This Korean drama is too sweet, Pi Changxu and Park Minying CP sensation shots!Kiss hug is too cured

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This Korean drama is too sweet, Pi Changxu and Park Minying CP sensation shots!Kiss hug is too cured

2021-12-05 00:03:11 43 ℃

Speaking of pool Changxu, everyone should be unfamiliar, this male god who is almost perfect, and a Korean drama at that time, a lot of young girls, today Xiaobian introduced this Korean drama name called "healing" "It is also called" Healer ", starring Chang Minying and Chi Chang Xu, and therefore by many netizens as one of the best Korean dramas.

The show is a composite TV series containing many elements such as romance, comedy, suspense. It is probably the process of newcomers growing into truly actuating journalists, with the most cut-up professional errand man, executive The newcomer encountered a difficult opponent. This drama not only depicts the love of male and female, but also has a lot of suspected colors.

Park Minying played a very capable reporter, because of his own family, from a small lack of care, she really needed to have a warm person who accompanied her to give her warmth, and later met our male The Lord, the two have become a lover after many times, and they are also cured with each other.

In this play, you can see that the CP sensation of the two people in Chi Changxu and the busy is really a shot! Many netizens also like two starring. With their handsome and humor, there are excellent acting skills, and have harvested a lot of fans, especially the sweet shots in the play, the classic fragment does not have to be small Say more, kiss your hug is really too towering.

It is reported that this classic action Korean drama has also been produced to become online comics, too much from netizens who like it, so that Xiaobian is now talking about this drama, they are very norful to chase the time, if you are color If the party is, then this drama will be very in line with your appetite.

Although it is not a very new Korean drama, this drama must be not enough, I believe there are many small friends have experienced two brush and three brushes, yes! This drama is such a classic, no matter how many times, it will be the kind of Korean drama.