Zhao Liying's new star reverse; movie "miracle" exposure; Lehua official Xuanxin Women Name

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Zhao Liying's new star reverse; movie "miracle" exposure; Lehua official Xuanxin Women Name

2021-12-04 18:02:57 49 ℃

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[Movie "Miracle" exposed the first preview]

On December 2nd, the film "Miracle" exposure of Yi Yi Qianli led the first forefront. "Jing Hao" played by Yi Yi Qianli is to save the sister, form a "miracle squad", "as long as we work hard," there is no impossible. "

The official Weibo is said to: "Can you still? Maybe still? When all people work together, everything can be done, what is likely to happen."

[Times Juvenile Group Fire Power Full Concert Extension]

Recent broadcasting platform issued a document announced that the Times Teenage Group 2021 Firepower full concert will extend the latency. Moreover, the specific online time is not determined.

This concert, because of various factors, actually a video that has been recorded, and it is possible to broadcast. So recording and broadcasting, it is very confused by fans.

["Our Song" The ultimate celebration preview first]

Lin Zixiang, Dai Pei, Xue Zhoushen, Daxiang, Xiao Jingteng, Zhang Boche, Wang Suzhen, Liu Yunning, Hu Xia, Hammer Lisa will open the ultimate high-energy stage, will the golden sound file spend? 21:00 on Sunday, Tencent video, a total of peaks ~

[Zhao Liying's new star! Red lips with big waves is beautiful]

Zhao Liying, Xiao Central, and the Son of the Jian Jian Jianjun "Who are the murderer" announced that the file was December 5, which is also the third episode broadcast this year.

Last year, the "Famless Theater" was not smooth this year. The two "Fighting Wishes" "The Fighting Wishes" previously broadcast was only 5.7 and 4.1 Douban score, and the network is a cold-covered bad review.

[Song Yi "Fengqi Luoyang" big marriage style out]

"Song Yao is currently the only drama of the recovery of the Tang Dynasty", wearing blue bronzing with red front embroidery, the texture of the clothes is very advanced, unique and unique is very beautiful. feel. Chinese people, streamer brilliance, let people feel full of eyes.

[Le Hua official Xuanxin Women's Name]

On February 1, Lehua Entertainment Official Xuanxin Women's name is Name, and said "Name is unlimited", Lepa Entertainment founder Du Hua immediately commented: "Our new member Name is finally here." Wang Yibo, Cheng Hao, Meng Mimei and others have issued a preheating for the new gadget.

[Yang Zi once suspected that Jing Baoran wanted to feed the fat]

In the process of interviewing, Yang Zi also talked about the scene of the harmony between the two people in cooperation. She said that the character of the two is very similar, although it seems to be big, it is a particularly delicate person, can perceive some of the other things, will encourage each other.