Will Smith 21-year-old head daughter to the beach, my boyfriend gives sunscreen, and the mother is similar

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Will Smith 21-year-old head daughter to the beach, my boyfriend gives sunscreen, and the mother is similar

2021-12-05 12:03:24 19 ℃

On December 4th, on December 4th, the Hollywood Male Star Wil Smith's daughter-21-year-old Villow Smith appeared in Miami Beach, with boyfriend, and Villow smiled bright. Miami is holding artistic weekly events, so a large number of people in the Beverly Villa are gathered there, and Villow is one of them.

The 53-year-old Will Smith has three children, and the eldest son Tre, is born with the ex-wife Shi Rambino, compared to the big brother of the same father, Jaden and Villow More famous, of course, this is not because they have a good thing in music, and they will make some exquisite things from time to time. For example, although Jaden is unreasonable, it has also been in contact with a lot of light models, and Villow also has a style of unusual way. It seems that this is nothing to do with their parents' education. In recent time, Will and wife Jauda continued to "quench", first, Jaida admitted to the 21-year-old saying that the song was infected, and then two people said They refused a wife and a wife. After that, Will tells her chaotic past ... In short, the sense of the actor is to destroy long-term "positive image".

The logo of Willow is a "dirty", but she seems that she seems to feel that the shampoo is too trouble, the sure is turned into a bald head, although it looks lacked some charm, but her boyfriend-26-year-old music man Wayne is still very appreciated by her, sitting on the beach, coming to a passionate kiss, the picture is very sweet.

Not only expressing love with kisses, Dewie is very intimate to help Willow to apply sunscreen, from the male musicians, the big white tooth, he is very happy to be given such rights. I don't know if Del En is the only boyfriend, according to the second generation of Stars, like her parents, and the love is also the same.

Lovers and parents are very similar to Villow, and the taste of boyfriend and mother is similar. The 26-year-old Dewan is styling or music style, all the marriage of the marriage boyfriend - 28-year-old singers Castle Alcyina is very close. Jaida is in the interview show that he has created, facing the husband Will admitted to Augustzte's dyeing, and said that Auguste is an introduction to the son Jian. And Wil is honest for his wife, almost no emotions.