Say goodbye to the fresh meat male star, 30-year-old meditation in the "Ace Force" to play tough guys, husband and father

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Say goodbye to the fresh meat male star, 30-year-old meditation in the "Ace Force" to play tough guys, husband and father

2022-01-15 00:04:36 20 ℃

Although Xiao Ying has recently been red and red, he is not a young young man, it is not a newcomer, because he graduated from his university, it has entered the entertainment circle through the election group, but before From the art history, it is a bit slightly twisted but not bumpy. It is not a big red big purple, but a member of the combination of many years, singing, singing, singing, giving some film and television works They are not eye-catching, and the field is also the background.

In recent years, Xiao Wan is red and red, and it is unpackable. But even if Xiao Fei has been nearly 30, it is still very young and handsome, so it is listed in the team of fresh meat.

The star of these years, not only some actresses like to be tender, not only to maintain the young and beautiful big girls in life, but also like to be tender and even girls in the film and television drama, but they are not willing to respect the real age, year Thirty or fifty, it is not willing to play middle-aged mothers and wife. In fact, some acts of actors are also, for the sake of concave, 345, and also play a diamond Wang Lao Fifth in the film and television work. And some fresh meat acts, from the image temperament, always keep the fresh meat style, but more somewhat less than a few masculins, also questioned some for some seniors and netizens.

Therefore, the words of fresh meat male stars, for some actors, the double-edged sword, it looks handsome and beautiful, very eye-catching, but there are less connotation and the kernel kernel. So, there are some acts of acting, with age, have become market positioning, began to gradually bid farewell or get rid of fresh meat, try some of the roles of tough guys and people, and work hard to middle-aged strength, such as Li Yifeng Yang Yang, There is Xiao Wan.

In 2021, a large wave of fresh meat, a big boy, has stepped into the race of 30 years old. In addition to Li Chang Zhang Yixing, there is also Xiao Wan. Just before and after Xiao Ying, took a military theme TV series, then broadcast, it is "ace troops." In this drama, Xiao Wan can say that there are three major transformations, and it is considered to farewell to fresh meat.

The first is that Xiao Wan Dynasty has been tough. Although Xiao Wan was nearly 30 years old, but it looked at the fresh meat and tender, it was a white net script. The work of the interpretation was also a lot in the ancient drama, so the image temperament is gentle. In the "trumper troops", Xiao Ying interprets the military personnel, although it seems a bit thin, but from dressing up the skin and style, through the service channel and his own efforts, it is already a big step. No longer so weak and soft.

Second, compared to those fresh meat, talking about love, but not married, routine performances and stories flicker audience, in the "Ace Force", Xiao Wan interprets the wild, more show the military tough guy On the side, there are also love life, but there is not so much spending, and simple love, soon, it will become a marriage. Xiao Wan is no longer able to maintain the image of the gold single in the play, and the husband is actually acting, this span and progress are still quite big. It's just a play, it will not let the fan disappoint, will not remove powder, but more powder.

Again, Xiao Wan in the "Ace Force", not only played a husband, but also played his father, although it was only a play, but it was estimated that the impact on Xiao Wan is also very big. After all, there is still 30 years old and make a married born age. It is necessary to make some psychological preparation in advance. From the mentality of fresh meat to middle age, it is no longer a child, but you can have a child when your father is.