She is Dang Wendi, Hong Kong, 29 years old, gambling king four too, was specialized for 30 years, gaining property over 10 billion

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She is Dang Wendi, Hong Kong, 29 years old, gambling king four too, was specialized for 30 years, gaining property over 10 billion

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Recently Leong controversial, source of the controversy is that she spent 500 million Hong Kong dollars to his son Lawrence Ho Jun Ximeng Yao and his wife bought a mansion in the face of new crown pneumonia epidemic, the public does not know whether she donations to fight the epidemic, but we know that epic two too Lucina's daughter Pansy Ho and Lawrence Ho, son were donated 17.5 million and 20 million.

For the question of whether Angela Leong donations, we do not do too much speculation, nor moral kidnapping, perhaps people have donated very low-key, but not announced, perhaps people are ready to donate, we just let the bullets fly again for a while on the line.

I would say that Angela Leong is not a small role, or even that she has been in a state of war.

Angela Leong why the state has been in a fight?

She took place between Stanley Ho and what kind of story?

Ximeng Yao children

Past the clouds, everything had to start from the beginning of the story.

Stanley Ho's first wife Li Wanhua Miss wealthy family in Macao, Lucina two-bedroom home was once a wealthy family, only later come down, three-bedroom chen wanzhen care workers is born. In contrast, more misery Angela Leong birth, her father was in the military, her mother is a nurse, but she was 13 years old, his father died of cancer, she and her brother and mother had each other. It was a very hard life years, watching a mother who worked day and night to support the family, Angela Leong later secretly vowed to earn a lot of money, so that the mother had a good life.

But in the moment, Angela Leong can not change what she can do is drop out of school, looking for all kinds of work to support their family in the community. At the time she was very talented in dance, the mother discovered her talent, the mother did not want to waste Angela Leong dance talent, so to support her to learn dance, she is also very hard to learn. Soon after she passed some effort, admitted to the Guangzhou Backstage, she became a dancer.

Dancer Angela Leong period

Although become a dancer, but then not many opportunities to perform Angela Leong, she can jump on a short in the "Red Detachment of Women," "White-Haired Girl" and other drama. But she did not give up on themselves, in the absence of the show, while she out to make money to support their family, while efforts to upgrade their level of dance.

Leong waiting for an opportunity.

In 1980, Angela Leong like an opportunity. Guangdong TV was recruiting actors, Leong decided to try it, and she successfully admitted to the Guangdong TV, the successful implementation of a small jump.

But soon after Leong cheated, her actor of the road has also been ruined. Guangdong TV time to sign a contract with her for five years, may sign a contract before, one of his friends to her confession, he said he liked her and wanted to take her out to develop, to create a better future together. At an early age in the lush, Angela Leong believed his friend, so she turned down a television contract, along with the friend went to Hong Kong.

After Hong Kong, the two life is not much improvement, so Angela Leong feel sorry that this kept saying that like her, to be with her friends struggle with the choice left him, leaving her alone in Hong Kong Hong Kong lonely, this year, she was 20 years old.

Young Angela Leong

The face of setbacks in life, no self Angela Leong give up, she decided to save itself, she was removed from Hong Kong to Macau. Arrived in Macau that would be, she was subject to discrimination, but in order to survive, she must adhere to teeth. Then she got a job, but the salaries paid, the boss gave others made 1,300 yuan, but only sent her 800 yuan. She was angry, and yet no alternative but secretly vowed in his heart, "I'll certainly earn more than you."

Finally, through continued efforts, she saved a little money, so she played her specialty in Macau, opened a dance class, specializing in teaching children. At that time she also had a goal, hope I can have a house of their own. She desperately work, most fierce when her day doing four jobs, she morning to go to work in the office in the afternoon to Casino Lisboa do service work, evening women will do a dance teacher, after dinner, then to their dance classes teach children.

Because of her dancing is very good, slowly, she had a little fame in Macau. A Zhaoxing rich kids like her, they are together, but Angela Leong did not achieve big splash, because this relationship is against the man's parents, and ultimately to break up the outcome.

Face hurt feelings, Angela Leong can do is to wipe away the tears and move on. She did not quite understand the feelings, but life can not be stagnant. It is also in this period, traces the fate of Angela Leong was quietly changed. Because dance professor, met Angela Leong Stanley Ho Stanley Ho's third brother exhibition, Sansao Dingyu beads.

One day Eric Show, Ding Yu beads host private parties, invited to participate in the dancing superb Angela Leong, Mr Ho also the day to participate in this private dance. On this day, and Angela Leong Stanley Ho met, Angela Leong Stanley Ho is exhibition, Ding Yu beads couple arranged as Stanley Ho's partner.

After entering the dance floor, He Hongyi praised Liang Anqi's dance skills, and he rarely praised others. That night, He Hongyi did not change the other dance accompanies, and he had been pulling Liang Anqi. Later, He Hongqi had a dance, he would call Liang Anqi. Two people have a big show in the dance, always become the most eye-catching object. At that time, Liang Anqi was 26 years old, He Hongjun was 65 years old, and He Hongyi already had Li Yuhua, Lan Qixu, Chen Yuzhen, three public wife. When you are young, He Hongxi

Let Liang Anqi did not think of it suddenly one day He Hongzhen said to her: "I like you, you are willing?" Liang Anqi understood that He Hongwei wanted her to be her fourth house wife. Liang Anqi suddenly realized that this day would become a turning point of their own destiny. She didn't answer He Hongzhen directly, but said to him hopes that he can give her two days. He Hongqi agreed. After two days, He Hongzhen dialed Liang Anqi's call and asked Liang Anqi's considers. Liang Anqi did not tell him directly, but asked him: "Are you long to me?" He Hongyi said deeply to her in the phone: "You are my last lover." I heard this sentence, Liang Anqi promised He Hongyi. In September 1989, He Hongqi purchased Liang Anqi No. 26 Shoushan Village Road 26 independent house, which is also the way to publish Liang Anqi to the public to become a way to him. This year, Liang Anqi is 29 years old.

Liang Anqi and He Hongxi are dancing

However, a 29-year-old girl "married" gives an old man who has already had 3 wives, many people think about it. So Hong Kong media asked her why she would be willing to do four aunt too, Liang Anqi said very sincerely: "As a woman, no one wants to share her husband with others. But I know, He Hongyi can give me in addition to love, there are more things, beyond I have expected more things. "

Perhaps because of the years, I have experienced too much suffering, and Liang Anqi married into the giants did not feel full. She is very clear that He Hongyi is a lot of wife. If he no longer likes himself, he will be as miserable like his original Li Weihua. She needs more things to make them feel safe. Therefore, He Hongxi gives her 100,000 live fees every month, let her feel at home to be a lottery, she chose to refuse, she wants to achieve greater value, she entered He Hongyi's company.

What is that Liang Anqi did not think of Liang Anqi actually had a business mind, and it was also hard to deal with things. Soon Liang Anqi became a strong assistant in He Hongzheng. As long as He Hongqi wants to do, no matter how hardful, Liang Anqi will do full, she also begins to get involved in the vegetables, golf course, real estate, etc. In 2004, she was "100 women's power list" in China. 35 bit.

At the same time, while Liang Anqi has to face the "little fairy" who likes to contain flowers. Although He Hong, who promised her to her the last lover, but how it will be easy. Close hand. One year, He Hongqi and the female star's profit are close, and it is necessary to make the intelligence become the potential of the five aunt. So she and the second room of Lan Qiong became a united front, and successfully drove away the "foreign enemy".


However, there is no intelligence, there are others, when 85 years old, He Hongzhen looked at his personal care Deng Shi, and there was a media asked how to think between He Hongzhen and Deng Yueti? Liang Anqi said relaxed: "As long as my husband is happy, I am happy." But she is still very concerned about this, Liang Anqi knows how many years have been in the past, and he is deep in He Hongqi in the heart. When He Hong returned home, she was a few times for this. Later, if it was not Deng Yu's former boyfriend to come back to Dun Shi Contra, this matter would not know how to retain.

He Hongyi and Deng Yueti

Compared with this external forces, Liang Anqi also deals inside "enemy". Once she relaxed, He Hongzhen will focus on the second room of Lan Qiong, three rooms Chen Yuzhen. In addition to usually help He Hongyi in the career, there is still a secret weapon in Liang Anqi in life, because she is young, she can have a child, she has a child, why, He Yin, He Weijun, He Jiajia, He Chao Xin five children, especially why family is familiar with three sons, He Hongyi is particularly happy.

He Hongyi, Liang Anqi accompany the children to play

With three sons, Liang Anqi did not relax. She is very clear that her child is the same as the second-bedroom, the children of the two rooms, and the children are the smallest. The wings are not full, need her care, you need her for them more rights and interests. Especially with He Hongzhen age is getting bigger and bigger, this competition will be more hot.

In 2009, He Hongqi is hospitalized, and a property battle will be staged in advance. At that time, the Lan Qiong was robbed in advance, and Liang Anqi immediately won the interest of He Hongyi's core assets, Australian Bo Holdings worth 48 billion shares. Seeing Liang Anqi to occupy the wind, and the blue Qiongqi joint Chen Yuzhen sniper Liang Anqi. In the end, he received a property of 19.2 billion property in He Hongxi, and Chen Yuzhen got a property of 6.7 billion property, and Liang Anqi received a property worth 5.7 billion. By 2019, Liang Anqi's wealth reached 4.2 billion US dollars, and she was 74th in Pubus China's rich list, and she has always been favored.

Liang Anqi and children

After experiencing so many life, Liang Anqi understood that people are the most unreliable because it is the most volatile, and money can give people enough sense of security. Now He Hongyi is a serious illness, he has been 98 years old, and the hope of rehabilitation again is very embarrassing. If you don't work hard in this period, she and her children are dangerous in two rooms and three-bedroom in the future "power struggle" in the future. Only active attack can we obtain the initiative to achieve the final victory.

Liang Anqi and the children give He Hongxi's birthday

Just every time I arrived at the hospital to accompany the 33-year-old man, she would probabilically. Once Lu Yu asked her and He Hong, was not worth it? Liang Anqi replied: "For so many years, I found you (He Hongqi) is the best dance partner, I am very comfortable, I am very happy." But she said this, clear his eyes with tears, and her words are "dance partners "Not" love people ".

How is this 33 years of luxury living, and it's hard to say that it is impossible to say that Liang Anqi can continue to fight, and in the last ruins of He Hongzhen, win more interest.

As for love, it is already a long time.

Liang Anqi and He Hongxi