Excellent people are similar: Li Qing said that it is not anxious for 30 years, Xiao Wan said that there is no old anxiety

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Excellent people are similar: Li Qing said that it is not anxious for 30 years, Xiao Wan said that there is no old anxiety

2021-12-04 18:02:00 72 ℃

Preface: Movie "Antiques, China Bureau" starring Lei Beji, Li Xin, Xin Xiaole, Ge You, is hot, this is the first film and television drama of Li Wen because of TV series "Dear," Love "burst into red, At that time, everyone didn't understand. Why did Li is not hot, add the idol drama and ancient drama?

Li now propagandizes the "Antiquities Bureau", accepts an interview: "If I want to continue to stay in the comfort, I may continue to shoot similar simple or easier to explode, but I think it is still To jump out the comfort circle and challenge the new level. "

Li Qing also said that he liked a male actor, whether it is a domestic actor, or South Korea, American actors are slowly worked after 30 years old, so he is not very anxious. Li Xin was born in 1991. This year is 30 years old. The "Antiques Bureau" finally set Lei Jiayin at first, and later got Geyou.

When Li Xin learned Ge Youhe and Lei Bao, he quickly agreed to participate in the "China Bureau", because he is eager to cooperate with such excellent actors so that you can improve your own acting. Although Li is now "Antiques Zhongshi" is an anti-party, he doesn't mind, because he is very ambitious about his career.

In fact, Ge has also played a lot of counterparts. For example, he played a counterpart in the movie directed by Jiang Wen. Lei Jiayin also played a counterparts, played a counterpart in the famous TV series "The Temptation of Home", in "My Front Half" The role is also comparable to the neoplastic, there is no protagonist.

Therefore, Li Xin and other top traffic are different, he did not earn fast money, no "cut the leek", very good. Excellent people always meet, the same born in 1991, this year is 30 years old, Li Xinhe Xiao Wan is in 2019 bursting red. He Xiao Wan did not have an old anxiety, and thirty, he just started.

Li is now the most popular movie that is not familiar with, Xiao Wan chooses to make a lot of money in the most red. On December 2nd, the first national first file recorded the national women's high school league documentary "Welcome Basket " on the line, the Chinese women's basketball player Han Xu, Li Yuezhen, Yang Shusu, Yang Liwei four empty functions Sharing your own training story for a shopping cart.

Female basket, Han Xu, said: "Everyone knows that I like the idol is the war brother, Xiao Wong, is it because he is high as a model. Although it suddenly fire, but in this case he does not Forget the initial heart, more and more stable focus on your own career, such as performance, singing, he has not been interfered with an external impact. "

Discussion: Xiao Wan and Li Xin, who do you prefer?