Yang Mi is so moving too much. How do you look at these, how is her acting?

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Yang Mi is so moving too much. How do you look at these, how is her acting?

2021-12-05 12:02:56 21 ℃

Occasionally I saw some Yang Mi's dynamic map, so I sent it to let everyone appreciate it.

I have to say that Yang Mi really is very awkward, like this, she can easily 眨.

It is said that this is a close eye, meaning that it means you know your goal, but you can be installed, as long as you don't pay too much, let you make a mistake.

It is definitely a playful and embarrassing person.

Yang Mi, this eye, no need to talk, but full of seduce. It's like a man's "嘘", then hook a forefinger, this means everyone knows, why bother to say!

There is also this eye to stare at the male, full of expectations, sigh in the mouth, it seems that Yang Mi is thinking: this guy, how can you still?

I don't know which silly eggs let her take some disappointment.

Although some seem to be stream, this is also a natural condolence, no need to deliberately do it.

This double eye is over, it must be next to someone. Yang Mi couldn't stand it. She didn't turn around, but she made a thief eye.

She pretend to be turned on, and it is true to see people.

I don't know who is coming, let her have a thief!

She should be very happy, but her face is not exposed, as if it is calm.

Do you think this is a bit unlike Yang Mi?

Indeed, the forty-five degree angle looks a little distortion, no wonder so many prostitutes like this angle.

Yang Mi seems to be bubble in a large waterway, there is some petals in the water pond, I don't know if she wants to swim?

She is in ancient times, nature is an ancient chart. One thing to say, ancient women, 99.999, no matter what she is in the northerners, the reason is that swimming needs to be depleted, they are embarrassed.

Do you see that Yang Mi is in dress, is it interesting?

This trick-to-face stunt believes that many actors have tried, Yang Mi is no exception, it is obvious, the cup even didn't encounter, as if only smell the taste of the cup.

Yang Mi's expression makes people feel: this cup is not awkward!

However, she may say: "Good tea!"

There is also this dynamic, do you think that Yang Mi means ""? It is the foreigner that "I am very happy to meet you", but there is no talk, but it is displayed with your eyes and face expressions.

The same is a bit rigid, it is better to say that the word "" is good, of course, in ancient times, no woman is so advanced. Therefore, Yang Mi has to use the expression.

This soup dynamic, Yang Mi double eyes did not blink, straight forward, if there is a stone in her foot, will definitely be tripped. Because she is holding the soup.

Maybe some people think that is not a soup, it is a wood, this is not important, we are not a thing that Yang Mi, saying her face and the eyes.

In the end, this is a dynamic of the cat, and it is undoubted, it means very obvious: "He is here, I will go to him tonight!"

I don't know who will be abused next?

What do you think about Yang Mi's acting?

People who like her will definitely say that it is a revealed revealed, there is no need for anything, it looks more real.

People who don't like Yang Mi may say that her face and eyes are a bit stiff, lack of intensity.

No matter what to say, Yang Mi also won the queen of the entertainment circle, and it was not a reason for many years. She played TV series was very poor by Douban, but on major video platforms, she still has ultra-high playback.

For example, "Debear Lady" is now broadcast, it has been broadcast in nearly 2 billion, and she has long been more than the "Douro Continent" starring Xiao Wan. According to reason, the drama should be widely praised.

But the fact is not the case, the play is unbelful in Douban. Here we don't make more, in short, Yang Mi has existed many controversies in the Year of the Year, we stand in the middle of the evaluation: "She has her unique, the same play, if another female master, the effect is complete Same!"