"Lady of the bead" marketed by the emperor, Yunzhi, and the curtain is eager to go to the Queen.

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"Lady of the bead" marketed by the emperor, Yunzhi, and the curtain is eager to go to the Queen.

2021-12-04 18:02:42 38 ℃

The development of "lady" is always wrong. I thought that the arrival of 嬛 嬛 嬛The child can also be successfully born, everyone seems to have to get their happiness, but this happiness has not been lasts, when the Lan Lan is robbed, the emperor is chaos, he does not imagine that the purple lit is repeated again, he will change What is going to work, so he personally played, and after this battle, the sea supports Yan Yunzuki, he became too much to hear a polite, and Du Xu and Fang Wei landed.

The Emperor is Yun is a child of Du Xu and Drangland. After the Lan Lan was robbed, the emperor personally went out to stand up to Lan, and he received the news with the margin of the sea, and immediately went to support, but he is not a clear sea. When he appeared in front of the Xu Xu, Du Xu was being siege, but the Qinghai Gong was just a person, so he sacrificed his life, but he did not keep the Dihu, but before the death of Duo, His hearts of his loyalty.

I learned that the laws and support, the maritime heart is in a hurry, but I know that I don't have a lot of use, so I will go to the army and go to the protection. But on the road, I was ambush, delayed the time of the rescue, when the marine arrived, Fang Qiming has been offline, and Di Xu is also dying, and he will give it to the sea, except for the sea. There are also people who are worthy of Dumu and Fang Kirming, so the sea is not very painful, but also to be cheated.

Lan Lan was scared, plus she was so weak. After learning that Du Xu, it was a big blow, depression, and finally, leaving only a baby is 惟 惟, the sea is a guest, only Can tears to become a scorpion of Du Xu, with the child's child, and hold the child's shadow.

Although the woman does not have to be governed, Sanghai City once invited Longwei God, and there were a lot of credits to sucking the dynasty. The emperor had just born. Also became the relying on her live, I thought about it, Fanghai City is actually very poor.