Take a closer look at the "escape" of Alice Moro

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Take a closer look at the "escape" of Alice Moro

2021-12-05 12:03:10 19 ℃

The Nobel Prize winner Canadian writer Alice Montero's "Escape" tells a story of a young woman refuses to flee a bad marriage. This story debuted in "New Yorkers" on August 11, 2003. It also appeared in the same name series in Munro 2004.

Multiple escapes

People who are out of control, animals and emotions are in the story.

Wife Kara is out of control. When she was 18 years old, she violated her parents' wishes to marry her husband Clark, and they have been alienated with them. Now, she boarded the bus to Toronto, escaped the second time - this time is from Clark.

Carla beloved Bai goat Flora seems to be a fugitive, and it is not soon disappeared shortly before the beginning of the story. (However, in the end of the story, Clark seems to have been trying to get rid of this goat.)

If we think "out of control" means "out of control" (such as "out of control train"), then other examples will appear in the story. First, Sylvia Jamieson has an out-of-control emotional attachment of Carla (Sylvia friends who dismiss it as inevitable "fascia girls"). There is also the uncontrolled involvement of Sylvia's life of Kara, and pushed her to Sylvia thought the most suitable road, but she may not be ready or do not really want this road.

The marriage of Clark and Kara seems to embark on the track of the out of control. Finally, Clark's out-of-control temper was carefully recorded in the early days. When he went to Sylvia at night, he confronted the kara, he would be truly dangerous.

The similarities between goats and girls

Mango describes the behavior of goats in a way that reflects Kara and Clark relationship. She wrote:

"At first she was completely Clark's pet, with him, dancing attracts his attention. She is like a kitten as agile, elegant and teasing, she is like a naive love girl to make them both laugh."

When Kara left home, her behalf was like a goat as a starlight. When she pursued "more real life" with Clark, she was full of "joy of dizziness." She is impressed with his beauty, colorful work experience and "everything about him ignores her".

Clark repeatedly implied that "Floria may just leave to find Bili" obviously similar to Kara to flee parents to marry Clark.

This parallel relationship is especially disturbing that Flola is lost in the first time, she is lost, but still alive. When she disappeared second time, she could hardly kill her. This indicates that the kara is returning to Clark will be in a more dangerous situation.

With the maturity of goat, she changed the alliance. Muno wrote: "But with the growth of age, she seems to attach to the kara. In this attachment, she suddenly became more smart, no longer so embarrassing; the opposite, she seems to show a gentle and ironic humor feel."

In fact, if Clark kills the goat (and it looks likely), this symbolizes any impulse to eliminate Kara independent thinking or action, and become a "honest girl in love" to marry him.

Kara's responsibility

Although Clark is obviously a kind of ferocious, ignorant power, this story also blames Kara himself on the Kara himself.

Consider that Flora allows Clark to stroke her way, even if he may be responsible for her initial disappearance and may kill her. When Silvia tried to stroke her, Flora low as if he would hit it.

"Goat is unpredictable," Clark told Sylvia. "They look very warm, but actually not this. It will not be." His words seem to apply to Kara. Her behavior unexpectedly, standing on the side of Clark that caused her pain, and got off the bus and gave up the escape provided by Sylvia to "hit" Sylvia.

For Lin Qingyu, Kara is a girl who needs to be guided and saved. She is hard to imagine that Kara returns to Clark choices, is an adult woman's choice. "Have she grow up?" Silvia asked Clark about goat. "She looks so small."

Clark's answer is two: "She is as big as she is forever." This indicates that Carla's "greatest" may be different from Sylvia definitions of "long". In the end, Silvia understood the view of Clark. She gave the apology letter to the Kara even explained that she "mistakenly thinks that Kara's freedom and happiness are one thing."