Has a ticket!4K repair IMAX version of "Fantastic Year" Mainland Premiere

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Has a ticket!4K repair IMAX version of "Fantastic Year" Mainland Premiere

2021-12-05 06:03:22 49 ℃

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In 1991, Wang Jiawei directed the second movie long film [Afei Zheng Chuan] On the stage of the 10th Hong Kong Movie Picture Award, the best movie, best director, best actor, best photography, most Jia Art Guide Total Five Awards.

Movie [A Fei Zheng Chuan]

After some scene, he blessed a movie company in Xihuyuan Road, Kowloon City with friends.

Wang Jiawei and Liu Zhenwei

The neighboring company is not far from the Kai Tak Airport, just like countless Hong Kong films, there will be a plane whistling from the roof every day. And this is the origin of the "Zedong Film Company" - Take the Harmony of Jet Aircraft (JET) and Tone (TONE), English name is directly written Jet Tone Film Production.

This year, it is the 30th anniversary of the founding of Zedong movie, and in a series of commemorative activities, there is such a film, which is highly eye-catching. It is [Fantastic Year], starring Liang Chaowei and Zhang Manyu, born in 2000. As early as 2020, the film has officially launched a 4K repair version and held an open-air premiere in the New York Film Festival, which is extremely romantic.

[Fantastic Year] 4K Repair version of the poster in April 2021, this version is officially released in Hong Kong, China.

[Fantasse Year] Hong Kong Remnant Poster

Thereafter, the open-air show was held in Bologna, Bologna, Italy.

The open air of Bologna, Italy is shown in September in the second half of the year, and Wang Jiawei announced its first film NFT work, a 1 minute and 30 seconds of unprecedented movie fragment. This is a fragment of "Fantastic Year - a moment", which is also from several scenery [fancy years]. Only the only version of the decision is issued, and the romantic magnification of the Z generation digital code is also the extreme.

[Fantastic Year] Unobstructure

Time swayed to December, [Fantasia Year] This classic of this classic has made a big news. In the case of the 2021 Golden Classic Film Exhibition, 4K repair version of [Fantasia] as "closed giant offer" in column! As the saying goes, "good meals are not afraid of late", and this bowl of Jinji Hong Kong Classic Film Exhibition Table is more than a big surprise - put the world's first IMAX version!

[Fantastic Year] IMAX version is the first time

Wang Jiawei's director even personally personally, giving the game fan audience:

Wang Jiawei Director Handwritten Message

"I am very happy to show the" Matssenger "in this Jinji Baihua Film Festival will be released in the IMAX version. I hope that you will not miss it for many years. Please don't miss it! If you do one IMAX movie ticket, would you look? Wang Jiawei 2021 "is also as written by posters - remember reproduction, countless fans from the end of 2020, this is finally able to see it on the big screen. In addition to [Fantasia], this year's Jinji Hong Kong Classic Film Exhibition has also incorporated 10 classic port films, and it is still not missed. This Golden Chicken Classic Film Exhibition has been invoiced on December 3.

In addition to [Fantasia], there are also those classic Hong Kong movies that will meet with everyone in this golden chicken, Hong Kong classic film exhibition, let's continue to say. ▼ First, it is the classic work of Chen Musheng director [there is a love].

Movie [天 若 情 情]

The classic extent of the movie must not say more, and its 10th Hong Kong Film Picture Award in 1991 has got four nominations, and eventually won the best male rewards award from Wu Menda. Within one year, we have also bid farewell to the director Chen Musheng and "Dad Shu" Wu Mengda. As an opening film, [If there is a love] This time I miss the chance of two movies on the big screen, I believe that there are many fans who don't want to miss. It is followed by another classic of Wang Jiawei's director - [A Fei Zheng Chuan].

Movie [A Fei Zheng Chuan]

Wang Jiawei and Du Kefeng teamed up to create the iconic visual style, which morning in the DNA of the movie fans. With the film, Zhang Guorong won the 10th Hong Kong Movie Picture. There is also a classic performance of Zhang Manyu, Liu Jialing, and Liu Dehua, Zhang Xueyou, Pandihua, Liang Chaowei, showing unparalleled charm on the big screen. The [Like Water Flow Anjian] directed by Yan Hao also appeared in this single single.

Movie [Like Water Flow]

The film tells the story in Hong Kong to return to Chaoshan Hostel, and the grandmother is mourning, and thereby fleeing the city's troubles. In 1985, the 4th Hong Kong Movie Pictim Award, [Like Water Flow] A total of 11 awards were nominated, and the best film, the best director, the best screenwriter, the best heroine, the best new actor, Best Art Guide Six Awards. Siqin Gaowa has been with this film, it has become the first mainland actress after the Hong Kong movie gold image. Also not to be missed, and Chen Kein's classic work [Double City Story].

Movie [Shuangcheng Story] This film is Chen Kexin's movie long film director. Zeng Zhiwei has brought the performance of the 11th Hong Kong Movie Picture Award in 1992. If you talk about the classic of Hong Kong, Xu Aihua's [Tianshui Day and Night] must not fall.

Movie [Day and night]

The film won the best director, the best screenwriter, the best heroine, the best female support. The story of the "sad town" in Tianguiwei, no matter when it refuses, there is still Yu Wei. It is worth mentioning that in this case, there is a documentary [music life]. Movie [music life]

The film across six years, description, excavated Hong Kong piano gods in music and life growth course. "Godboy" is interlaced in parallel with the other side of the actual life, but all the audience who have seen it are unable to be deep. ▼ The current video show is "classic", but the classic is actually not equal to "nostalgic". There are also many non-classic classics, such as this [Years of Thief].

Movie [Years of Thief]

The film is directed by Luo Qi Rui, Ren Dahua, Wu Junru, Zhong Shao, Li Zhen, etc. I have won the best screenwriter in 2010, Hong Kong Movie Pictim Award, Best Active, Best New Actor, Best Original Movie Song. For many fans, this film is a well-deserved "tear classic". The spirit of Hong Kong, still not bent in the Lion Mountain, still has strong power in front of this sneak in the years. Also from the film of the 2010 generation, there is also this section [one thing is not clear].

Movie [once ignorance]

The film nominated 8 awards in the 366th Hong Kong Movie Picture Award in 2017. Finally, the best male supporting, best female support, and Xinjin Director awards. ▼ To mention Hong Kong movie, you can't bypass, it is a silver image. This year's Golden Chicken Classic Film Exhibition will also have two classic works of the silver-river image landing on the big screen. The first part is Du Qifeng directed [Judao Dragon Tiger List].

Movie [Judo Dragon Tiger List]

The film remakes the classic movie from the Black Zeeming [Zi Si Shuo], by the ancient Tianle, Guo Fuguo, and should be in the case of picking, Liang Jiahui, Chen Xiaochun. The film does not have Du Qifeng, or the landmark gun battle of the Galaxy, the fight, and the battle scene, but still drama tension. At the same time, it is full of fun. The second part is the classic work of Zheng Baorui [accident].

Movie [accident]

The film starred by Gu Tianle, Ren Xianqi, Feng Qufan, Ye Wei, Lin Xue and other. Brake, suspense, reversed, these today is still very popular type elements, playing in Zheng Baorui hands. Especially the truth of the rainy night, watching on the big screen, the experience will be particularly emotional. ▼ Everyone has a classic classic that never forgets. 2021 Golden Chicken Hong Kong Classic Film Exhibition is a single way, I believe that it is already able to hit the hearts of most fans. These classic port films will be surprised in Xiamen, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, from December 17th to 30th.

In addition, it is worth noting that the [Digital Year], [Afei Zheng Chuan], [A Fei Zheng Chuan], [A Fei Zheng Chuan], [A Fei Zheng Chuan], [Jun Road Dragon Tiger], [Afong Tiger List], will be 4K, will be the clearest state, See you in the big screen. The star is bright, the feelings are constant, the most exciting exhibition activity at the end of the year is about to debut. Two weeks later, go to the Jinji Hong Kong Classic Film Exhibition, met with you in the big one!