, because the resources of the station are always Mirror priority, episodes, and variety almost all are built around them, a small experimental sex gadget, how Get an emphasis?

In contrast, I think the new girlfriend of TVB will go further, because of the bright, Yao Yifei, Zhong Yumei, Zhan Tianwen has already accumulated the number of fans through the "Snalesday", and in the Mainland There are also a little popular, if you match the TVB's signboards and people, it is also very promising to enter the mainland market.