Some people have a bankruptcy, the "Singapore Singapore" is now how is it?

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Some people have a bankruptcy, the "Singapore Singapore" is now how is it?

2021-12-05 12:02:54 24 ℃

Recently, I will brush several costumes and Xian Xia drama, the more it is not a taste.

The plot is thousands of articles, and it is not said that the larvization is not said, and even the protagonist is "beautiful".

"Sanli Three Shi Ten Million Potion" fire, all Xian Xia drapes started to distribute a cloak.

"Yanchao Raiders" fire, Morandi suddenly broke the Harbor.

Even face, start like "everyone to find 茬", the more you look like it, the more you look like it.

There are always friends who have been amazing when they are stunned when they are born.

At that time, the picture quality was very slag, but they were beautiful.

Then you know? A lot of "childhood gods" after 80 after 90, actually Singaporeans.

One mentioned the Singapore actress, the first thing I think is Fan Wenfang.

She can be the best actress in China.

Fan Wenfang, born in 1971, is just 50 years old this year.

She was born on January 27th, just China's Spring Festival.

Also she also boarded the headline of the newspaper as a "New Year's Baby".

At the age of 17, Fan Wenfang participated in the Girls' draft game held by Singapore magazine "Her World".

Originally just because I want to see it, the result will take the championship all the way.

At that time, Fan Wenfang looked very green, full of vitality girl.

Later, she arrived in Taiwan to do a flat model, and also took a lot of advertisements, there was a big brand "Olay".

However, Fan Wenfang has not been blasting, but short-term exiting the entertainment circle, and go to Canada.

In 1994, Fan Wenfang took his own TV drama female as "beautiful dream."

As a result, this drama is a red, and the film is constantly turning, she has also transformed into an actor from the model.

In just a few years, she took a dozen TV series, each is a heroine.

It is not "red to open".

But after two years, Fan Wenfang suddenly honest in Singapore's double contract disputes in Taiwan.

However, Fan Wenfang has no lush, but leaving Singapore and go to the UK to learn the drama performance.

In 1997, she was "lifted", and the first drama after returning, she took the Singapore version of "God Carving Heroes", playing cold and dust-free "little dragon girl".

The Fan Wenfang, which has fallen behind, is stronger, but not only the album, but also starred in the love film "Truth" directed by El Dongsheng.

With the role of "bad girls in the drama, I am in the Hong Kong Golden Image Award.

In 2000, she returned to Singapore, and the "roaring emperor" Ma Jingtao cooperated with the Singapore version of "Swordsman", she played "holy aunt" Ren Yingying.

The red headdress of Ren Yingying in this version is amazing time.

Unfortunately, this version is not hot in China.

During this time, Fan Wenfang has the most smooth day in China.

Many high-quality costume dramas have undoubted her superiority advantage, plus acting, and each work is impressed.

"Burning the moon" is playing, and the eyebrows are red, and they are fairyland.

One person in "Green Snake" is divided into five corners, but even if you don't see subtitles, you also know which one she is playing.

Liancheng in "Liao Zhai Women", is alive and bitter, and the 36-year-old age is still online.

After more than a dozen years of entertainment, Fan Wenfang's claim has reached the peak of career.

During this time, she has always had a boyfriend that silently supported.

He is with Fan Wenfang with many Li Mingshun.

In 2009, after the year of the New Year's comedy movie "Da Xi", Fan Wenfang and Li Mingshun were married and ended up to 12 years of love.

Although Li Mingshun is not famous in China, it is a real line in Singapore.

The two are also known as "Singapore's first star couple".

After marriage, I have been in love with the couple of lovers, and I have been tensioning.

She basically has suspended the performance of the performance, and fully returned to the family.

In the photo of the sun, in addition to a family of happy times, there are still a lot of pictures of your food.

Fan Wenfang has maintained self-cultivation of the top actress on the shape. In the photo of the previous time, the skin is firm, the body is thin, and the waist is full of profit.

Attend business activities or shoot advertising photos, one stop next to the lens, you can see the gas field cultivated in so many years.

My husband Li Mingshun's performance career is much better, not only doing actors, but also began to do director, this year's "Workman" is also good.

Now she is no longer "a sister", but the best wife in her heart, the best mother in my son.

In the Singapore version of the Singapore version of the Singapore "Swordsman" filmed in 2000, there was a "Eastern Easier" that was comparable to Lin Qingxia.

She is Zheng Xiizhen.

Zheng Xiuzhen participated in the draft programs held by Singapore Media in 1995, "The Talented Horizontal Spills", who was only 20 years old, and she won the women's group champion, officially entered the entertainment circle.

Zheng Xiuzhen is clear, the face is thin, there is a kind of beauty.

Nowadays, many people are disappearing, hate can't "cut,", in the face of Zheng Xihe, the face, is a feature.

She has the highest visibility of the mainland, which should be the "Dongyou" in the "East Tourism" in China in 1998.

This year's "Oratorio" plot compact, only 30 episodes, each episode to pass up. Zheng Xiuzhen played Xiangu, bold refining, accompanied by Zheng Xiuzhen's face, a chic Chu Chen fairy image vividly before us.

The show aired after the fire, but did not take advantage of Zheng Xiuzhen to overseas development, still to Singapore as their "main front."

In 2000, Zheng Xiuzhen in Fann Wong, starring Steve Ma Singapore version of "Swordsman" in the playing of the "East is Red."

Her version of the "East is Red", androgynous, when the woman with charm beings, when men with sharp fierce.

This version of "Swordsman" in the country, although no fire, far from Brigitte Lin, Mao Weitao wide version of the spread, but when talking about the fit did not lose it.

After the show aired, Zheng Xiuzhen ushered in a great career.

But also in that year, she suddenly exposed the bankruptcy scandal.

About bankruptcy, there are rumors that two years is because exchanges ex-boyfriend Cao Guohui, only 80 million loss has caused Zheng Xiuzhen, and said the loss of 4 million.

In fact, later in the interview Zheng Xiuzhen, she said: bankruptcy has nothing in front of her boyfriend, just because of their own ignorance and greed of the investment money was a result of overnight from peak to trough.

Zheng Xiuzhen owed in the end how much, who do not know.

Only know that she lost down the drain in the stock market, after being sued, as well as 300,000 could not pay off.

This time she was 25 years old, only carrying a debt difficult forward.

Experienced after the trough, Zheng Xiuzhen began frantically play then pay back the money, and finally four years later also finished arrears, returned to normal life.

Unfortunately, her beloved father did not see her feet back on the way to death, and this also became her broken heart.

In 2005, Zheng Xiuzhen began to open health care clinics business.

After they gradually opened several stores, because business is good, he has been unable to take into account the filming.

So she gradually fade out the entertainment, business to concentrate on working hard.

Later, because the working relationship, she met Huang Xinchuan work in the media company, the two quickly established relationship, and Zheng Xiuzhen married at 35 years old.

After a few years, Zheng Xiuzhen drying out photographs each one is filled with smiling faces, could see that life is very happy.

However, this "family of three" happiness, or terminate in 2018.

Zheng Xiuzhen suddenly announced their divorce, and began raising her son alone.

They love a decent and warm, decent and low-key and later separated.

A Time of Love does not refuse, love is gone, do not tear.

Her debut young age, appearance and personality are indicative of a tough feeling.

Although time will take away the beauty, but she was already no longer rely on the backing of beauty.

25 years old, she is the "Queen of the news."

Now 46 years old, she is his world worthy of the Queen.

In 1998, a new co-production of "Journey to the East", in addition to Zheng Xiuzhen played Xiangu, another is that people never forget the Peony Fairy.

How many portraits eight aunt, like, once for "Peony Fairy Xiangu and who better to see" the tangled issue for several years?

"Xiangu" elegant Chu Chen, "The Peony Fairy" sweet, pleasant, have to choose one, it is difficult.

Play Peony Fairy, it is Singapore actress Quek.

Quek natural beauty, outstanding looks from an early age, before also been filming a lot of advertising.

In 1995, she and Zheng Xiuzhen childhood enter the draft.

After getting third place in the "wit a rookie" final, she was signed by the new media, she began filming TV drama.

The once directed "Fight Back to School" and "King Of Beggars" director Gordon Chan, has repeatedly publicly praise Quek beauty.

Even the director Wong Jing also joined the "flights of fancy group", claiming that "Quek beauty is far better than Fann Wong."

Although the United States there are millions of species, can not be compared, but praise famous guide, Quek's career from hanging open.

Advertisers flocked to Texas, Quek Singapore became the highest model worth.

In movies and television, although not majors in college, but Quek extremely perceptive, starred in several supporting roles, got the opportunity when the protagonist.

Let her fame, that is, and Steve Ma, Zheng Xiuzhen starred with "Journey to the East."

Peony Fairy drama, just a simple headdress clothes, there are stunning looks, saying that "fairy" is not excessive.

The Quek beauty in the East with a dignified and graceful temperament, but also especially to impress the domestic audience (say quietly, and I think she is very much like Yufei).

In 2002, Quek starred Alec version of "Kung Fu."

Play beautiful clouds, light Gao Yuanyuan, Alyssa on the impressive.

But Quek do not lose the two.

Quek is played Yin Susu "Evil Vamp" act with cunning and Henla thirds, with a little peremptory little pride.

The famous line, "The more beautiful the woman, the more can be deceiving," from her mouth and say it, more convincing.

"Yin Susu" is after "Peony Fairy" and the other let Quek become a role of "childhood white moon" in.

In 2006, Quek participating Hu Ge, Ariel after starring in "Little Fairy", the film gradually fade out.

In 2012, Quek suddenly exposed marriage hearing, married the second marriage has two children of Australian businessman.

The businessman Quek than 10 years older, there are already two adult children. Regardless of shape or from emotional experience from, it seems unlikely match.

But Quek now looks very much enjoy living, sports, health, the state is very good.

Unfortunately, I do not know why, she points out that a very iconic mole on his forehead.

Although no longer do starring, but sometimes still make play addiction, Quek Singapore also made several TV guest appearances, Yen value is still online, beautiful as ever.

Last year, the epidemic because she could not return to Australia, in Singapore to do a talk show file.

Quek selection of plays, each part is very classic.

Such as "Dragon", often replayed in the past 20 years.

So Guo Fei Beauty is not in rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes is still circulating her legend.

However, as a fan of my heart I hope that private Quek can take lots of several plays, so beautiful and operational capacity, faceless real pity.

Yvonne Lim

A "Journey to the East", not only made a star Zheng Xiuzhen and Quek, and sweet smile "dragon three Princess" Yvonne Lim.

Yvonne Lim Also participated in the "wit a rookie" of the game, but did not achieve the ranking.

Fortunately, new media Huiyanshizhu, or to sign her.

During that time, China and Singapore in tune a lot of costume drama, Yvonne Lim was among them frequently appear.

For example, in 1998 the "evil", she played the pure and lovely Guo Xiang.

Also in 1998, "Journey to the East", she played many corners, it is gentle and loving Zhenniang, also weird dragon three princesses.

In 2005, Yvonne Lim appeared in the CCTV version of "Lotus Lantern", as incense pulp for the marriage fiancee "Lilac."

Who set up the play cloves really not lovable: unruly wayward, in order to achieve their own ends, undermine feelings Xiaoyu and incense.

Finally, when the audience slowly like cloves, but she still sacrificed himself for incense.

This role is best known for her role in the.

Later, "the former Lotus Lantern Biography" started shooting, she won a role: Ao Cunxin.

Ao Cunxin is three princesses of the West Sea, Yvonne Lim this is the princess of the sea things are played out ......

After that, Yvonne Lim also starred in several exotic beauty:

"The Dragon Heroes" in the ndjo princess.

"Luminous God Cup" in the country Joan Ziyun princess.

"Phoenix peony" in white Princess Di Suarez.

It can be regarded as "exotic princess households", and it tends to be these alternative style, color value is not to force really barely.

From his debut in 1997, Yvonne Lim has been abstinence, do not have any sex scandal broke 17 years.

In 2014, she married a little 3-year-old Tian Enpei.

Tianen Pei is a member of Taiwan's top idol groups, they know soon confirm the relationship, get married, have children, a typical flash marriage flash infertility.

Married a woman gave birth to a child Yvonne Lim, did not give up their careers, but continued starred in many TV.

Although not able to make greater achievements "Lotus Lantern" period, but could have been in on their favorite and advance the cause of good, Yvonne Lim also the dedication heavier women.

Say marriage "Seven Year Itch", but the feelings Yvonne Lim and her husband is very good, the sun has been out of the picture online status, it looks full of vitality (some angle hit the face Shi Shi ah).

Fann Wong, Quek, Zheng Xiuzhen, Yvonne Lim.

This 4 star Singapore, are in the best years, leaving popular works.

But their beauty is not only skin deep in the United States, more beautiful in every role there as tailor-made.

The script gives them space to play, the actors given the role of the soul.

Although the first time in 20 years, but still can recall, when the script is not "every parent must fall," that time of casting all very cheek.

Capital is not the right decision, so each character can find really suitable actor.

Look at today's story, the main men and women would meet "a thousand years", women fall from a height, there must be "the magic of love going round in circles."

Is "ugly costume" and "net cop" occupation of entertainment, it is difficult to reproduce the grand occasion.

Years from unbeaten beauty, but beauty is already swan song.