Today's movie | true classic escape movie ------- Human Clear Schedule 2

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Today's movie | true classic escape movie ------- Human Clear Schedule 2

2021-12-04 18:03:22 47 ℃

Douban Rating: 6.4

In 2023, the "Human Clear Plan" implemented by the US New Government has ushered in the sixth year. The extreme policy of the sword is aimed to inhibit the continuous increase in unemployment and crime rate. During this period, there are more and more innocent people, and the rich people sell a cup of wine. The noble and elegant gesture participates in the annual massacre carnival. On the occasion of the big massacre, the car facing the breakup and the car of Kiele Sanchez is anchored on the road, and they are panicked to see the land. Eva (Carmen Ejogo) and his daughter, who had just lost the most important loved ones, also inevitably hiding in the home, and it is inevitable that the crude moment, the mother and daughter are patrol the city's lane, the sergeant (Frank Grilo) Frank Grillo is rescued. At the same time, Xie En and Lizi is also in the yang wrong to take the bus.

The new hatred and the world's various indignation, in this night, the vulnerability is facing the most tragic test ...

Wet comment

I always feel that the first part has already gone to the head. I didn't expect the second part to open, pulling the clear plan to the street more stimulus and refreshing, simultaneous joining the self, class contradiction, but also managing the human hypocritical side Let people bite his teeth. In fact, the plot is a line, but the atmosphere is very good, and many things are the mood that can incite the audience, although not particularly excellent, but it is worth seeing.