This female group loves beans tells yourself to see ghosts!

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This female group loves beans tells yourself to see ghosts!

2021-12-05 00:02:58 51 ℃

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Weki Meki combination members said that he had seen the experience of his own ghosts. In the 2nd of this month, the MBC Variety show "late night strangers", and there is a guest as a guest. (51 Korean Group Original Article)

In the day of the day, 磪 磪 磪 说 "Don't remember what start from what start, I have heard it from my mother, and I talked about it when I saw my ghost. She frankly said "It's amazing, I can't see it in 20 years old." Even so, I have seen it once last year. "

磪 磪 解 解 的 情况: "I really didn't see it for a long time." "When I sleep, I suddenly opened my eyes and found someone sat next to my pillow and sat on the ground." Then she said, "I secretly looked at it, I found someone left a black long hair", "she has been busy with what."

She said: "I see her is moving, and she always gives some sounds, whispering, saying" I wiped, rub. " So I asked her "what to wipe", this behavior made the host Jin Shu's surprised.

Then she said: "That moment suddenly became quiet, I feel that the woman came again." "At that time, I opened my eyes, my hand moved, I thought" I woke up? Then I got up. . When I heard her, Jin Shu asked "I don't know what to let you rub.", Cui Youqi replied "I don't know".

磪 There is a third place in 2016 to participate in the Women's Selection Program "Produce 101", and then demonstrate the identity of the member I. i. Currently a member of the WEKI MEKI of the Women's WEKI Meki, served as the leader in the team, the main RAPPER, and got.

In addition, 磪 磪 所 属 m m 上 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专 专.

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