The 50-year-old woman was cut into Ni, and he fell in love with the woman. How did she go to this step today?

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The 50-year-old woman was cut into Ni, and he fell in love with the woman. How did she go to this step today?

2021-12-05 00:02:42 101 ℃

Although she is a famous actor, she has Chen Xiaoxu, a fierce ending.

Her life can be smooth, why do you frequently fall in love with women? Why did you choose to shave your home in the Buddha?

On November 18 this year, some media broke the Taiwan actress Tangdehui towed to Ni, and broke into the empty door.

This news appears in the entertainment circle to always surprise.

Work life in place of the jade food is not, the bias is selected with the blue light ancient Buddha, which makes many people feel incredible.

When I saw Tangdehui's self-timer, I also question this is just a show, I have never seen any family, I still use beauty.

The family will naturally pay attention to the four major empty, not being embedded by the red dust, and will not care about there is no grinding and whitening before the lens.

The media also exploded As early as September Dowdehui completed the shaving ceremony, it is said that her father also visited the whole process.

Although the father and family claim that the father and family support the daughter's decision, it can be clearly seen from the photo.

As the saying goes, there will be because it is to look at the red dust, there should be a chair, it will never be a head of the mind.

However, according to the past experience of Duduhui, this home choice may be the best.

Lift Tang Dehui, many people should have heard this name.

If everyone still remembers the Yin Shi Niang in "Feng Shen Heroes", it is also the highest achievement in her performance.

She was born in Taiwan. She was mixed in the entertainment circle to not more than two reasons, acting and reputation.

The audience who read the Yin Shun Middlemunition was mixed with her acting skills, but it was generally no problem.

The light is in appearance, and Tangdehui is also a crane group and is stationed.

From the five-year-old photos, it is completely seen that the years have left the traces left on her face.

The old goddess in the entertainment circle is always bringing the goods. Look at Liu Xiaoqing's endorsement, how many maintenance products and cosmetics will know.

Perhaps Tangdehui also looked at this business opportunity, and the road to acting will not go to the beauty industry.

In this industry, she has a unique condition, it is a living signboard, soon she became a beauty writer.

With the "beauty battle" book, it is also in the industry to stand firm.

In recent years, it is active in some publications and business, and the foreground is bright.

At this time, she went to go out to go home, this had to mention another reason why she did not be famous in the entertainment circle.

Where is the entertainment industry? Said that heard is that the great attention under the spotlight, it is difficult to listen to the transparent life under countless eyes.

Especially when the actress played some large-scale films, it is even more difficult to turn over.

It is possible to put a piece of dress in a dress like Shu Qi, and Douddehui is one of the people who fail to turn over.

In fact, it is nothing to do with large-scale movies, but she will always be in the role of mapping movies.

According to the break, Dangde Hui fell in love with a man at the age of 16, and this man has already had a home world.

After the news broke out, she was quickly taken on a small hat and brought stable.

Public opinion is always a harsh woman, almost all public opinion fires are aligned with her.

As for this emotion, she knows that she is not known to the man's home, but I don't care if I don't care, after all, people may prefer the public figures that wear a hat.

The top of the pressure, Tang Dehui, who welcomed the second spring at the age of 21, this time she was unmarried.

Compared to the small three, this unmarried pregnancy is very unsteady, but the sad reminder is that the man suddenly disappeared without a trace, only the mother and child are still a life.

I heard that the child's father later wanted to return to his own flesh after marriage with others, and the result was strongly opposed by his wife, so this can't.

A person has a child who is not particularly touched against Duduhui. After all, her external condition is her greatest advantage.

Soon she met the third boyfriend, and this time they walked into the hall of marriage.

The back of the reverse thing will be guessed, and if she wants to be happy, she will not have this.

This marriage was only announced in the year.

I can't say anyone who is wrong, but Tangdehui looks like a man's eyes is really not.

A love after this, became the biggest reason for her.

She fell in love with a woman.

You see this, the first time I can say that I don't know what year, and the people around you have passed.

But this time she is hard to start in the entertainment industry, this time is exhausted.

Tangdehui retired by a living.

Moderator, actor, these in the spotlight, unlimited, unlimited, will never have a dedication.

To speaking so many things, this time should be the best time she went home, but her heart still has a most important concern, her underage son.

She may be a lot, but only to her son, she is worthy of.

In the later days, she broke out, do beauty, everything was working hard for their son.

Now the son has become a family, she also welcomes half a hundred ages.

The mind that I want to go out is a bit hesitation at this time.

Buddhism, she is studying, or she is still learning. But what you need to have someone to push her in the past to complete the final transformation. Fortunately, she still has a son daughter-in-law.

With the support of the daughter-in-law, she bravely be determined to be myself.

The idea of ​​doing your father to your daughter, I didn't agree.

But when he saw the daughter's eyes, I felt that any persuasion was so pale.

Tangdehui has shaved, the law was passed down.

Chen Xiaoxu, who was out of the year, was broken and dead, and truly realized.

But for religion, in addition to making people have another level of meaning, it is to let people find something.

The first half of Duduhui, in everyone's opinion, it is absolutely not happy, and she may be confused by so many bumps.

What kind of life is worth the efforts to make determined from the beginning?

She didn't find the answer in that year, ignorant, missed it, she has decided that the future will chase after the sound of the wooden fish.

What we can do is to lead to a ring and grasp every happy life.