Iu returns to the Melon Music Awards Ceremony in 4 years, and won two great rewards

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Iu returns to the Melon Music Awards Ceremony in 4 years, and won two great rewards

2021-12-05 06:03:39 67 ℃

On December 4, Melon Music Awards 2021 (MMA 2021) was held, IU, BTS, AESPA won four great rewards.

For Iu, this is the first time she has participated in Melon Music Awards for four years. Her last appearance was in 2017, at the time, she won the annual album, the best version of the article and TOP 10 artist (Daishang).

On the MMA 2021, IU broke this record and won a total of five awards: not only an annual album, the best composer and re-entered TOP 10 artists (Daishang, and annual albums and best solo (female). Two of these awards are great rewards: annual albums and annual artists.

Iu said in her annual artist speech: "I have won such a big award. The annual artist award is a very heavy award. This year, there are many artists working hard, but I have a big effort, but I got this alone. Awards, so I have a gratitude to other artists. I will assume the burden of this award, and use it for next year's music creation. Artists, you have worked hard this year. "

She continued: "We can now hold small concerts. Next year, I want to know more people from closer distance. Because today uena [Fans Club Name] Here, I can feel that I really got award. UAENAS, I got five trophies, are you proud of me? I am very happy that I can make UAENAS pride. I can enjoy all the day with all K-POP fans soon. I love you. "

For the annual album, IU said: "This is a big award. This year, I am more eager than the music than ever, and consume it with the audience. I feel very good. My music career is from one The angle can be seen very short. If you can see it from another angle, I have never rested from the I have never been taken from the age of 20 to 30 years old. I have to rest, but I spent 10 years. Time passed by my song and like my music, so I think I have done very well. This is really a winner I want to win. Next year, I will work hard in my cool 30 years old .uaenas ,I love you."