He is the old bodies of Hong Kong, 84 years old, love, girlfriend is 49 years older than him.

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He is the old bodies of Hong Kong, 84 years old, love, girlfriend is 49 years older than him.

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Referring to the topic character of the Hong Kong entertainment industry, then Xie Xian family must have a name. Xie Xian and Nicholas Tse have hegeared the headlines of Hong Kong, and the topic is basically surrounded by their relationship. What is more amazing is that I have still maintained a young attitude, and the little girlfriend Coco's relationship is also very eye-catching. The public does even have questions. When is Xie Xian to give up love?

Since Hong Kong media has always paid attention to Xie Xian and Coco's love, there is any wind blowing between them to be alarming the media. Recently, Hong Kong media exposed the news of Xie Xian and COCO breakup. I even had a low-key daughter Xie Ting Ting's intervention, and responded to the reporter. It seems that I am not only Nicholas Tse, but the whole family is in this old urchin. worry.

For Xie Xian, his son Nicholas Tse is indeed his pride, but he never admit that his son has surpassed him, perhaps to confirm his charm and strength, now Xie Xian is still active in the entertainment circle, now still shooting. But for Nicholas Tse, this father is actually a headache.

It can be seen from the photo, Nicholas Tse and the young time Xie Xian are simply printed in a mold, such a appearance, probably a born for the entertainment circle. The rumored rumors, this year, Nicholas Tse was to enter the entertainment circle for the father.

Although Xie Xian wants to face, it is never recognized, but it all knows that he can still live and beautiful, all from his son. Xie Xian is gamble from the young, although his allegation is not low, but it is basically the left hand to enter the right hand, it is not yet lost, not only this still owe a lot of debts.

Later, Xie Xian had a son Nicholas Tse's money tree. He signed his son to the Emperor. With his outstanding shape and the natural performance, he just broke into the entertainment circle became a hot person. But for Nicholas Tse, the taste is only clear by himself.

A few days ago, the host of the variety show "Our Band" mentioned "Youth Fammetry", saying that only Nicholas Tse and Wang Junkai qualified to talk about this topic, but Nicholas Tse is only silent and does not accept. In the same year, he was just 16 years old, and he worked hard in the past eight years.

The others may feel distressed, but as the old people, Xie Xian didn't care, he always did me, and the emotional life was very rich, and there were three sections of the emotional experience known by the public. Hey, he is a famous flower bonus in Hong Kong.

His first marriage is to Huali, the treasure at the time is a big star at the time. Many men want to chase the hand, but later, I will win the girl's Xie Xian won the heart. However, after Xie Xian went home, I didn't cherish her, and I was divorced after three years.

Xie Xian's second wife is also a person, she is the first Sister Dipola in Hong Kong. At that time, Dipola was very beautiful. The people who pursued her also a wave, but Dipola later fell in love with Xie Xian. Probably girls are hard to resist this flowers. They also wedd for marriage. In order to Xie Xianheng, Dai Xiang Feng and Xie Tingting, I still don't change the personality of the wind, this marriage has also declared the end of the sixteen years.

Xie Yixian after the divorce, is of course not idle, he has been flowing with flowers, but later after encountering COCO, it seems that there is a lot of money, and two of them are entangled for more than ten years. In fact, the Volkswagen is also polite for this couple who has a forty-nine-year-old couple, because they are not known as grandchildren, this may be related to Xie Xian's school, he always holds a relaxation attitude, but also to leave when COCO left He can, after all, she is still young.

Xie Xian and COCO two people have different 49 years old. These years, Hong Kong media is also frequent exposure. After a while, they say they break up, and I will say that two people are unforgettable, but after all, I have been around for 12 years. The legend, Xie Xian and COCO have also given her 20 million as a breakup fee. I don't know if the night is quiet, COCO will not think, use a beautiful for more than ten years of youth to change 20 million, and the value is not worth it?

However, Xie Xian daughter Xie Ting Ting once responded that there is no problem between the father and the COCO, the two are really love. So, as a bystander we can only send blessings.

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