Donnie Yen Dan Dian's sun is near the long legs, 17 years old has grown to 1 meter 8, 5 cm higher than Dad

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Donnie Yen Dan Dian's sun is near the long legs, 17 years old has grown to 1 meter 8, 5 cm higher than Dad

2021-12-05 12:02:45 19 ℃


New gold entertainment observers know that there are many stars in the entertainment circle, although they have not yet been able to make a lot of attention. Recently, the daughter of the international Kung Fu superstar, the daughter's daughter is like a recent photo. She is 17 years old, her height has been 1 meter, even higher than Dad. Do you give her a look and a few points?

The first question: Ji Ji is frequent, ready to come up?

New gold entertainment observers noted that now, such as frequent photos, trigger a lot of attention. You must know that now the entertainment circle is very good, many people want to enter this circle to make money. Justice is the daughter of Donnie Yen, from the small and easy to the entertainment industry, it is inevitable to move.

Ji Ji has recently participated in various activities, although only 17 years old, but it has been a mature girl's style. Look at her dress, painted a pink lip glaze, wearing a very bright big earrings, wearing a fine silver necklace on the chest, seeing her still dressed up.

In fact, the entertainment industry is also normal. For the Star II, it is easy to enter the entertainment industry, it is difficult to have a long-lasting development in the future.

Second question: What is the unique advantage?

What is the advantage? We analyze: First, Ji Ji is a girl, inheriting his father's martial arts. You know, now everyone doesn't like girls to kill.

Second, if you have your own characteristics, although she is only 17 years old, he has been 1 meter, 5 cm higher than Dad Don Dian Yan Dan. It is to know that the righteous mother Wang Shishi is supermodel, and if you inherit your mother's career, it will be a model.

Look at the righteousness of the long legs, it is indeed very attractive. You know, now models are more fragrant than actors, do not need back lines, just need to dress up, you can make money, you can say that the second generation is very attractive.

What do you think is the condition of the righteousness, what is the star?