In the past ten years, the most impaired costume TV drama has these

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In the past ten years, the most impaired costume TV drama has these

2021-12-05 06:03:22 43 ℃

After entering the second decade of the new century, costume outstanding drama TV series in particular and more, and more complex story line, serving tract is particularly beautiful, outstanding acting skill.

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First, "Zhen Huan Chuan"

Original: purple flow trough

Screenwriter: Wang Xiaoping

Director: Zheng Xiaolong

Starring: Sun Li Jianbin, Dong learn, Jiang Xin, Ada Choi, ZHANG Xiao

Starred: Lan Xi, Tao is pleased, Chen Sisi, Tan Song Yun, Tang Xin Yi, according to hot rolling, and other sparkling blue


Qing Yongzheng, supreme court Shaoqing Chen Zhen Huan daughter all the way with her friends and Shen Mei Zhuang Ling Yung is selected in the draft, entered the palace to become harem concubines.

They involved harem battles, witnessed the battle royal between cold and vicious woman, witness of darkness, experiencing betrayal and persecution, through various tests and Jung left out, Zhen Huan way to upgrade Daguai, toppled Hua Fei, Queens, often from the elegant to the bin and then abandoned wives to Kanroji become a monk, and then counter-attack back to the palace, as a mother Hongli Xi became Royal.

After Yongzheng's death, Hongli throne to become the Queen Mother.

At the same time, she also spoke with complaints Yongzheng, seventeen Lord yunli and warm feelings of the early imperial entanglements real story.

Majestic drama, tells the story of a woman growing inside into the Chinese classical culture to increase the drama and cultural heritage.

The second "Wulin"

Original Screenplay: Ning Caishen

Director: Shang Jing

Starring: Yan Ni, Sha Yi, Yao Chen, Yuen Tai, Wang Shasha

Starred: Ni Hongjie, Jiang Chao,

Description: This is a Shang Jing Zhang Hui costume sitcom director shot, this is a story revolves around a virtual dynasty - a small town in the Ming Dynasty funny story between several young men and women a small inn narrative unfold . This is a traditional and modern, East and West, humor and warmth coexist point data, not only the teachings of deconstruction and post-modern realism style also incorporates a variety of popular network language, humor is a very nice TV.

Watercress score of 9.4 points.

Heroes because of dissatisfaction with his father daughter Guo Furong control, ran away from home, but accidentally entered an inn with the blessing, then, to be a working staff dispensers Tong Xiangyu team led by the inn.

Tong Xiangyu Stingy extreme, fascinating and charming, but kind-hearted, sentimental and very chicken thief, her mantra is, the amount of the wrong blanket, the amount should not be married here, if the amount is not married here, it will not suffer so much .

Xi'an dialect that a people laugh spray.

With the blessing Inn has Baizhan Tang waiter, he will acupuncture, martial arts there is a thief, wanted to rehabilitate, in fact, timid as a mouse. He is the most skilled martial arts sunflower acupuncture hand.

The newly added heroes daughter, handyman Guo Furong she count on martial arts, loitering rivers and lakes, like hands and feet, although the daughter of heroes, in fact, martial arts is not ye, is a standard Sassy Girl, like most martial arts is overwhelming, quick to come a.

Li Dazui cook all day long fantasy to learn martial arts when heroes, is not a good cook.

It will afterwards of Annette was often the Master said all the time, in fact, he seems to be a hundred no one scholar, physically very weak, but with a glib tongue enemy group of words, the person will die insanity .

He therefore lucky hit to mix to a "off heroes" in the title.

There boarding inn unparalleled wish, although the sunflower sent his disciples, in fact, is often bullied weak woman, beautiful but not love to patronize.

There naughty girl Mo Beckham, Tong Xiangyu's sister sub, rivers and lakes rumors of a Monster, in fact, is a love of truancy and just want to eat candied fruit little girl would.

The whole town only two Detective, a Laoxing, a small six, dreamed of destroying the case every day, upright but no skill, but do not know the real thief on the side.

Fixed on these figures, however, there is a role for each story running water, and guest appearances by a number of well-known actors, with them, and ultimately hilarious stories and exciting plot.

This is also a drama with rice, but also because the TV series, each episode a separate story, not even afraid of fragments together, and especially humorous lines, performers also very easy.

Today, Tong Xiangyu Guo Furong and active on the silver screen, this year's "Aboriginal Love" also starred at the same time they grew up with Mo Beckham, but, Tong Xiangyu Guo Furong leadership, Mo Beckham is a peasant woman, and played mother.

Bai Zhantang active in variety shows, in reality, is the father of two children.

Was friends Bachu handsome little meat according to the times.

Third, the "know not, know not, it should be Lvfeihongshou"

"Knowing whether know whether it should be Lvfeihongshou" by Hou Hongliang as producer, directed open-chou, who Lu, Wu Tong screenwriter, Zhao Liying, starring William Feng, Zhu Yilong, Shi poetry, Zhang Jianing, Cao Cuifen, Liu Jun, Liu Lin, Gull, Wangren Jun, according to Xiao Li, Wang Herun, Zhang Xiaoqian, Li Hongtao starred in the TV series.

The play is adapted from concern for the chaos of the same name novel about the daughter Minglan large Song Sheng-hung of Yangzhou pass sentence of (Zhao Liying decorated) to obey his mother's last words, convergence edge, surrendered Sheng old lady wings care. Hou Fu Ning and Gu Ting Ye second son (Feng Shao Feng ornaments) from the strange to know each other, who have become rare and elegant in her life.

Sheng Minglan Yangzhou pass sentence Sheng Hong concubine born daughter because the mother madding crowd, the cold Sheng Hong, Lin being bullied Mother, died in childbirth when the birth of the second son, was only eight years old Minglan , it was adopted grandmother, healthy growth in the grandmother's upbringing.

Sheng Minglan has grown by her mother, her kindness and more fence, can strive for her rights. She wisdom and decisive, hidden in the adversity, and hidden in the adversity.

In love, giving up Mombao male, marrying the Ruyi Lang Jun, although it is in a house and palace, but with intelligence talents, it becomes a big family as a mother.

Several other sisters, the ink heart machine is deep, full of hooks, Sherhouse, such as Lan Xin Ji, from a little happy and happy.

Whether it is a female role or a male role, this is three-dimensional, not flat.

They have blood and meat, have advantages and disadvantages, the authors have neither deceased protagonist, and there is no excessive anti-supporting role.

Fourth, "Chang'an 12 hours"

Original: Ma Buben

Director: Cao Shun

Starring: Lei Jiayin, Yi Yi Qianlu, hot is tie, etc.

Tianbao three years, Chang'an City Shangyuan Festival, the city opened the city, a team of Wolf, the opportunity to pretend to be the business team to mix into the western city, and the words are not right. Jing Ji Duxi Li Bi is ordered to raise the wolf guard, but the secret arrested plan failed, and the first leader of the Wolf Wei was escape.

Zhang Xiaoyuan was born in the Tang Dynasty soldiers. After the retiring of Tangcheng local security "bad people", long-term coordination and maintenance of local safety work, but due to improper violation of the Direct to be prison.

The Jingan Department, which is responsible for Tang Cheng security, discovered the suspicious personnel who mixed into Tangcheng. Because Zhang Xiaowei's familiarity with the personnel and geography of the incident, Jing'an Special Appointment will send Zhang Xiaodian's sin to detect the case.

After Zhang Xiaoyuan's investigation, it was found that the enemy's conspiracy was to make confusion in the gathering of the Employment Festival.

Distance to the Element Festival Flower Conference is only a few hours left, Zhang Xiaoyou must grasp the destroyed assassin in front of the Shangyuan Festival.

In the investigation and pursuit of Zhang Xiaoyuan, Zhang Xiaoyuan also found that the Jing'an has actually there is an internal response of the enemy. Zhang Xiaoyuan finally opened his back, and he prevented the occurrence of the ruined in Chang'an City in the end. .

Yi Yi Qianli is only 17 years old when playing this drama, and this thought is that his acting will be very young. He didn't think that his performance did not lose his old. The opening of this drama uses a mirror to the end, and it is truly reappearing the prosperous prosperity of Chang'an.

The crew is very important to the details, from the service road to soundtrack, from the light to photography, the whole play is a movie texture, which makes people look amazing.

The props in the play are also very real. It is in line with the history of the Tang Dynasty. At a look, it is in-depth research, the suspense and red sincereity of the collection are a sincerity.

Fifth, "Qing Ping"

"Qing Pingle" is a noon Sunshine, Zhou Hongliang, Tencent Video Joint Products, Hou Hongliang, Zhang Han Dynasty, Zhu Zhu, Wang Kai, Jiang Shi, Ren Min, Yang Wei, Charging, Ye Zu Xin, Yu Zitai, Wang Churan, Liu Wei, etc. starring the ancient legend.

The play is adapted from Milan Lady's same name novel. It is a complicated and true Song Renzong in the north and sponsor, and the people who have a chaotic hit and shear.

Song Renzong, the Northern Song Dynasty (Wang Kai) learned from adults, he learned that he grew up his growing mother Liu Wei (Wu Yue) is not his maternal mother, but he is a mother, his maternal mother is in the past The method was framed, and the father was hopped into the cold palace.

The mother and the child are unable to meet, he is very guilty, and there is a delay between Liu Wei.

Liu Yu's power has taken a monopolism, and he has never been willing to return to the government.

Unfortunately, Liu Wei also has a minister, these ministers leaning on the old agenda continue to face his politicalness and hood, even the Queen must be selected.

They are ugly to find the new Queen Cao Danu (Jiang Shuying).

Cao Dan's original woman, but her husband is young, I am not interested in marriage, the newly married night is cold, the bride is directly with the sum, in exchange for freedom, but is selected into the palace, become a queen.

When I saw the appearance, Cao Dan, Song Renzong was also more satisfied, but it was not his favorite woman.

On the chartroom, Song Renzong faces the prestige between the conventions and the old ministers and the old power of the people, but Zhao Wei governs the country, such as the scales, weighing the power of all parties, and is exciting for the state.

Back to the harem, what he is facing is the troubles of all emperors.

Time has been so far over the years, Zhao Wei's daughter Huiguo princess has grown up, and has established a deep feeling with the talents accompanying himself.

However, Song Renzong married his favorite daughter Huiguo (Renmin) to Li Jia's descendants Li Wei, deeply love Huiji's emblem princess, Li Wei, who is not like, the mediocrity of Mu, the mediocre, I finally got a conflict with my husband, regardless of all night bucklemen, breaking the most stringent rules of the empire, triggered the sky, and the Sima Guang even went to "crush the first" on the main hall.

Zhao Wei's life is cared for "said words", "supervising the national monarch", making him struggle between the love of women and maintaining the concept of governing the country.

In the end, the princess has been struggling with a half-crazy fight, which has never succumbed to the fate of "Being Li Wei's true wife", but he will not meet with Huiji.

The biggest point of this TV drama is that the big Song Ding court disputes, but also a celebrity, Fan Zhongyan, Yan Shu, Bao Zheng, Sima Guang, Su Dongpo appeared.