After the 80s, Li Xiu Ming is Chen Daoming, a famous potato chip, actually a billionaire

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After the 80s, Li Xiu Ming is Chen Daoming, a famous potato chip, actually a billionaire

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Speaking of the Hong Kong-star of the 1990s, everyone must be familiar with: Four Daguang, Meigu, Brother, Lin Qingxia, Guan Zhilin ... Every one has been red and half the sky, so that countless young men and women are crazy.

However, if you talk about the continent of the 1990s, do you know a few?

Chen Daoming, Tang Guoqiang, Liu Xiaoqing, Pan Hong ... It seems that we can think of it now, call the name, but only 4 or five.

Chinese young actress at the last century

Because than the idolization, star, the continent, the mainland is much lower than that, and there is much low.

Even after the first-line star is separated from the screen, it will return to life, and there is no different from our ordinary people.

Li Xiuming is one of the many "ordinary people".

As Chen Daoming's classmates, after the double news of the 1980s, after the view of the film and television bottleneck and no play, she did not be frustrated, and she did not rely on the upper.

Instead, choose to exit the screen, come from the beginning, start a business with the husband to sell potato chips, and finally successfully promoted hundreds of millions of rich women.

What exactly gave Li Xiu Ming courage, let her have no retrieval of entrepreneurship, in the process of entrepreneurship, she has experienced what is not known, and let us know one by one today.

Li Xiuming

Li Xiuming, born in Tianjin on December 9, 1954, is very interested in literary drama since childhood. At the age of 18, she followed her own wish into the school class of Tianjin People's Art, and began to formally study film performance.

It is worth mentioning that there is also a famous film and television male star in Tianjin People's Art Theater, Chen Daoming, a national first-level actor. At that time, like Li Xiun, or a silent young student.

In 1973, Li Xiu Ming was completed from the school class and stayed at the theater as an actor.

At that time, China's film and television industry could not compare with today, from the script to the director, as a new actor who had just met, I want to get out, not just effort, and luck.

Undoubtedly, Li Xiuming is the one who is working hard and luck.

In 1975, she was only 21 years old, she was selected by the movie "Spring" crew of the movie "Spring" crew with the excellent appearance and solid active skills.

I am afraid that she didn't think of her own, the first film will harvest such a big success. The movie "Spring Miao" is released throughout the country, and Li Xiun, who has played her female master, naturally became a new mass goddess, and the next year was transferred to the Beijing Movie Production Factory.

Movie "Spring Miao" poster

If you change it to the average person, it will definitely be dizzy by this sudden joy, live in the aura given by the public.

Can Li Xiu Ming is not the same, she clearly knows where her short board is, and what is wrong.

Therefore, after rapidity is famous, she not only has not become high-profile, but the opposite is more humble.

Even after she got the mastery of the masters, she took the initiative to ask for advice, carrying out a long-lasting voice training, and practiced solid singing.

After self-precipitation, she will start again after sublimation.

From 1978 to 1980, she has starred in "Giant" "sweet career", "Tonight Star" and other works, hottest.

However, the so-called "workplace is proud, love is frustrated", and Li Xiu Ming, which is thriving in the actor, has a crisis.

It turned out that Li Xiuming has already married Cheng family. Her husband is an officer of China Beihai Fleet, and the two also have a cute daughter.

With the continuous climb of Li Xiuming, the couple gathered in the husband and wife, the contradiction is highlighted, and ultimately can only break up in the late 1970s.

Li Xiu Ming after divorce, must take care of the work, and take care of the mother's daughter, the days are quite difficult.

But she didn't feel bitter, but in turn treated her with her movie material. When playing the role, it is very popular, and the mood is very in place.

In 1981, she won the 2nd China Movie Golden Award and the 5th Volkswagen Award of the 5th Volkswagen Award and the 5th Volkswagen Boutique Award. Rear.

This is the highest achievement that an actress can achieve at the time of China, which is much better today.

Later, Li Xiu Ming made a great efforts to connect a lot of well-known director and as red, and there were many people who had an endless role.

Among them, especially the "Peacock Princess" and the "Peacock Princess" and the "Peacock Princess" and the "Peacock Princess" and the "Autumn" of Li Zhizheng and Chen Xiguang jointly starred.

In order to better shape the role, let the character image is more full, Li Xiuming also worshiped the famous Peking Opera actor Li Weicang, the couple of Qiqiao as a teacher, drilled the Beijing opera.

Even she also deliberately draws out my hard work, go to the Chinese Opera Dance Theater to learn to dance.

It can be said that Li Xiuming's success on the play is a lucky component, but it is inseparable, it is her optimism and tireless effort.

Try to ask today's young artists, have several people who can do Li Xiu Ming?

02 transfer business sea

In the middle and late 1980s, the development of China's film industry entered the bottleneck stage. Li Xiunming, which came to pick up his soft, was also facing the dilemma that can be photographed.

When everyone thought she would silence, when she didn't return it, I held a personal concert in Beijing, and I used a voice to tell you another style after explaining. It can be said that this concert is very successful. Many of her fans once again converted to fans, continue to support her singing. If Li Xiuming can continue to be active in film and television circles, maybe she is not bad than old classmates today.

But who Li Xiun is who is not in accordance with ordinary people, who likes to challenge.

In the 1988 autumn of development into the bottleneck, she has been prepared by the Beijing Finance and Trade College marketing professional.

This concert, in addition to giving back to her audience, it is also a graduation gift she gave himself. Since then, she will join hands with her own lover, together with the seafare, and encounter Confucianism during the training. Determine your love relationship because of common ideals to come together

After the continuous examination, Li Xiuming finally determined his own development goals: producing selling potato chips.

Have to say, this is a very bold decision in the 1990s, that time, many people don't know what the potato chips are, don't mention the active to buy, Li Xiu Ming's pressure and risks are very large. .

However, there is a pressure to have power, and there is a challenge to have achievements. Li Xiu Ming is very enjoyable, not only relatives to buy raw materials, but also personally design employee clothing.

But reality is often more cruel than imagining, who is willing to buy?

In order to get a market recognition, Li Xiun and other employees have been wearing a professional suit, a shopping mall, a shopping mall, and a high-heeled foot bubble.

Some people advise her to advertise the identity after their own shadows, which will not only get more customers, they can also save some.

After she heard, she cooked, she didn't want to use this way to kidnap her fans, she wants to conquer customers with the taste, not to rely on the feelings.

In this way, I am sorry to love her audience, and I am sorry for my efforts to play.

It's good to have a heartbeat, after I have experienced the early days of rushing, after the bleak days, Li Xiuming's potato chips entered the right track, and became one of more well-known potato chips.

And she is also promoted into a successful female entrepreneur of 100 million.

In fact, there is no ugly duckling to make a beautiful fairy tale, only the ordinary people who are constantly working hard, and the final hunting history.

03 Re-abortion

In 2002, when the potato chips found in Li Xiun, she made a very shocking decision: sale company.

It turned out that she had already entered the marriage of the marriage with the lovers, and sent a pair of children in the shortly after marriage, plus her own and ex-husband's daughter, is already a mother of three children.

In addition to work, in addition to fighting career, she also takes care of the children in the family, especially after the age, she seems to be a bit of strength, no way to do two heads.

In order to better take care of children, operate their families, she decided to sell the company to Pepsi Group after discussing with her husband, and the potato chips she founded were also unified for Pepsi potato chips (we often eaten. " brand).

At this point, the legendary woman finally ended her career, completely returned to the family, returning to ordinary.

Some people have been regrettable for her, think she can further success in their career. This is not the case for Li Xiuming.

Because when you are young, what she wants to do is realized. If the loss is the most, there is the most family. Now you can accompany your family, be a regular home woman, for Li Xiu Ming, did not taste a success.

After Li Xiu Ming returned to the family, Li Xiuming's daughter gradually grew up, in order to round her dreams, Li Xiu Ming decided to go to Canada and settled there.

Although the location of living changes, the environment of life has also changed, but Li Xiu Ming strives to improve the self's heart or as always.

Under her lead, the whole family is four people, four study rooms.

When you are busy, you will be busy, and you will have a tea study. At the same time that you will continue to improve the knowledge reserves, you will also have a more comfortable day.

A reporter once interviewed Li Xiun, asked her how her is now, she once said: Every time I come back, I can see two children's filled smiles and feel happy.

Today, Li Xiun is 67 years old, and her children are also married and have children.

Although we are hard to hear about her news, we have reason to believe that people who have their own brains like Li Xiu Ming will have a good person.

From the primary students to the big star, from divorced women to entrepreneurs, Li Xiu Ming's identity is converted, but the only constant is her effort and jog.

She always knows her position, and she will always understand what they want. And will also rush to rush to the land for the whole force.

This is the secret of her success. Everyone can see that everyone can summarize it, but people can not replicate successfully.

Because Thinking and Executive is isolated for most people, they have forgotten the latter.

So I want to succeed, I want to make my life no longer left regret, then the best way is to act, don't let the laziness, don't let the fear obstruct, like Li Xiun, so you can see moreA wide world!