Say goodbye to the fast-book Xie Na sing to make money, go to Hunan Satellite TV, and Zhang Jie's Dongfang Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening

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Say goodbye to the fast-book Xie Na sing to make money, go to Hunan Satellite TV, and Zhang Jie's Dongfang Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening

2022-01-15 00:04:55 28 ℃

For the 2021 experience in Xie Na, you can't say that people have a good fortune, but it can be said that there is an unexpected event.

Originally 2021 Xie Na's senior bowel, successfully gave birth to her daughter, is very happy and lucky. And her old east Hunan Satellite TV has been in her old position "Happy Base Camp" to give her a position. In Xie Na Huai second child rest and post-post-moon, even if Zhang Yuxi and Gu Liang joined the work, it is also temporary, when Xie Na is slim, Zhang Yuxi and Gu Liangza Visites have left.

And Xie Na was returned, and Hunan Satellite TV "Happy Base Camp" also held a very grand welcome ceremony for her, please also invite Xie Na's good girlfriends Zhao Liying Gu Naza and others to record the first phase of the first phase, and give Xie Na face He Wei Du Haitao Weijia Wu Hao is warmly welcomed, and Xie Na's fans are also highly concerned.

I thought Xie Na will continue to have two incorrect family careers, take care of three daughters, and help Zhang Jie's career, and also actively in Hunan Satellite TV "Happy Camp" program, also participated in Hunan Satellite TV other programs and evenings. Who knows that the "Happy Base Camp" of the "Happy Base Camp" has already been completed, and Xie Na lives in the second tire, and then withdraws from the historical stage.

"Happy Camp" begins to have encountered a unprecedented stop, rumors say to rectify, but there is no news for a few months, and finally on Saturday, the new variety "," Hello Saturday "," Happy Saturday "on Saturday. Although "Hello Saturday" is still, he is still a happy style, but the happy family can not meet, not only Li Weijia Du Haitao Wu Hao out, even He Wei's gold partner Xie Na also out.

For a time, Xie Na became the red man who was re-produced after childbirth, became an unemployed visitors in Hunan Satellite TV. Although it is estimated that both parties have not lifted their cooperation, they have nothing to do with each other. It is not suitable for Xie Na's new program, so Xie Na can only return to the family, and wait a business.

Also, Xie Na has developed in the entertainment circle these years, which not only has accumulated rich people, but also developed talents in addition to the active play and singing. So Xie Na has developed a new song "small kite" in Zhang Jie, although singing is indeed very general, but the song style is warm, the melody is simple, and Xie Na can also be completed. And Xie Na is good for a few TV relationships, so there is a TV station's performance asking her, so Xie Na will not be unemployed, and temporarily want to work, from the host to the cross-session amateur singer.

So Xie Na has absents the host of Hunan Satellite TV, in the end of the year, the end of the year, no longer the host, some lost. But Xie Na is still boarding the Hunan Satellite TV New Year's party. From the host, it turned into a singer, solved his new song "small kite", although it is not as good as the host, but also shows that the relationship with Hunan Satellite TV is not bad. He may also develop new programs to return.

Not only that, participate in the end of the New Year party, Xie Na must continue to be hosted by the Spring Festival Evening of Hunan Satellite TV, so he is in hand with his husband Zhang Jie, and goes to the Oriental TV Spring Festival Evening.

It is reason to say that the Oriental Satellite TV has no official Xuanji even a program, but because Xie Na Zhang Jie is popular, it is also good at publicity, so the two people participated in the Eastern Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening color row. The video is exposed. Although it is a simple "small kite", although everyone has already seen a tired of two people show, but the two fans are more popular, and Xiu En will also see, can increase attention to the Eastern Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening, nature On the reason, Xie Na This cross-border amateur singer pays.